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Response to Libel and Slander

There is a quite astounding level of slander and libel leveled against Odinia International, our members, and in particular our founder. Since people frequently ask about the slander and libel posted, we have decided to respond to some of it, such as the infamous “Whore! Whore!” video,  which was posted more than ten thousand times… and which you can see here.

Now originally, we could not believe that anyone would take this person, whom our founder does not even really know, seriously, but we have been asked repeatedly about this, so we shall respond. Firstly, we wish to point out that the two main sources of libel and slander appear to originate with William Finck, who apparently manages a libel site called Zogbots.org, and with the above, Michael Delaney, who tore Odinia off of his supposed free speech video site, we would guess because the Odinia videos were extremely popular, and they were not Christian. Both William Finck and Michael Delaney are Christian Identity and both are felons, in fact one is a convicted murderer and former prison guard. We have heard of people getting time off sentences for playing White nationalist in order to slander and entrap real White nationalists, so this could have something to do with it, but this is merely speculation on our part. It could be these people are Jewish or just hate Odinism too. For more about Christian Identity, please see here.

Jews and leftist Pagans also have  been known to mass post Christian Identity libel about us, and this does include some administrators of the Odinic Rite and AFA members, and of course, Heathens United Against Racism, the Jewish run organization which is “against racism” but, strangely, does not allow posts against Zionism and which was specifically created in order to harass anyone posting Odinia articles and videos, but which, after getting their noses bloodied metaphorically, has now retreated, and diversified to harassing just about everyone, even Conservative Pagans with brown boyfriends.. We allude to some of these maniacs, such as Robert Rudachyk, starting about minute 30, here, and Ryan Smith, under the section heading ‘Semitic Princess“,  here.

We simply do not have time to make a statement about everyone who attacks us, but we have made a page called SeanaFenner.org where we shall answer some of these charges occasionally if we ever get ahead of things, and will shall answer the most commonly made charges now, such as suggestions Seana Fenner did not really attend Oxford, or is a Jew, etc. here. Suffice it to say that there is nothing in Seana Fenner’s (Odinia’s) two DNA tests, or her extensive genealogy, some of which dates back to before, Jew-sus, to indicate any Jewish ancestry.  In fact, Edward I Plantagenet, King of England, is her 23rd great grandfather, through her father’s mothers line, and he is credited with issuing the Edict of Expulsion in 1290, by which the Jews were expelled from England. Also, she is not a lesbian, nor is she connected with any Jewish organization, or with the government in any way, apart from having worked for NASA once as a telescope assistant. Seana Fenner really did attend Oxford, and unlike Bill Clinton, She received a degree.

Edward I Plantagenet, King of England. Odinists honor our ancestors. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to make a family tree.

Edward I Plantagenet, King of England. Odinists honor our ancestors. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to make a family tree.

For additional information, you can see Seana Fenner’s Author’s Guild Page, or look at the below, mostly taken from the Metapedia entry.


Seana Fenner

Seana Fenner (Odinia) at the Spice Market in Cairo on her first trip to Egypt...

Seana Fenner (Odinia) at the Spice Market in Cairo on her first trip to Egypt…

Seana Fenner, also known as Odinia, is an Odinist gyðja (priestess), a völva, and the founder of the native European religious organization, Odinia International. She is dedicated to the cause of preserving native European people and culture [1], and restoring the indigenous religion of European ancestry folk [2]. To this end, Seana Fenner has made video documentaries and written numerous articles with original research on Odinism. She is the editor of the Odinist Journal Foxfire, and the writer and presenter of the Odinia International video redes (sermons) and blóts (rituals)[3] and the host of the a new Odinist news program called Nation of Odin News [4] 

Notable Scholarly Achievements

Research on Restoring Odinism

Much original research on Odinism and work on its restoration including original theories has been done much Seana Fenner.  See Odinist Gods, Heroes, and Festivals. Seana Fenner also wrote The Odinist Creed and created a popular Odinist mantra meant to encapsulate the tribal Odinist view.

