Mjölnir approved for use in Military Memorials and Gravestones of Fallen Odinist Warriors!

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The Rebirth of the Mjölnir

The Rebirth of the Mjölnir

Until very recently, in America, it was legal to fight and die for one’s country, but not to be buried with one’s own native, religious symbol, unless a soldier was non-white. Every single religious symbol one can easily think of was included apart from Thor’s hammer, the Mjölnir. For that matter, there was not a single native European religious symbol of any kind that was approved.

There was a staggering variety of Jewish, Islamic, and Asian religious traditions represented, and even Wicca and Atheism were  approved, but not Odinism. In fact, one moderator of an official “military religious freedom” group on facebook (a Jewish homosexual) threw me off of a group simply because I am an Odinist priestess. When another Odinist protested about this, the Jewish religious dictator told him that maybe Asatru would be allowed, but not Odinism.

An administrative employee of a military camp where I gave services locally even implied that my religion was not valid because  memorials were not approved for Odinist dead. Have a look at the religions that were approved by our Zionist occupied government in the picture below.

anti-white racism

Every religion, every race and ethnicity represented but one…

A brave mother and wife whose son and husband, Shane and Mark, had died in military service and who had not even been allowed to be buried with their own religious symbols, managed to overturn this atrocity against our men and put things right, at least to some extent. She also has managed, retroactively, to have her husband’s own religious symbol, Mjölnir, engraved upon his monument.

Isn’t it enough that these brave men are being used by the same foreign power that has insinuated itself into our banking, our government, our media and military, to fight wars that were not even for their own country and countrymen? It is more than time for that to change as well. Here is a short radio snippet about it given (of course) by a somewhat scornful homosexual, and which downplays this woman’s role, but she is a heroine of our faith and deserves our thanks, and great honor to her son and husband as well.


At any rate, well done Veteran’s Affairs Office. May it be a first step towards many changes for the better!


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In Memoriam to Helen Thomas… the “Anti-Semitic” Semite

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Helen Thomas has died at the age of 92 and deserves to be honored here. She was not one of our people….She was born of Lebanese Christian parents in America, but she was a brave and honest woman with a first class brain, and is a good example to us all. It is strange that she is so often called an anti-Semite when, in fact, she is a Semite. The thinking, of course, is that Semites who are not Jews, do not exist.

This is the same sort of thing Jews always do in regard to people they intend to destroy.. It is a strange quirk. It is as though murdering and stealing and lying do not matter to them as long as one demonizes the victims and says they do not exist. Correspondingly, the Palestinians, Palestine, and “the white race” do not exist, and that is the plan too.. that we not exist.

Nuclear Israel

Helen Thomas, Former White House Correspondent

Helen Thomas was a journalist, a REAL journalist, who lost her job for telling the truth. She had the courage to speak openly about foreign, Zionist control of the US Congress. Zionists do not like free speech… or the truth. Before she died, and knowing exactly what the Zionists would do, she chose to tell the truth anyway while she could, and proceeded to lose her job, and even her hard- earned journalistic awards, but no matter. She held true to what those journalistic principles really mean.

It is perhaps rather amusing that I am taking part of this post from a Facebook album I wrote in 2011 entitled “Marxist Zionist Attempts to Destroy Free Speech”. This album and my account were removed for “incitation to violence” and for my having (according to Zionbook) led and organized violence, notwithstanding the fact that actually all the death threats were against me, not the other way around.

Strangely, the only people who were violent, foul and threatening in regard to the simple, and perhaps rather too mild if anything, historical facts stated in that  album were Jews.. That is right folks, if you do not approve of Jews taking over Palestine, and for that matter the world, or exterminating your race, you will lose your job if there is any way they can accomplish it, and you will be harassed, threatened, and silenced. Isn’t it time to change this equation and turn it the other way around?

You may wish to take a moment to look at the disgusting hypocrisy these servile Zionist media employees display (link below)….sickeningly anxious to go along with the Zionist Marxist party line. (-; They actually say that they wonder about Helen Thomas’ “fairness as a journalist” precisely because she has been fair and honest… they refer to her opinion that Zionism is morally wrong as “repellent” and “far from mainstream ‘American’ opinion”. Then, finally, in case there is any doubt that the station is Zionist, rather than American owned, as a seal of submission, they sign off in Yiddish.

free speech

Youtube account Terminated, Courtesy of ZOG

Jewish Censorship of Free Speech and the Truth….a Deleted Video, a Common Occurrence

Opps! Link above is not there anymore. It says that the account that had posted it has been removed. Sometimes this sort of message is accompanied with the words… “copyright claim Israel”.

