A Mystical Swastika Deep in a German Forest…

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A hatred of white people and of the truth that knows no bounds. Causing the horrible deaths of 60 million people of European ancestry, including the purposeful bombing of civilians and child rape, is not considered enough. Trees planted in the 1930’s are to be cut down because they resemble our sacred solar wheel symbol.


Comments from Zionbook:

Rosie Virtanen i hate it.. they should just leave the trees alone.. if the trees are not diseased or dead, then theres no need.. we are not blocking picturs of fruit looking like the naughty bits of a lady or man to adult websites.. so why are they cutting trees down??!
  • James Knowles Albophobia: an irrational fear of white people…that leads to leukophobia: an irrational fear of white things…like all white countries, white societies, white culture, etc… leads anti-whites to marginalize and claim that everything like the white race, to whites societies and cultures are nothing more than social constructs, thus rationalizing institutional anti-whitism, and propagating white genocide, because genocide dont exist when something is just a social construct. These phobias are mental disorders, plain and simple, and their intellectual cheerleaders should seek psychiatric counseling and medication to treat these disorders to help them stop advocating for the dismantling of only white things, culture, civilization and peoples.

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