Hearty Watercress Swastika Soup


The health giving power of solar rays and the vigorous life force of the Earth Goddess Nerthus have been powerful symbols of healing for our people since ancient times. The holy swastika with its connotations of lightning, thunder and the heroic strength of the Sun embodies these ideas.

This tasty, watercress soup is very thick indeed, about as solid as a soup can be while still being soup, and yet it is light and fluffy too. It has a delicious delicate flavor and is very strengthening, perfect for a chilly autumn evening or winter afternoon

Recipe for Nerthus' swastika soup. Photo: Seana Fenner

A lovely watercress soup with life giving solar wheel decoration. Photo: Seana Fenner

Hearty Watercress Swastika Soup Ingredients:

-approximately a pound of chicken breast tenderloins or a pound of chicken with ribs

-a large bunch of watercress

-3 large leeks

-1 large potato

-a cup of cream

– a ¼ stick of butter

– a couple tablespoons of olive oil

-a pinch of white pepper

-a splash or so of balsamic vinegar (to taste) or the juice of one lemon

-salt, to taste


-Sautee chicken breast tenderloins in a large frying pan, at a medium heat until browned, which is what gives its delicious flavor. While browning the chicken, begin preparing and adding other ingredients, first leeks, then potato, then watercress.

-Clean leeks of any soil and slice them into small round. Use only tender parts of the leeks. When the leaves get too hard farther into the dark green area up the stalk, stop. Only use tender white and lighter green parts.

– Melt butter and add it to pan.

-When chicken is done and leeks have softened, pour in enough water to cover ingredients in pan, and then some. Ingredients should be covered at this point with at least a half an inch of water above them.

-Peel and cut potato into cubes, and add to pan.

– Wash watercress thoroughly and remove leaflets off of stalk, putting them in the pan and discarding most of the stalk.

– Cook for a further 15-20 minutes

-Remove from heat and add cream, stirring thoroughly.

– Transfer hot mixture to glass blender and blend for several minutes, until mixture is green and larger vegetables have been pureed.

-Quickly transfer to serving bowl or other container  Add in seasoning such as salt, pepper and either lemon juice  or balsamic vinegar and stir. Your soup is ready to be served!

 By the Odinist Gourmet

Sharon Hodder- Fenner

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