There is no such thing as White Supremacism.. There is only reality vs. politically correct fantasy. Hatred of Whites is fueled by envy and supremacism, White superiority merely is. We are not responsible for other races. We were not meant to make them artificially equal at the expense of our own people.. We are responsible for protecting our people from them. Nor could we ever make them equal. Only Nature herself could do that

Suggestion that Climate Change is Caused by Solar Variation

While asking space scientists about the possibility of geological events being affected by the distances of heavenly bodies, Seana Fenner proposed a hypothesis that climate change might be caused by solar variation. Although she herself was not involved in the study, this hypothesis circulated through the astronomical community, and a very strong correlation was found between climate and the cycle of the Sun by a NASA study. The chart with evidence of this correlation can be found in a video called Mímisbrunnr’s Mysteries: Islands in the Clouds[5]

“America First” and other religious and political terms.

America First and Britain First are terms often used now, for example, the slogan “America First” was used by J.T. Ready in a Fox News interview [7], and in President Trump’s campaign, but Seana Fenner was the first modern person to coin and use the term, creating a Facebook group called “America First” and a Google website of that name in 2011. Seana Fenner notes that the idea of putting the interests of nations and their people first, before financial considerations, has become popular in other nations historically, for instance in the World War 2 era [8]. She also coined the term “Israel firster” to describe a person who puts allegiance to Israel before his or her own home nation [9], the term “semitocentric” to describe a world view in which the Middle East has a central place, and the word Odinia, which serves as a proper noun for the Nation of Odin [10].

A term that Seana Fenner did not invent, but rebranded, is “Never Again”. Odinia was the first to use the term “Never Again” in connection with Jewish-led White genocides, and both alleged and proven Jewish crimes against European ancestry people. The term “Never Again” had previously been exclusively used to describe the historically unsubstantiated Jewish claim of Jews being ethnically cleansed by Germans in World War II. An entire series of European viewpoint “Never Again” memes were promoted, and hundreds of people in the Jewish community made remarks that expressed their anger and opposition to what they see as a hijacking of a Jewish propaganda phrase by European ancestry people.

Angry Jews, just beginning to comment upon and report one of the "Never Again" memes. This effort soon became a maelstrom of abuse, foul language and insults, and mass reporting, with hundreds of participants in this thread, on their secret Heathens United against "Racism" page, alone. The small Russian princesses pictured in the meme were cruelly assassinated by a Jew on the orders of a Jewish banker as part of the Jewish Marxist take-over of Russia.

Angry Jews, just beginning to comment upon and report one of the “Never Again” series memes. This effort soon became a maelstrom of abuse, foul language and insults, and mass reporting, with hundreds of participants in this thread, on their secret Heathens United against “Racism” page, alone. The small Russian princesses pictured in the meme were cruelly assassinated by a Jew on the orders of a Jewish banker as part of the Jewish Marxist take-over of Russia.

Proposed Evidence that the surviving symbolism and form of some Yule ornaments demonstrate advanced Ancient Pagan European knowledge of connections between the Nitrogen Cycle, the Sun, and Lightning.

In an article entitled “The Mystery of the Golden Chain and the Lightning Yule… Red Thor Strikes Earth” [6] it is proposed that Germanic Yule tree toppers which resemble lightning rods and chain garlands are a forgotten survival of Pagan European scientific knowledge before the Dark Ages of Christianity, and that their existence demonstrates that the Ancients had knowledge of lightning rods for both sacred trees and temples. Fenner suggests that the metallic chain described by ancient sources as surrounding the great Temple of Uppsala in Sweden was part of a lightning protection system, and that church steeples are a remembrance of this tradition, and once acted as lightning rods. Seana Fenner also notes that the only recently discovered connection between the Sun, lightning, and the Nitrogen Cycle also must have been known by ancient scientists because the symbolism of the Yule tree topper lightning rods and swastikas represent not just lightning, but the Sun.