Here  it is. It was reposted.

Reposted. Sickening video of American Newscasters groveling to Israel…

In regard to Nuclear Israel… perhaps one of the most stunning examples of this woman’s heroism, and of her normalcy, can be seen in regard to the presidential interview below. She does not fear asking the real questions that the pathetic sheep who call themselves journalists today would not even dare to formulate in their minds, much less speak. This woman may be Lebanese, but she acts in our European tradition of free speech, something our own people should be doing rather than bowing down to Israel and a fake Jewish god.

Helen Thomas asks Obama a question he will not answer…

Helen Thomas: “Mr President, do you know of any country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons?”

Obama:”With respect to nuclear weapons, I don’t want to speculate, what I know is this, that if we see a nuclear arms race in a region as volatile as the Middle East, everybody will be in danger and one of my goals is to prevent nuclear proliferation generally. I think it’s important that the United States, in concert with Russia,  lead the way on this..ok. alright, Sam Stein, Huffington Post, where’s Sam Stein?”

U.S. President lying for his real employer, Israel

Norman Finkelstein (link below) asks another question…

“During Israel’s massacre in Gaza, December 2008 and January 2009, afterwards Israeli officials were saying that they wanted to show the Arab world that they were capable of acting, capable of “acting”, like a lunatic state and like mad dogs, that they wanted to restore the Arab world’s fear of Israel and that’s why they acted like a lunatic state and like mad dogs in Gaza, but after yesterday’s events, you really have to ask the question….is Israel “acting” like a lunatic state, or has it “become” a lunatic state. And that’s not just rhetoric, it’s a very serious issue…. It ‘s a lunatic state with 2-300 nuclear devices… We have to ask ourselves a simple, basic fundamental question….Can a lunatic state like Israel be trusted, with 2 to 300 nuclear devices when it is now threatening its neighbors, Iran and Lebanon with an attack?”

Norman Finkelstein and Nuclear Israel

Secret Pact (below)

Treason in the U.S. Government

For the record, I am not in favor of the Jews going to Poland or Germany, or any country with even a small European population. In fact, I am in favor of them all going to Africa, for example, Madagascar, or for that matter Israel, but with their ill- gotten nuclear arsenal removed, and their military disarmed, and defunded. Those who have committed crimes should be arrested and forced legally to return what  they have gained though manipulation of the US Congress,  charged with treason and fraud in regard to central banking crimes, and be forced to give up the assets gained through such crime, even though they are Jewish. In addition to this they should be charged with war crimes, and not just in regard to Palestine. They should be paying reparations in recognition of the millions of Germans and Russian men, women and children, they tortured and killed, and for the deaths of the others they have fooled and forced into waging war for them with their lies..


(If you do not know what I am referring to  in regard to WWII see here. Is Telling the Truth Racist? )

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Israel and 9- 11…Even the Cat can figure it out.

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Mossad did 9-11

Video by the Director of Studies at the US War College

If Americans did know the truth about 911, that it was done by Mossad with cooperation of the dual Israeli citizens and other traitors in the US government, would even this wake them up? I hope so…

After all, how much does it take for the people to understand that the third building at the scene, building 7, was brought down by a controlled demolition? There is all the physical evidence in the world and no reputable physicist, fireman, or explosives expert would disagree. As this man in the video above rightly points out, if this building was demolished, so were the others. It was investigated by Jews, it benefited the Jews, Mossad agents were on the scene with cameras set up in advance to, as they put it, “record the event”. The circumstantial evidence is, well… overwhelming.

Here is the next question. What is it going to take for anyone, anywhere, to do anything about it? Israel bombed the King David Hotel (killing Europeans) using Israelis dressed as Arabs. They did the same with the Lavon Affair (the targets being both European and Americans), with Israelis dressed as Arabs (again), then there is the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty (171 American servicemen wounded 34 dead).

