New Sonny Thomas Show Yuletide Interview with Odinia

As the Twelve Days and Nights of the Yule continue… we have another interview about the Yuletide and Odinist Winter customs, the true meaning of European “Christmas” traditions, and discussion about why Christianity is incompatible with White Nationlism.

Sonny Thomas Odinia Yule Interview

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Odinist Yule Music Video…Vivaldi’s Winter, Vikings, Wolves, Auroras, and Valkyries…


Yule Interview of Odinia by Radio WehrWolf

Many thanks to Dion of Radio WehrWolf for interviewing me for the Yule!!


In this interview, we talk about Odinia International, our upcoming video news feature, Nation of Odin News, (soon to be posted here at, the Alt Right, the fake Alt Right, the homosexual Mannerbund, why Jew worship (Christianity) is not a legitimate religion, and why White women and men should love and help one another.

You can listen to this interview here:

Radio WehrWolf Interview 

Merry Yuletide!