Odinia reading runes on the Eve of our Hebridean- Hyperborean Odinist New Year's Ritual at Coconut Island.

Odinia reading runes on the Eve of our Hebridean- Hyperborean Odinist New Year’s Ritual…

Odinism and Pro European Activism

Seana Fenner is the founder of Odinia International [[11]], an Odinist [[12]] religious organization. She has done much original research work on restoring the native European religion, Odinism [13], and fighting White genocide [14], and is an advocate for free speech [15][16][17][18], freedom of religion [19][20][21], and freedom to bear arms [22], specifically for European ancestry people.

Charges of Unconstitutional Bias and Accommodation Discrimination against Odinists by the U.S. Government and Social Media

Seana Fenner and ‘Odinia International have fought a number of battles for European and Odinist constitutional rights, in particular in regard to apparent bias against Odinists by the United States Army, the Department of Interior, specifically Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park, the Hilo Herald Tribune, and a Hawaiian online events website, all of which have refused to advertise Odinist events for the Hawaiian headquarters and temple of Odinia International, known as Freyja Hof. All of the organizations in question did advertise Abrahamic religious services, such as Christian or Jewish events, and other Pagan events that are not European, such as Hawaiian or Shinto events. This has led to the charge that the behavior of the National Park and military organization in question violates the first Amendment of the Constitution and the guarantee that the U.S. government shall not to establish a state religion. The official U.S Army Chaplain of Oahu, Colonel Peter Mueller, has ruled that there was indeed bias against Odinists and in favor of Christians on the part of the administrators of the K.M.C. Military Camp in Hawai`i[23], but the other cases are still ongoing. [24]

Our Holy Swastika.

Our Holy Swastika.

Due to almost perpetual banning of Odinist articles and other posts by Seana Fenner on social media sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and Goodreads, particularly in the case of Odinist religious symbols posted by her in honor of European Gods being removed, and her accounts being banned for posting them, there have been formal complaints about accommodation discrimination by Facebook and other social media made under California’s UNRUH statues, which have now been escalated to Governor Jerry Brown’s office. The objection to the removal of European symbols posted by an Odinist priestess is that the same is not done in regard to other religious and ethnic symbols that are not native European, for example, Christian priests posting crosses in honor of Jesus, and Jewish rabbis posting the Star of David, have had had their religious symbols removed, or their accounts banned as Odinia has on numerous occasions.

Altar made by Seana Fenner (Odinia) at Freyja Hof Photo Credit: Seana Fenner

Altar made by Seana Fenner (Odinia) at Freyja Hof
Photo Credit: Seana Fenner

Leadership in Viral Online Conflicts Between Traditional and Modern pro Homosexual, Multicultural Heathenry

The issues of gay marriage and inter-racial marriage vs. traditional marriage, and the inclusion or exclusion of non European ancestry people in traditional European rituals have been pivotal flash points of disagreement in the Heathen religious community, but nowhere have they been more intensely disputed thus far, than in what amounts to two specific all- out social media wars with thousands of people involved, as well as viral website hits. Odinia International has been involved in both of these social media wars and in both cases those supporting traditional marriage, and exclusively European ancestry people in native European religion, were led by Seana Fenner. Both of these conflicts lasted for a week and involved charges of threats on both sides, and official police complaints.