The attack on the USS Liberty was meant to be blamed on the Egyptians, also in order to advance Israeli aims, and to cause war for Israel’s benefit, using the same misguided Americans who attacked their brothers in Europe for the sake of Jewish finance, to attack Arabs as well. “Goyim fight my wars”! Also… “Let me disarm all of you”, while Israel uses its ill-gotten gains such as reparation money, your taxes, especially if you are American, your lives, and those of your loved ones or countrymen, and illegal central bank money taken from debt slaves all over the world, to amass even more nuclear weapons and power in order to destroy us all.

One wonders… if Israelis really want peace why Menachim Begin, a terrorist who was involved in the assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte, the Special UN Mediator (who  really was trying to make peace) was made Prime Minister of Israel?

Count Folke Bernadotte… Murdered by Israel

Israel also arranged for this same murdering, cowardly, terrorist, Menachim Begin, to receive the Nobel Peace Prize…

Menachim Begin: Murderer, Terrorist and, fittingly, former Prime Minister of Israel

Yes, even a cat can figure it out. I hope all of us humans can figure it out in time.

The OMG Cat discovers Mossad did 9-11

ZOG wants to make sure that no one, not even this cat, talks about 9 11

ZOG wants to make sure that no one, not even this cat, talks about 9 11

It’s hard to believe but yes, Jewtube really did censor the cat as well. Here is a replacement.



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1984 and Fahrenheit 451 come to life…


1984 and Fahrenheit 451 come to life… as Big Brother Amazon removes “1984” from people’s kindles…revealing just how easy it will be for ZOG to delete what they like in future with electronic books…http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-10289983-56.html


George Orwell’s 1984


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A Mystical Swastika Deep in a German Forest…

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A hatred of white people and of the truth that knows no bounds. Causing the horrible deaths of 60 million people of European ancestry, including the purposeful bombing of civilians and child rape, is not considered enough. Trees planted in the 1930’s are to be cut down because they resemble our sacred solar wheel symbol.


Comments from Zionbook:

Rosie Virtanen i hate it.. they should just leave the trees alone.. if the trees are not diseased or dead, then theres no need.. we are not blocking picturs of fruit looking like the naughty bits of a lady or man to adult websites.. so why are they cutting trees down??!
  • James Knowles Albophobia: an irrational fear of white people…that leads to leukophobia: an irrational fear of white things…like all white countries, white societies, white culture, etc… leads anti-whites to marginalize and claim that everything like the white race, to whites societies and cultures are nothing more than social constructs, thus rationalizing institutional anti-whitism, and propagating white genocide, because genocide dont exist when something is just a social construct. These phobias are mental disorders, plain and simple, and their intellectual cheerleaders should seek psychiatric counseling and medication to treat these disorders to help them stop advocating for the dismantling of only white things, culture, civilization and peoples.

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Hoplite Warriors Riding Dolphins!

“Hoplites on Dolphins” Ancient Greek Pykter by Oltos Credit: MET


A psykter by Oltos showing hoplite soldiers riding dolphins accompanied by a flute player.. It may have been a representation of a chorus in a play or some sort of dramatic act for a party. Notice the triskelion design,, which is a variety of solar wheel or swastika, on the shield. This symbol is seen throughout our Nordic tribes, from the Isle of Man to Athens.


This beautiful example of the art of our folk was attacked by a racist black woman married to a jew who hates Nordic folk.


Here is the comment.

Sabrina M Messenger: Anyone notice the soldier to the left has a shield that seems to have a swastika on it? Proof the damn Nazis couldn’t come up with an original idea if they tried!

8 hours ago • Like • 4


Here is my response.

Seana Fenner von Fenneberg: Hi. What is all this anti historical German bashing I see here? You apparently have no idea what really happened to European people during WWII or you are a liar. The real question is why anyone tolerates hate filled racist anti white women like this attacking Europeans and lying about history.. https://odinia.org/?page_id=680  

about a minute ago • Edited • Like • Remove Preview


Seana Fenner von Fenneberg: I wonder. You insult Europeans and their originality Sabrina… what have you, or your people, ever accomplished?


Here is the link where this conversation in case you wish to give your views.



This is a rather interesting vase type. The psykter is part of an ancient Greek system for cooling wine. It contained the wine and was floated in cold water inside a krater, a large, decorated footed vessel. The dolphins and the hoplites would have appeared to dance as they bounced above the water.


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