Happy Yule!!! Yuletide News from Odinia!

Madrenacht Eve 2014

Wishing you a glorious and joyous Yule!

Happy Yule!

Happy Yule!

Article submission and contest extension for Foxfire Odinist Journal….

First a bit of good news, we are extending the deadline for submissions for the Odinist Foxfire Journal to the 4th of January, a couple days before 12th Night, and we are, therefore, also extending the contest for best article or poem. The prize for the best article is a beautiful petrified wood rune set. We have received some excellent entries (thank you!) and we shall go ahead and post them as soon as we are able. We have had some computer challenges and are still attempting to upgrade or fix a computer we need, so we have decided we need more time to get this year’s issue out.

The Book of the Blots…

Re-publication, of Stubba’s previously out of print Book of the Blots just in time for the Yule! This book contains a lyrical collection of Odinist redes and blots. This is the original Book of the Blots, and although there have been cases of universalist fake Heathen groups making books with the same title, and even of leaders of supposedly folkish Heathen organizations quoting Stubba’s words as their own, this is, so far, the best available. Many thanks to Osred of the Odinic Rite of Australia for his making this work more readily available for the Heathen community again. You can purchase a copy of this book here.

Odinia with The Book of the Blots by Stubba

Odinia with The Book of the Blots by Stubba

Upcoming Yule Broadcast

Due to the computer challenges we are having, I am,  at this very moment, still trying to make the computer I use to make our video redes and blots work well enough to create our new Yule broadcast by tomorrow. I obtained RAM I was told would still be compatible, but it was not, in fact, it was not even the right size, so I am still trying other methods to fix it, and also still trying to find RAM that is compatible, which is apparently not easy. If you enjoy my video redes,  this is an excellent time to make a donation! Meanwhile, here is last year’s  Wild Hunt broadcast. Hopefully, we shall be able to give you part two soon! (-;

Sunna, our Sun Goddess

Sunna, our Sun Goddess


May our Gods be with you and may you have a blessed Yuletide!!!

Waes Hael!


1 a hollyyyyyy

Last minute Odinist RAM Donation Drive!

Last minute RAM donation drive!


Picture of Swedish Yule Tree with Julbok!

Picture of Swedish Yule Tree with Julbok! (Yule Goat)


We need your help in making this year’s Yule podcast more than usual, in fact it may be essential. Please see below. I have just discovered a small amount of free advertising credit associated with my expiring previous hosting account so I am adding a little introductory information and news here first for the sake of new visitors and those who have not visited recently. We are an international Odinist organization dedicated to promoting and preserving our ancestral European culture, religion, and people. We hope you enjoy our Odinist broadcasts, articles, webpages, facebook and other social media, pages and groups, all of which you can access from this website.

If you are a European heritage person interested in exploring your own native culture and religion you may wish to consider applying to be professed as an Odinist and joining Odinia international, in which case, we encourage you to have a look at our new membership page where one can explore this possibility, and at our Odinist Creed as well. Remember, our Yule edition of the Odinist Foxfire Journal is coming our soon, and you still have time to submit an article or poem for publication in our Journal. The deadline is the 22. December 2014. There is an exciting prize for the best submission this year!

We Need RAM 


Please consider making a donation if you enjoy our video redes and blots, such as the current Yuletide video just below. I am having difficulty making episode two of the Wild Hunt Yule Series on my somewhat antiquated computer, apparently due to a need for more RAM (random access memory).  I must add more in order for me to be able to see most of the pictures I am working with, since most of them are not resolving, making it mindbogglingly difficult, or in fact, impossible, to do otherwise.

I would tell you exactly what the extra RAM costs but I have already spent hours trying to find out if it is still available and almost no one even seems to speak English. Assuming it costs about the same as current RAM it is approximately 200 dollars US, but since apparently Sony no longer makes it for my exact model, it might cost a bit more. If I cannot upgrade, I shall put any donations in a fund towards the cost of a new computer, which will doubtless take quite a while to manage, so I am hoping that I shall be able to get the RAM instead, which would be a quick and relatively easy fix.

These videos have much original research in them and I believe they are beneficial for our folk. You will note that I am not asking for help so that I can go on an African safari as some Pagan leaders do (-; , but only so that I can continue to serve our Odinist folk by making these videos. If you cannot contribute, please share our broadcasts and tell your friends that they can join our email newsletter list at Odinia@outlook.com

Thank you!

Merry Yule!




Best Odinist Article Contest!

UPDATE! Submissions of Aritcles and Poetry for our Yule contest and for publication in Foxfire will now be accepted until 4th of January!

Please send them to Odinia@outlook.com Good luck! (-;

Happy Yuletide....

Happy Yuletide….


It is that time of year again….

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting submissions of articles for our annual Odinist Journal, Foxfire.  We publish  articles on European culture, such as history, archaeology, religion, and many other Nordic topics, from crafts and recipes, to poetry  and weapons! We accept fiction as well as non fiction. In addition to this, apparently unlike most Pagan journals, we heartily welcome pro European activist and politics articles, in fact we love them.

This year we are giving a prize for the best new article.. a lovely petrified wood rune set. I am telling you in advance that I am not going to be doing the selecting because I cannot bear to since the submissions to our contests are always so good it is impossible for me to decide! Our committee will make the decision this year. (-;

We wish  you good fortune!

Send to: Odinia@outlook.com (will be forwarded to acquisitions editor)

Deadline: 22. December 2014

Note: If for any reason you do not receive a reply saying your entry was received please tell us, by phoning or skyping! We acknowledge receipt of all entries if we have received them.

Waes hael!


May Sunna's light embrace you!

May Sunna’s warmth and light embrace you!

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