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FoxFire Spring 2014-15

As mead warms, and the eldritch light of foxfire illuminates the dark forest, may our Gods, and this journal, inspire you…


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Jews won't take our guns unless they pry them from our cold dead fingers, and that is not going to happen...

Pagan Egg Painting for Ostara…The Magical Art and Symbolism of Pysanky

Tweet ๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑๑ Pysanky is the word by which the ancient Heathen custom of Ostara egg decoration is known in Eastern Europe… and beyond. This custom is thought to have originated in the Ukraine… the same place where the earliest known examples of that most ancient and holy European symbol, the swastika, were found. Paleolithic figures, carved [...]

Midwinter… the True Meaning of Rebirth

Tweet Editor’s Note: This incredibly beautiful, and true,  poem by Ingiomar, speaks of the hope of a spring for our people, even in the darkest winter. May the wish in the heart of the great soul who composed this masterpiece, soon be made real.     Long have our heroes left this spiteful world For [...]

A Hrunting We Will Go:  Beowulf’s Sword and Norse Weapons Technology

Tweet Editor’s Note: Despite its Christian overlay,  it would seem that the essential character of Beowulf has survived, making it one of the most Odinist of European epics. It is a tale of honor, hospitality, great battles, and the triumph of the warrior spirit.. We are very pleased indeed to present you with this fascinating [...]

My Rocky Path to Odinism

Tweet Editor’s Note: Perhaps one of the most marvelous things about being involved with an Odinist organization is the opportunity to meet those very special people who have reached the final stage of de-programming … those who have the courage to embrace our own native European religion… those few, but rapidly increasing numbers of European ancestry [...]

Carving a Link to the Past… How Woodworking can Connect us with our Ancestors…

Tweet Editor’s Note: Art has always enhanced our connection to the divine. A part of our spirit goes into what we create. Those who create Heathen European art  are doing more to make our Odinist religion come alive than we might at first realize. Our native art is a real and tangible testimony to the rebirth of Odinism. I myself [...]

A Sandwich Fit for a Queen… Poulet Reine Elizabeth a.k.a. “Coronation Chicken” by the Odinist Gourmet

Tweet Editor’s Note: I’m standing in for the Odinist Gourmet in this issue, but the choice of recipe was hers… Originally, Coronation Chicken, or Poulet Reine Elizabeth, was made for the coronation banquet of Elizabeth II in 1953, but it is said to have been partly inspired by a similar and earlier recipe known as Jubilee Chicken, made [...]

A Brief Philosophy of Gardening for Odinists

Tweet Editor’s Note: In a few European countries in particular, such as Switzerland, home gardening still accounts for a surprisingly large proportion of the food that people eat. Even in a relatively small space, and even in very urban areas, inventive gardeners can manage to produce their own healthy, organic food. In the United States there [...]

Basic Self Defense for Odinist Ladies…

Jews won't take our guns unless they pry them from our cold dead fingers, and that is not going to happen...







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