New Sonny Thomas Show Yuletide Interview with Odinia

As the Twelve Days and Nights of the Yule continue… we have another interview about the Yuletide and Odinist Winter customs, the true meaning of European “Christmas” traditions, and discussion about why Christianity is incompatible with White Nationlism.

Sonny Thomas Odinia Yule Interview

You may also enjoy our new fall to winter episode of Nation of Odin news, “Cucked Britain“!

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Odinist Yule Music Video…Vivaldi’s Winter, Vikings, Wolves, Auroras, and Valkyries…


Odinist Yule Music Video…Vivaldi’s Winter, Vikings, Wolves, Auroras, and Valkyries…

This is the music only from an Odinist podcast about the Yule. It contains some of our best loved Pagan solar imagery having to do with Sunna, our Sun Goddess, the solar wheel, swastika, kolvorat, and the theme of the Viking as a Pagan Bird of Prey carrying away the Christian fish. It also touches upon the Wild Hunt, and the ride of the Valkyries, the Choosers of the Slain, and their attendant wolves and ravens, bringing the bravest of warriors to the glorious halls of Valhalla…

Despite their present worldly power, a certain race of (((parasitical trolls))) cannot separate us from the love of our ancestors, or diminish their greatness, nor quell their power. For even now, as in days of old, they rush through the heavens filled with that elemental joy of the spirit, that heady thrill of battle, that only their own children can feel, and soon will come the day when that battle is joined here on Earth..

Real love is like the Tannenbaum tree… soft and fragrant is summer, steadfast in Winter, and even at the darkest times, full of light! May your ancestors be with you in this sacred season, may they visit you and bless you, and may your spirit be as bright as the stars …

Wassail, Merry Madrenacht, and Happy Yule!



Odinist Yule Videos, Interviews, and Articles… some new…

Nation of Odin News episode on, Fall to Winter, “Cucked Britain” with Seana Fenner and Chris White
(some crackles for a minute at beginning because there is a retro music recording)

Radio Wehrwolf Interview of Seana Fenner by Dion

Odinia Wild Hunt Yule Video

Odinia Julbok and Pagan Santa Video

Twelfth Night, Astronomical Reckoning for the Yuletide

The Mystery of the Gold Chain and the Lightning Yule, Red Thor Strikes Earth…

The Grinch and the Rebirth of the Spirit of the Yule…

Renegade Radio True Yule Interview, Kyle Hunt, Seana Fenner

Nation of Odin News, Cucked Britain…

Nation of Odin News, Fall to Winter, Episode One.

With Seana Fenner and special guest and cohost Chris White…. Topics include the Cassini Mission, the Yom Kippur shooting and other church shootings, XXX Tentacion, the Amazon and Twitter bans, the Antisemitism Act, the outrageous anti European bias of the American Library Association, Jewish led White genocide, and yes, we deny the “Holocaust”…

Happy Solstice!


Yule Interview of Odinia by Radio WehrWolf

Many thanks to Dion of Radio WehrWolf for interviewing me for the Yule!!


In this interview, we talk about Odinia International, our upcoming video news feature, Nation of Odin News, (soon to be posted here at, the Alt Right, the fake Alt Right, the homosexual Mannerbund, why Jew worship (Christianity) is not a legitimate religion, and why White women and men should love and help one another.

You can listen to this interview here:

Radio WehrWolf Interview 

Merry Yuletide!