“A Prayer to Sunna”




Great Goddess Grant to us Thy joy this day;

 May reason’s light the dark expel with truth.  

Enfold our awaking souls with sacred rays,

Give steadfast heart in shade to stand aloof.   


In twilight we remember your impending eyes’;

Return to paint with glowing light the whisp’ring sea.  

Rejoicing birds in riotous songs, and ravens’ cries,  

Reveal in darkest forest,  future’s path and key.   


At advent of the heavenly wheel of stars,

 Frigga weaves mount’ous clouds with silver threads,  

Wolves celestial eyes appear from mist afar,  

As you cloth them in rosy golds and reds.   


In night do you and Mani revels keep;

Yggsdrasil’s spell draws us to you in sleep.

Seana Fenner von Fenneberg

©2010 Odinia





This poem was originally posted on facebook, on June 5th 2010. It now can be heard, read by the author, at the conclusion of  the “Cosmic Ostara Part I” video rede.

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