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PLEASE NOTE: THE ONLY NUMBER I CAN BE REACHED AT RIGHT NOW IS 863-877-0848 My new email is odinia (at)

Please note that due to the ongoing volcanic disaster, we can no longer be reached at our headquarters, 808-985-7211. If you have left messages at our cell phone number 321 318 9726 please note that this number is no longer accessible since we are in a cell phone dead zone. We apologize for this but it was unforeseen. The good news is that we have a new number, as of this December 1948 (2018) Tel. 321-305-4719. We cannot accesss messages on this number either yet, but we are often reachable at it. If you leave messages at either number we cannot access them. We are sorry.

You can email us at to leave messages.

321 305 4719 is the working number but we cannot access messages on it.

Contact Details…


Tel.  (321) 305-4719

Skype: live:odinia


We have received reports that some people have tried to contact us by email but it has not reached us, and we are concerned that there may be either some sort of glitch or some interference with our communications at times.

Either some sort of glitch or ZOG appears to be deleting messages from our email inbox at times. I cannot retrieve them, but I can see that they were sent to me, several recently for instance, and from the subject lines, which are all that is left, it appears they were sent by European folk. These messages were not spam and were not in spam folders (which I have checked recently) and I never deleted them. If you tried to email us and received no reply this probably is why. I shall see what I can do to remedy this, but right now, it would appear that the only certain way to contact Freyja Hof  would appear to be by telephone. (321) 305-4719

When you just have to talk to an Odinist, phone Freyja Hof Headquarters, especially when you have not been able to reach us by other means. Waes Hael!

When you just have to talk to an Odinist, phone Freyja Hof Headquarters, especially when you have not been able to reach us by other means. Waes Hael!

We shall not always be present to answer your calls, but if we are not, just leave a message and we will return your call. If the message machine is full, try again another time or try another method. We tend to be here more often on weekends. It is also possible to email us at or add us on Skype at live:odinia is the best email address to use to contact us, since it is checked most frequently.

Notice about  Measures to Reduce Registration and other Spam Attacks

Please note: Soon,  registration will no longer be possible on this website and all of our other websites as well. We are not trying to be unfriendly… we would like to get in touch with each and every one of you, but Zionist attacks on our websites, some of which take the form of registration spam, and other spam, are so extreme that we are currently taking steps to disable registration on all our websites entirely. Unlike other forms of spam, there is currently no safe or feasible method for halting, or even deleting, previous registration spam in bulk except by temporarily installing software we do not really have room for on our website. It can only be hand removed, and we just do not have enough time or resources to use this method, and to leave it up would risk compromising our Odinist websites, so we will have to use more old fashioned means of contact.

It you have previously registered on this website and are a real registrant it is probable that we will be removing your website registration at some point and we apologize most sincerely for doing so, but since the vast majority of the many thousands of spam registrations appear to be fake for the most part, we cannot feasibly do anything other than delete them if we wish our websites to remain up, so at the present time, there seems to be no other option. If we do find a better solution at some point, we shall implement it.

Comment spam: In addition to to massive numbers of registration spams, we have comment spam as well, and even though we have filters for this, the numbers are so huge (now at approx. 4 million) that this endangers the continued operation of our website, for example, just now we received 700 automatically generated bits of comment spam sent in just the last few hours, so it seems likely that we might also, sadly, have to discontinue the commenting function at some point on some of our websites as well. If we can find another option, we shall.

Subscription for Newsletter List

We love to hear from you, and all of this does not mean you cannot register or subscribe or share your comments and questions with us,  just that this can only be done by email or telephone or visiting our headquarters.   If we haven’t written you back in response to  your email, we are not ignoring you..  this most probably means that we did not receive your email. Try again, and if you still encounter any difficulties in getting in touch with us, remember you can always telephone.

We shall be delighted to add you to our newsletter list. This list will send out occasional notices when we upload a new Odinist video rede, or when a new issue of Odinist Foxfire comes out, or similar.