In the first of these two incidents, Hilmar Hilmarsson, Allsherjargoði of Ásatrúarfélagið in Iceland, who supports, and performs gay and inter-racial marriages, and encourages all his priests and priestesses to do so as well, was supported by pro-homosexual antifa activists and writers and Asatru clergy. Hilmarsson and his supporters debated against Seana Fenner, Allsherjargyðja of Odinia International, and Odinia members, as well as members of other traditional organizations in Germany, America, Scandinavia, the UK and elsewhere. Essentially, the charge being made by Seana Fenner was that homosexual marriage was not practiced in ancient times in Odinist ceremonies, that homosexual activism warps, and also physically endangers children, and that children’s rights should be put first. The mainstream media presented this as an attack by racist Pagans [25]and at least one Icelandic television station accused Seana Fenner and others who followed her example in pointing out that ancient Germanics bogged homosexuals according to Tacitus of having threatened Hilmar Hilmarsson because they had quoted Tacitus. Odinia International noted that it was the first time in recent history that massive numbers of traditional Pagans have openly opposed homosexual marriage and race mixed marriages and put children’s rights before gay rights [26].

Seana Fenner (Odinia) at matriculation at the University of Oxford

Seana Fenner (Odinia) at matriculation at the University of Oxford.

The other international, viral, internet battle ensued when a traditional Pagan named “Sarah”, associated with Odinia International, asked the Pagan Federation of Ireland for advice in finding a traditionally minded marriage celebrant for her wedding in Ireland and received an extremely hostile response. When this was made known to Seana Fenner, head of Odinia International, she contacted the Pagan Federation of Ireland to ascertain if they really had such an attitude towards traditionally minded European Heathens. These events generated a massive media and social media response with the original screen shot alone generating hundreds of thousands of hits in just a few hours and numerous articles, either on the side of the Irish Pagan Federation [27], or the traditional European Pagans [28]. In response to this incident, a member of another Pagan group which is specially pro homosexual, called Norskk, replying to a call for an attack against Seana Fenner, specially stated openly that he would kill her, and this was considered a serious threat since he lived near the Freyja Hof Temple headquarters. Possibly also as a result of Odinia’s traditional marriage activism, in 2018, in Florida, a man who called Seana Fenner a “homophobe” and spat on her, was reported to the police for battery [29].

Odinist altar at Freyja Hof created by Seana Fenner (Odinia), featured in the reprint of John Yowell's (Stubba's) <em>Book of the Blóts</em>.

Odinist altar at Freyja Hof created by Seana Fenner (Odinia), featured in the reprint of John Yowell’s (Stubba’s) Book of the Blóts.

Recent Interviews

-Lone Wolf Radio: Interview with High Priestess of Odin Seana Fenner [30]

-Winter Solstice Special with Seana Fenner on Resolution Radio [31]

-Radio Wehrwolf: Seana Fenner [32]

-Samhain & Cultural Appropriation [Kyle Hunt and Seana Fenner] by Renegade Broadcasting [33]

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-The Solar Storm: True Yule [Seana Fenner] by Renegade Broadcasting [35]

-Kyle Hunt interview Seana Fenner of Odinia International “The Soul of Souling” by Renegade Broadcasting [36]

-Radio 3Fourteen – Seana Fenner – Odinism, Traditional Tribalism & The Noble Virtues by Red Ice [37]


Odinia International and Odinist Journal Foxfire [38]

The Odinist [39]

Viking Althing [40]

Think Tribally [41]

Nation of Odin [42]

SeanaFenner.org [43]

Seana Fenner, April 2018

Seana Fenner, April 2018

Biographical and Academic Background

Seana Fenner is originally from Miami, Florida but has also lived in Germany, England, and Borneo. As a teenager, she was an athlete, dancer, and actor, placing in local marathons, performing Middle Eastern dance for dramatic performances, and playing the lead in several plays. During this time period, she worked as a life guard, and managed a health club. Fenner entered Barry University as part of an early admission program at the age of 16, and obtained a Bachelors degree in history and English literature, with a minor in religion. She did her graduate work at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, U.S.A., where she majored in ancient languages and archaeology, and the University of Oxford in England, where she majored in archaeology. At Oxford, Fenner did archaeological research on archaeoastornomy, ancient art, languages, and science, the Oxyrhynchus papyri of Egypt, archaic and classical sculpture and architecture, especially temple architecture, and ancient Greek vases. She also explored minor arts, such as the study of seals, gems, and numismatics. Her specialty was iconography, the same as that of her supervisor at Oxford, Sir John Boardman. While at Oxford, Fenner served as the aerobics instructor for the Oxford Rowing Team, at Lincoln College. In more recent years, she founded the Oxford and Cambridge Alumni organization for the Hawaiian Islands.

Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii, covered in snow after a Yule Eve blizzard, Yule Day 2014, taken with an ipad. Photo Credit: Seana Fenner

Mauna Loa Volcano, Hawaii, covered in snow after a Yule Eve blizzard, Yule Day 2014, taken with an ipad.
Photo Credit: Seana Fenner

Astronomy, Archaeoastronomy, and Natural History

Seana Fenner has worked as an operating assistant for the NASA Infrared Telescope on top of Mauna Kea (the White Mountain) in Hawai`i, and as a lecturer for the Physics and Astronomy Department at the University of Hawai`i, where she created and taught two archaeoastronomy courses: Archaeoastronomy and Renaissance Astronomy and the Age of Exploration. Fenner has arranged archaeoastronomical research expeditions and field trips for her colleagues and students featuring Polynesian celestial navigation in Hawaiian voyaging canoes, stargazing at the summit of Mauna Kea, and visits to remote and ancient Hawaiian navigational heiaus (temples). She has lectured on the topic of Hawaiian archaeoastronomy for standing room only audiences,and was formally presented with a maile lei for her work on Polynesian archaeoastronomy by Nona Beamer, a well known musician and author of books meant to preserve ancient hula kahiko chants. Fenner has completed approximately 90 percent of a textbook to be called Archaeoastronomy through the Ages[43], which has been accepted for publication by an academic textbook publisher, but is now working on a book on Odinist ritual.

While at the University of Oxford, Fenner received ten research and travel grants for expeditions throughout Europe, and traveled to numerous archaeological sites and museums, especially in Italy, Germany, Greece, Scandinavia, the U.K, and Egypt. She served as an archaeoastronomy lecturer for the Harvard Museum of Natural History on a round-the-world archaeoastronomy expedition, exploring sites in Egypt, Cambodia, Rapanui (Easter Island), India, Papua New Guinea, the U.K., Dubai, Samoa, Guatemala, and Peru. Her latest fieldwork project was a study of the ancient megalithic henge at Callanish in the Outer Hebrides, where she studied the “capturing the Moon” effect created by ancient astronomers that occurs once every two decades.

Fenner has also been involved in the fields of natural history and marine science, and in connection with various botanical garden projects, she has lived and traveled in South America and South East Asia, particularly in Borneo. In Hawai’i, Seana Fenner has volunteered as a rare plant specialist at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Parkand as a star gazing guide on Mauna Kea. She has been a guide for numerous natural history tours in Hawai’i, including birding, botany, and vulcanology forays at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, and has served as a lecturer for the Harvard Museum of Natural History expedition to the Hawaiian Islands. She was elected to membership in the Explorer’s Club in 2005.

Obelisk in front of the Cairo Musem, Seana Fenner (Odinia)

Obelisk in front of the Cairo Musem, Seana Fenner (Odinia)

Choreography and Music

Fenner acted as choreographer for a group of Italian Renaissance court dancers, the Dancers del Vulcano Impetuoso, who performed at Kilauea Theatre and for the “Shakespeare in the Park” production of “Much Ado about Nothing“. She has taught Renaissance dance at the the University of Hawai`i Community College, and given Middle Eastern Dance seminars for the Volcano Art Center and the Naniloa Resort. Fenner has sung for various choral groups such as the Chamber Singers and the ancient music group, Mirth and Merriment. Most recently, Fenner has composed religious Odinist Songs and lyrics, and original poetry, for use in Odinist rituals.

Viking lives matter...

Viking lives matter…