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FoxFire Winter 2013-14

As mead warms, and the eldritch light of foxfire illuminates the dark forest, may our Gods, and this journal, inspire you…


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The Odinist Art of Nordic Tile

Tweet Pinterest Leif K Spørck is a master tile craftsman who makes custom tiles that really are works of art. Leif is proud of his Norse heritage, from which he derives his natural love and affinity for Nordic tile designs. Here you have a rare opportunity to be an virtual apprentice to a master tile [...]

Odinist Outdoor Altar Contest Winner!

Tweet If you remember, for the last summer solstice, we had an Odinist altar contest with the prize of a beautiful silver Irminsul going to the winning contestant who took the best picture of an outdoor Odinist altar. This beautiful altar is simple, but magnificent. Its maker, the winner of the Odinist altar contest,  wished to remain [...]

Sacred Trees and Pagan Plants Survive in Medieval English Gardens

Tweet   Introduction A few years ago, after lecturing for a round- the- world private jet tour and having an archaeoastronomical research trip of my own to Callanish, I had extra time in the U.K. before flying home, and was able to spend a bit of time exploring some particularly lovely ancient gardens. This was [...]

Stranger than Fiction…The Jewish Noahide Laws…

Tweet   We have a fascinating science fiction story in this issue , all the more marvelous, and at the same time, frightening,  because of its  prescience.  It may be sci fi, but it is a story that is  very nearly coming to life. This article, by Goldi Locks,  by contrast, is a step nearer to our present reality.  It may [...]

A Delicate Savory Turkey, White Wine, and Leek Tea Tart by the Odinist Gourmet

Tweet It wouldn’t be civilized not to have some exquisite treats with our afternoon tea! Even our Scottish cousins North of the Border, who are sometimes a bit wild, never have tea without a biscuit (cookie). Trendy and inexpensive mini- tart pie makers are available, so it is easier to make very elaborate tea goodies [...]

The Madness of NO BORDERS …

Tweet   Editors Note: In one of those cosmic coincidences that sometimes happen, shortly before I received this article, my mother had an experience very similar to one mentioned in it… This article includes an observation of a brave robin protecting his young and its significance. The parallel incident my mother witnessed was that of a female Khaleej pheasant being [...]

A Day in the Life of Robert Mallet, 139 P.H.

Tweet   “A Day in the Life of Robert Mallet” is an Orwellian tale that is a little too close to our current reality… and in a day and age in which people are being imprisoned for writing and publishing books, it brings up some issues that are truly worth thinking about. Satirizing anyone or anything [...]

Hearty Watercress Swastika Soup

Tweet   The health giving power of solar rays and the vigorous life force of the Earth Goddess Nerthus have been powerful symbols of healing for our people since ancient times. The holy swastika with its connotations of lightning, thunder and the heroic strength of the Sun embodies these ideas. This tasty, watercress soup is very thick indeed, about as solid as [...]

Forged by Fire…

Tweet   Deep in a forest stood a moss covered stone building. Tall, ancient trees stood in attendance near the building, and a short distance from this ancient hall a lake loomed. Wolf lake, it was called, and the darkly mysterious waters held old and magickal secrets. Strong and unknowable powers dwelt in these woods, [...]

Cellular Memory

Tweet Karen Emanuelson, who wrote this excellent poem, said of it, “I never, ever write autobiography. It’s self-serving. Why should anyone care about my life? This, however, is in honor of my ancestors & my Disir—the female ancestors who have become divine.” My ancestors speak, handing stories to me as faint hints of tales.Toss me [...]

Blonde Bashing at the Box Office

Tweet In the movie “Fools Rush In” a European man rejects a blonde woman for a Latina. The Latina is portrayed as being desirable and the blonde woman is presented as unwanted and unsexy, so much so that the white man actually wants to hide from her and does so. The blonde white woman also [...]







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