Autumn News for the Nation of Odin…

Greetings to my fellow Odinists…

Here is our new Odinist video for the Autumnal Equinox…

We have a few other items of Odinist news:

  • There is a new Odinist news site, the The Nation of Odin with an online publication, The Raven’s Eye. You can access the summer article newsfeed here. I may be out of the country for a while, so it is uncertain whether we shall have more news items until winter. We are accepting submissions of news items starting then. Send your articles to
  • The annual Odinist journal, Foxfire, archives here, has its new issue out, but only half the articles have been added. More to come!
  • Due to having had a number of requests, we have made a page with links to articles and videos on Odinist Gods, Heroes, and Festivals.
  • We also have a new page on White genocide by immigration and rapefugees with links to articles and videos.
  • Membership meetings have been delayed this summer, but will resume at the end of autumn.
  • Our online newsletter will be in operation again soon. We are switching over to a new system. To sign up for the newsletter write us at with “add me” in the subject line.

… and finally, some music that captures the magic of the season!

Wishing all of you a wonderful, blessed autumn…!

Waes Hael!



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