Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf both of European Origin…

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yujyujyujyujThe domestication of wolves, the development of our first companion dogs, and the tale of Little Red Riding Hood are of European origin. This would not surprise anyone in a saner, more rational time, but we live in Orwellian times, and the standard reaction at the moment is to try to take away credit for Nordic  achievements and give them to other races. In fact, in the current climate  of cultural Marxism, and enforced anti – white racism, European peoples are supposed to feel guilty for accomplishing so much, and expected to give credit to others for their achievements. If we do not give way and kneel to multiculturalism, and if we actually have any regard for the truth or history, we are branded as arrogant and “racist”. Perhaps it is time to be a little more naturally and healthily arrogant, especially when confronted with people such as this Nordic- hating Latino woman who does not even understand what mitochondrial DNA is.

 No doubt on the orders of those who are even more to blame since they are knowingly lying, this woman calls serious and verified ancient mitochondrial DNA evidence a “bold claim” and places greater weight on slipshod work because it  falsely indicated a non European source for wolf domestication.  Inferior work is considered of equal or superior value because it put forward a hypothesis in favor of non white, rather than white, achievement, not because it is correct. Maintaining the anti-white narrative, or, at the very least, muddying the water so that one could think the studies are of equal value, are all that matter to this crew. That facts and the DNA? This is meaningless to both the talking head and PBS. In fact, it is more or less of the same weight to them as the overwhelming DNA evidence that O.J. Simpson butchered the wife and mother of his children was to a black jury.

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In the earlier days of standardized tests there was an objection to the word “furnace” being used in Miami , Florida. It was said that the reason that black children had such low scores on the test was that the tests were racially biased. Never mind that white children in a tropical climate would have just as much exposure or non exposure to furnaces. No one is concerned about white children. Now this study of wolf domestication is considered geographically “biased” by a researcher who prefers an Asian origin because it indicates European origin . The problem with this is that since Northern China was inhabited by Nordics a thousand years before any of the so called indigenous Chinese, the domestication of wolves would still be Nordic! He wants test samples made of bones from Southern China since he considers the finding geographically “racist” but ancient dog bones have never been found in Southern China. Whether this is because there were no dogs there (which might tell against the theory) or because Asiatics ate them, no one knows, but we are put on notice in the clip that the Europeans being responsible for the domestication of the wolf will not be accepted by the media. Its just too politically incorrect, and nothing is too small to escape the anti-white agenda.  Never mind the wealth of evidence for the ancient and special companionship of Nordic Europeans and dogs.

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It has also been suggested that Little Red Riding Hood is of Asian origin, but there has been a new examination of this as well. I have a feeling it will not be the last such “new” discovery of  the brilliant achievements of our ancestors  if we have the courage to take credit for our true potential and stand up for who we and our ancestors are. Be proud.


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