Two Kilted Hotties by a Fire...

The Kilted Hottie(s)


Two Kilted Hotties by a Fire...

Two Kilted Hotties by a Fire…

I was inspired to have a “Kilted Hottie” feature here by the Page of Wild Eyed Southern Celt  which I highly recommend. I do not know where the term “Kilted Hottie” originally came from, and I don’t care.. I just know that I like looking at them.

Since I have been having a somewhat difficult incarnation, I really felt I needed two of them this Yuletide. They are rather disheveled and dirty, but I don’t mind. Why don’t all men wear kilts?

Recently, I came across a picture of a man wearing a kilt showing just his leg with a dagger tucked into his sock. I quickly learnt from people far more knowledgeable about it than I, that it is called a Sgian Dubh, pronounced “Skian Doo”.

Conversation about the Sgian Dubh

Alfred Scott McClaren posted an amazing video about “Scottish weaponry” that everyone should watch. Weaponry is interesting. New Zealand vs Scotland in Rugby

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