Cucked Britain Removed as “Hate Speech” by YouTube

Cucked Britain, the first episode of our Nation of Odin News program, has been removed as “hate speech” by Youtube, even though it has nothing resembling that in its content. In fact, it stands against hatred and genocide of our people, and does nothing other than identify the causes of genocide with evidence, and object to censorship based on racial bias. This two and a half hour show about censorship in the UK and the USA, hosted by British nationalist Chris White, and myself, has been removed in order to keep people from knowing the facts contained in it.

Anything in favor of facts, European rather than Semitic relgiion, and free speech, or against White genocide is "hate" according to Jewish controlled ZOG-Goggle.

Anything in favor of facts, European rather than Semitic religion, and free speech, or against White genocide, is “hate” according to Jewish supremacist controlled ZOG-Goggle.

This video was censored even more directly just after it was posted. This video’s original video project was deleted from the computer I made it on at the house of a person I thought was my friend, and a pro-European, by a spitting homosexual, who threatened to beat me up. This spitting homosexual was so arrogant as to threaten me even in front of the police whom I was forced to call to protect myself. I recorded him threatening me as well. My supposed friend, whose house it was, refused to allow me to retrieve the video project from the computer, but fortunately we were at least eventually able to copy and save the finished video, which had already been posted.

There was a short notice about this incident when it first came out, and it is also mentioned in an interview  , but deleting the video project was not the only action our Jewish supremacist government engaged in, in association with its information control efforts. Within approximately a week of this incident there was an attempt to frame me for a crime, with no less than 9 people, clearly hired for this purpose, involved, and an attempt on my life.

Will anyone who can please donate so I can move the new news site and the “Cucked Britain” video to a host that will host videos? I believe I need a couple hundreds dollars to do this on the least expensive one, and it would be WELL worth it Many thanks..!





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