 Odinist Information and Resources…

Now to the purely positive aspects of celebrating our Odinist religion together…

If you are a Nordic, Germanic, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, or other person of European ethnicity and heritage, from anywhere in the world, Odinism is your native religion, and you may wish to explore it. Nationality is not as important a consideration as the bond of tribal unity we share. Where one is from does not  matter so much as who one is and the  joy of being able to worship with one’s own tribe is one that everyone deserves to experience.

In the distant past, even with tribal uniqueness and some varied traditions with distinct differences, the ancient religion of our folk apparently shared far more in common than not. From the Scotland to Iceland, or Germany to Russia, our original ancestral religion was once much alike. Even ancient Greek and Roman religions share a common Nordic religion in ages long past, and there are fascinating points of convergence. For people of European ancestry, Odinism is our heritage and birthright,  a part of us which is so deep and innate it speaks to the core of our very being.

We have three main websites designed for the purpose of helping Odinists, and those interested in Odinism, to learn more about our religion, and to express themselves and teach others as well, for example in our Odinist Foxfire Journal, where those of European ancestry contribute articles about issues that concern our tribe, our history, our future, poetry, politics, and many other topics from an unashamedly pro-European point of view.

Odinia International and Odinist Journal Foxfire (Main Website)

Odinist (under construction)

Viking Althing of Odinia (new)

If you wish to know more about Odinism, the Odinia International websites or our  Odinist Video Redes and Blots are a good place to start. If you have trouble viewing them on our Odinistpodcast youtube channel, such as playback difficulties, which are occasionally reported lately, remember that you can view these here on our own website, where, thus far, there has never been a single playback difficulty that we are aware of.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, even if you just want to say hello. If you already support the values of  folk and family, consider joining us, and even setting up your own kindred if there are none in your area. If you wish to be associated with us as a kindred, a family, or an individual, please contact us for further information, and to be included on our soon to be updated folkish Odinist kindred map. We would like to get to know you.

Odinist Othala Rune 

Our Othala: Religious and Tribal Unity for Europeans…

As we mentioned just above, it is true that there are regional variations between the ancestral religion of, for example, Celtic ancestry folk from Ireland and our folk from Iceland,  but there are many similar customs as well, so very many that one can see that once the European spiritual world view was far more similar than different.   At the time when our true culture and religion flourished, so did we, and that time can come again.

We are called an Othala because we are a people, a nation, and a family. In the sanctuary of our fellowship and tribe, at least to some extent… we are actually allowed to say and feel what we like, and be who we are. We are a small oasis of sanity and normalcy. It is only when we are among our own kind, other European people, and it is only in Odinism that we can have that joy of worshiping together, and being of one spirit with our ancestors, tribe, and future generations. Some day soon we hope to have many colonies with people like us again, our brothers and sisters, and to be a truly free and ethnically homogeneous worldwide nation once again. This is where we start. In a sense this is up to you.

Awakening our Folk…

It is so very important that our people live in an environment where we are allowed to see things from our own tribal and spiritual perspective again rather than being confined to an enforced Judeo- Christian cultural Marxist and universalist mindset in which everyone is artificially our brother, expect for those who actually are our brothers and sisters, whom we are supposed to put last instead of first. We need to let the world village look after itself.

To this end, I would like to ask everyone to occasionally introduce a person or two who shares our general core values and outlook to Odinism. Even a European heritage person who hates our own people because he or she has been brainwashed to do so should be exposed to some of the facts on our websites and in our broadcasts ideally. Deprogramming must start somewhere! Our websites, broadcasts, and events will hopefully continue to provide a good  resource in this regard.  Imagine how our numbers could grow! This is important. Our percentage of the world population is nearing extinction levels and the fact is that it is not the most intelligent, worthy, or moral people who will survive, but the most persistent and tribally cohesive. It would be nice indeed if these two groups, the best and the most persistent folk, were one and the same. The only thing that prevents the chances of our survival at present is attitude, that fact that many European folk are so brainwashed that they are actually afraid to be one their own side.

