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I have chosen this mystical picture of an attractive Slavic woman for our “In Freyja’s Image” feature  because of its  sheer beauty and also because it gives us a glimpse into the ancient European past. It is thought provoking as well. The similiarities between Native European religion and Native American religion are compelling. Both have Loki, the trickster and  both have totem poles or God statues, and so much more. This image is reminiscient of a popular Odinist song by Arkona which can be seen here

Arkona- Slavsia Rus

Where this picture has been posted, it has sparked an interesting internet controversy about who inhabited North America first, and the standard anti-European hatred that one sees every Colombus Day and Thanksgiving. Often these tirades about how all Whites need to be killed have thousands of people involved, or they did, until a few  people started hitting them with a few basic facts to counter the rather extraordinary things that are often said.. For example, I have found myself pointing out the fact that Colombus never even set foot in North America,  and that the Pilgrims did not kill any South American Indians. There is no doubt whatsoever that traces of the ancient Europeans, such as the Kennewick Man and the Windover Bog People, are all far earlier than any “Native American” remains, and that this clearly demonstrates that ancient Europeans, not Asians, were the first people to inhabit North America.

The issue of Black African slavery  often comes up as well…

This videos touches upon the reality of the fact that the African slave trade was primarily Jewish owned, not European owned. It is strange indeed that no one ever mentions that Blacks, Native Americans, Arabs, and especially Jews, all have had slaves or still do, especially the Jews.

As always, due to Jewish- made movies on the topic presenting it as a European enterprise,  the “Dutch” are blamed for this and that fact that the slave ships were overwhelmingly Jewish- owned is not mentioned. The thriving White slave trade happening right now which makes use of Eastern European women is centered in Israel, and it is also conveniently overlooked or completely unknown.

Even when the truth about the Israeli- run White slave trade is known, because the victims are Nordic women, most seem not to care, because we have been trained not to. By the time I point out the fact that the Tocharians, who were Nordic, inhabited Northern China 1000 years before the ethnic Chinese, or start talking about how the Caucasians,  who settled North America previously, were probably genocided by the Indians, and that actually they should pay us reparations, if anyone should, it generally dies down a bit.

Will all the “evil Whites” who killed the innocent, peaceful Indians, (who did things such as sewing a blacksmith’s dog inside him while they were slaughtering his family because he had asked them not to steal his nails), get their revenge? Who knows. .. and yet, this is an interesting topic.

I have seen one of the Windover Bog skulls myself once and was told privately in hushed tones by the forensic anthropologist who had studied it, that it was Caucasian. Due to some genetic testing this is now undeniable, but had this anthropologist said this openly at the time, he could well have had difficulties. Next, inevitably, I would imagine that these very un-politically correct finds which do not fall in line will somehow be “lost”, as some of the earliest Windover finds were, suppressed in some other way, or the results will be redone and falsified. Our Zionist occupied government poured concrete over the inconveniently  Caucasian ancient North American Kennewick site.

As a child, I saw a blonde Caucasian Indian princess in an archaeological museum in Maine. She was buried with a baby, in great state, and dressed in Native American Indian clothing. When I tried to find out about her again as an adult, I was told that she had been taken off display and had been “lost”. At any rate, this lovely woman in the picture above is not lost, and we can still celebrate our exotic cultural identity, and our future.

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  1. I can see that you are quite intelligent and I like your writing. The content of which I’m only beginning to understand completely. I give you a big thank you in the meantime!

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