“Maggi ‘þeysari’”  Or “Maggi Riding”

Song Bobby Russell

Lyrics Magnús Guðmundsson

Link Here:

Maggi ‘þeysari’

The name of the band that Magnús Guðmundsson originally was a part of is quite famous in Iceland. Magnús Guðmundsson is best known for having been the lead singer of the band called Þeyr, a word meaning the male ones, taken from a poem by Skuggi, which means “Wind” or “Thaw” in old Icelandic. The philosophy behind this band was a belief in a return to ancient wisdom and the value of absolute truth.  The lyrics speak of how the corrupt and greedy bankers, who are correctly presented as green-eyed monkeys, have attempted to destroy Iceland financially and leave a debt for her future generations.

This amazing song was featured on Youtube in July and gathered 70,000 views in record time which is a quite significant percentage of Icelanders when one considers that the majority of those who viewed it must have been native Icelandic speakers.. This is encouraging. Odin knows this tune is, as far as I am aware, almost completely unknown outside of Iceland.

The Icelandic Revolution is a fight against a massive Zionist fraud, in which the entire population of a small country of Nordic people and their families were almost bankrupted, due to the greed of two Jewish Iranian banker brothers,  and their collaborators in the Icelandic government.  It has not been televised at all in the 97 percent worldwide Jewish owned media. When it is presented, even on the internet, the white government collaborators are featured instead of the Jewish principals. (of course).

Articles telling the basic facts are being removed from the internet and the Tchenguiz brothers (not their real names since they changed their names) are apparently suing various people for being caught. Here are some screen shots from one article about it that was ripped off the internet.

1 a one

1 a two

1 a three

1 a four

It is very dangerous to underestimate how serious this situation is.  It has been caused worldwide by the insanity of allowing a criminal tribe to own both illegal, and in the case of America, unconstitutional, central banks, as well as the world’s media. Almost all nations are being crippled and destroyed by Jewish oppression, one of the latest examples is Greece, where some newly retired people are killing themselves since, after working their whole lives, they will have no funds to survive.

In Germany, 80 percent of commerce was Jewish controlled and the media as well, and these resources were used to destroy and feed off of the native German population, who actually, contrary to the common propaganda, did not want war. In fact, Hitler himself tried to avoid it in every possible way, but war and white genocide were demanded by international Jewry, who used outrageous lies to deceive Europeans into destroying each other.  Through manipulation and control of banking, government and media they fooled European folk in America and Europe into destroying any people who resisted their dominance, even when those people were their brothers, and incited an unjust war. The same vicious tricks used against the Chinese in the Opium Wars, the Palestinians and the Icelanders, and more, were used against the German people, who were starving until the Jews who had destroyed their economy were no longer allowed to reign.

For economic details, see here:

How Hitler defied the bankers

And here:

Il motivo per cui Hitler andava distrutto

After the Germans peacefully removed the Jews who had controlled their media and banking from their positions, they began to recover, and  it is the Jews who started the war.

What Really Happened in World War II

Just below is a link to a video entitled “How to Start a Revolution” featuring an interview with Birgitta Jónsdóttir. It is interesting how Britain’s Danny Alexander MP says there is a need to pursue Icelanders rather than the criminal Jewish bankers who perpetrated this fraud. The Icelandic nation and people were also officially categorized as “terrorists” for refusing to pay a debt that was not their own.  In case you did not know, anyone who is not willing to be farmed like human “goyim” cattle by Jews is either a “terrorist” or a “Nazi” or both. If you haven’t woken up yet, now would be a good time to.

Voting alone is not really a very effective strategy when one’s government does not represent one, but Israel. For example, both Romney and Obama’s campaigns were funded by the same Jewish owned corporations. We should perhaps be following Iceland’s example instead.  In America, the government has committed both criminal fraud and treason and those who engaged in it should have their assets seized and be tried and charged with treason.

All but 3 countries in the world are fed off of by Jewish owned central  banks. The criminal tribe who did this are only a small percentage of the population, and so are normal Europeans now thanks to them, but no one, of any background, who is sane, can possibly desire to be a slave of the Jews anymore.

Once everyone knows, things will change and people might realize that something can be done to free themselves from illegal debt slavery. That is why the 97 percent Jewish owned media is trying to cover it up…and the reason why the revolution in Iceland has not been televised.  It is up to all of us to have the courage to fight Jewish oppression and choose freedom!

To Freedom for our Folk!

To Freedom for our Folk!

©2010 Odinia

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