As long as it survives, these websites and our organization will *not* be among those that cater to or pander to other tribes, apologizing for existing, or one which fails to stand up for our innate and natural right to see things from our own point of view. To sell out in this way is nothing less that an act of disloyalty and dishonor against one’s own tribe, family, future, and oneself. Although most of us have no political affiliation apart from the Nation of Odin at the present time, unlike Zionist controlled organizations, we DO mix religion and politics. All tribes have political interests that we must exercise and protect if we wish not to be marginalized, and if we wish to survive. A wolf without fangs will not do very well in the wild.

And so…. we do not support truly hateful and oppressive Marxist groups such as the Jewish communist terrorist group “Heathens against ‘Hate'”, nor shall we be kneeling down and babbling that “we are not racist Nazis” defensively, or allowing those of other tribes and races to dictate to us while trying to change our history and religion to suit their agendas. We will not take the Trojan Horse within the gates of our sanctuary this time… Instead, we shall seek to win back, preserve, and maintain our autonomy, freedom and self- determination. We may be a small candle, but our flame is steady, pure, and strong, and it will grow…

Odinist Journal FoxFire Article Submission:

To submit articles for publication to our Odinist Foxfire Journal, please contact us by email or phone, using the contact details at the top of this page, and we will forward your entry to our Acquisitions Editor. If you do not hear from us in a few days, it may be we did not receive it, so by all means send it again if you have not, or call us directly. There are delays at times because we have so much work to do, but if the mail reached our box, we will get to you, and we do value your mail. We always acknowledge that we have received it if we have.

To Join our Mailing List…

Just take  a moment to email us or call if you wish to be included on our mailing list. If you do decide to, we shall then send you messages occasionally, such as when a new issue of FoxFire Odinist Journal comes out, or when a new Odinist rede and blot broadcast  is ready to view. Send us a line at  with “add me” in the subject title to be placed on our mailing list and  receive upcoming broadcasts and magazines in your inbox. Be sure to let us know if you wish to join our organization or if you wish your kindred to be associated with us as well.  We shall respect your privacy if you wish to be anonymous.

Waes hael!

Click on  the Youtube button just below to subscribe to our Odinist Podcast Redes at the Odinistpodcast Channel. Scroll down  a little further and click on the FoxFire magazine cover to be directed to the current issue of  Foxfire and its clickable thumbnail articles…

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2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. In regards to the comment you wanted to post on my blog…This is my response. I do not expect you to agree, or even approve this comment, I just wanted to know that I did not merely ignore you. I do not disrespect others opinions like that-even if I do not agree with them.

    I am not posting this. I do believe in free speech, I do not agree in posting lies such as you are speaking. I know too many concentration camp survivors that witnessed family members murdered in front of their very own eyes to disrespect them by publishing your post. I am not sure what these people did at the time (some as young as 10 or 11) that deserved to have their moms, dads, sisters, etc shot right in front of them.. I read your blog and I must say that for someone who has a faith such as odiniaism ( not sure if that is the way you say it) I am confused. The little research that I have done (and I will continue to look more into it) does not seem as if it would be approved of this hate that you are spreading. It also appears that you/the group have not done a comprehensive study of what Judaism is. I can not speak for Christianity or Islam as I am not well versed in those religions, I would think that to be thought of as a valid and educated group you would do some valid research on the groups you are speaking of rather that just repeating hateful comments that are acceptable within your group.

    • The truth is not hate, it is only the truth. Anyone who tells you they were a survivor of a “death camp” is a lying because there were no WW2 death camps only internment camps, despite all the Hollywood movies made by the 97 percent Jewish owned media. Your idea of education is actually brainwashing by the media, and if you wish to call me “uneducated” (-; you are welcome to do so, because the opinion of someone as willfully ignorant as you are is meaningless to me, but I was accepted at the University of Oxford on the basis of my writing and research ability. I believed the exact same nonsense that you believe now until I actually looked into it. I strongly suggest you do the same, but that is up to you. If, after you do, you are afraid to deal with the *obvious* truth for fear of offending some people you know who happen to be liars and would rather demonize others you are not personally acquainted with, that is hardly a moral position. In fact, it amounts to cowardice and self interest. All I can do to help you is to lead you to where you can, if you look, learn how you have been lied to. Good luck.

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