Spanish Colonial Colombian Healing Plantain, Corn, and Chicken Soup

Finished soup will be golden brown and very nourishing!

Finished soup will be golden brown and very nourishing!

Sometimes even Odinists get colds, and one thing that will definitely help is homemade chicken soup. Inhaling the vapor of chicken soup helps open up sinuses and reduce congestion better than other hot liquids, and appears to have extra added effects that reduce inflammation and heal, which are not yet fully understood. Ideally, it is best to make a large batch, to sip throughout the day, and rest. This soup is thick and hearty soup, like a meal, so it is not really necessary to eat anything else, and it is also very delicious. It might be a good idea to drink fresh squeezed orange juice, tea, and other liquids too.

There is nothing worse than watery soup, so it is best to have at least four pots to make a large batch of soup, preferably using all four stove burners that one has on a standard stove, because if one adds water later the broth will become watery and it will not taste nearly as good. The idea is to consolidate the soup as it boils down into one or two pots. If one simmers the soup at a medium heat, with the pot covers on but not tightly, leaving the covers on so a little steam can escape, that will work well.

Green plantains... try to get ones that are are least beginning to ripen.

Green plantains… try to get ones that are are least beginning to ripen.

Avoid GMO or non organic ingredients like the plague. The last thing one needs when one is ill is round-up ready corn that actually has its own built in biological pesticide. Sometimes GMO products are not labelled, especially in America, but usually health food stores avoid ordering them, and one can always ask.


-boned (as opposed to boneless) chicken breasts, thighs, and drumsticks, which often come in large bulk packages. If one likes White meat, get an extra package with just breasts. It is necessary that the chicken have bones because otherwise the result will not be soup as we know it.

-a package of organic non GMO sweet corn.

GMO is best avoided.

GMO is best avoided

-plantains, preferably about medium ripe. The greener the plantains are the more starchy they will be and the longer they will need to be cooked. Medium slightly softer greenish plantains are ideal. Darker softer more ripe plantains can be used too, but cannot be cooked as long, which is why most people use greenish plantains as opposed to more ripe ones for soup. Very green hard plantains that are too green might be difficult to peel and work with and won’t be as tasty so try to get slightly less green, more ripe, green plantains.

-Water that does not have fluoride or other chemicals. If you have to get bottled water do!

-Onions (several, sliced in larger slices because it will reduce and fall apart), garlic (if you are quite ill use an entire bulb. Peel the individual cloves and either cut them in half or leave them whole.),

-Italian parsley

-cold pressed olive oil

-fresh lemon.

Some people like to put fresh avocado on the side and remove corn from cob adding kernels to soup.

Some people like to put fresh avocado on the side and remove corn from cob adding kernels to soup.


  1. Heat olive oil in large frying pan. Fry chicken, which has skin and bone, in pan until it is browned. While cooking  stir mixture occasionally as one cooks, turning chicken to make sure it is browned on all sides. Prepare onions and garlic before or while browning chicken. This can take quite a while.
  2. Reduce heat and add sliced onions and fry a little more for several minutes until slightly carmelized. Then add garlic and simmer just a little while longer, being careful to just lightly cook the garlic for just a few minutes. Mix the mixture as one cooks it from time to time until one has golden chicken and olive oil and more lightly cooked slightly caramelized onions and garlic. Don’t burn garlic. Just cook it very lightly.
  3. You are almost done! Add several chicken pieces and a some of the olive oil, onion, garlic mixture with it to each pot that you have. If you have four pots, so much the better. Add water to each pot, enough to cover chicken mixture and go at least half way or more up each pot and bring to oil immediately reducing heat and putting on cover with a little gap to allow the escape of some steam so it does not become too pressurized. Be careful not to let steam burn you. Soup should be at a heat where it bubbles gently. Stir occasionally for 20 or 30 minutes.
  4. While chicken soup is simmering, peel and slice plantains, and remove husk and corn silk from sweet corn. Cut corn cobs into two or three pieces each.
  5. Add plantains. As mentioned above, the riper the plantains are the less they need to be cooked. Medium ripe green plantains are best. Too green green plantains or too ripe plantains are not as easy to work with for soup. When soup is done, plantains should be soft enough to eat but not gooey, still starchy. It may take quite a while to cook plantains if they are quite green.
  6. Add corn last. Some people cook very fresh corn only a few minutes, but usually one will want to cook it a little longer in a soup like this to absorb the flavor, so cook to taste. At this point one could add parsley, salt, and/or pepper if one wishes.
  7. Spear chicken pieces and take bones and any chicken skin left out of soup, then put chicken meat pieces back in. Some bones may be loose in pot so look for them and take them out too. Soup broth will have reduced greatly while cooking. Consolidate soup into one or two pots.
  8. Add lemon juice squeezed from lemon to taste.

Get well soon!!

For best results, stay warm, sip and inhale soup frequently, and relax...

For best results, stay warm, sip and inhale soup frequently, and relax…

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