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Winter 2012-13

As mead warms, and the eldritch light of foxfire illuminates the dark forest, may our Gods, and this journal, inspire you…


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Editor’s Note

Tweet   FoxFire Winter 2012-13   Our new Odinist journal has been launched on the Jól, when, after the third night of the Solstice, the Sun begins to quicken and come alive, and to turn back in the direction of light and warmth. It is hoped that this day is the beginning of a new [...]

Twelfth Night: Astronomical Reckoning for the Yuletide

Tweet   What is commonly called  “Saint Lucia’s Day” is really a Pagan holiday known as Madrenacht, a Heathen festival enjoyed by Germanic Pagans throughout Europe, and this does indeed include both Anglo-Saxon and Norse Odinists. Other related European tribes, as far afield as Rome, and even farther, have had different traditions concerning it, but also recognized, [...]

Bûche de Noël Yule Log

Tweet   Happily, the word “nowell” doesn’t have anything to do with the later misuse of it for Christianity so we can safely claim it as our own. The word “Nowell” is derived from the French word , Noël, which in turn, is drawn from the Latin word “natalis” or “birth”. It is also thought [...]

Baptized by the Blood of Giants

Tweet                         Hidden in the depth, Of its timeless essence, A cosmic path, To the realms beyond… Above the pure light, Of the stars, into infinity, my spirit will go… Through the treacherous streams, Before the birth of the Gods themselves, Blessed be thy touch of grace, That awakens the Sacred [...]


Tweet   Drápa “Maggi ‘þeysari’”  Or “Maggi Riding” Song Bobby Russell Lyrics Magnús Guðmundsson Link Here: Maggi ‘þeysari’ The name of the band that Magnús Guðmundsson originally was a part of is quite famous in Iceland. Magnús Guðmundsson is best known for having been the lead singer of the band called Þeyr, a word meaning the [...]

The Time Travelers: Sacred Ancient Odinist Trees

Tweet   Sometimes historical research is hard, but one has to have standards! This wonderful German advent calendar, filled with incredibly glamorous, and some alcoholic, chocolates, all different, shows an interesting survival of ancient Norse origins of the Yuletide. Yggdrasil, the World Tree, is a symbol of the focal point of the 9 worlds, or [...]

The Kilted Hottie(s)

Tweet   I was inspired to have a “Kilted Hottie” feature here by the Page of Wild Eyed Southern Celt  which I highly recommend. I do not know where the term “Kilted Hottie” originally came from, and I don’t care.. I just know that I like looking at them. Since I have been having a somewhat [...]


Tweet   We live in stressful and complex times, in large part because we do not work just for ourselves and our families, but for the government, and sometimes even for a foreign government. We hope this equation changes and that we can bring this alteration about, and to this end we need to enhance [...]

Almond Marzipan Chocolate Chip Cookies for Vikings

Tweet   This recipe makes delicious soft almond cookies which are extremely low in sugar. Ingredients: 1 cup (two sticks) of butter 1 7 oz tube of Odense almond paste (rather than marzipan which is too sweet) ¼ cup light brown sugar 1/4 cup white sugar 1 Tsp vanilla (preferably organic) 2 large eggs 2 [...]

In Freyja’s Image…

Tweet   I have chosen this mystical picture of an attractive Slavic woman for our “In Freyja’s Image” feature  because of its  sheer beauty and also because it gives us a glimpse into the ancient European past. It is thought provoking as well. The similiarities between Native European religion and Native American religion are compelling. [...]


Tweet   This was a very difficult decision, in fact, so difficult the Editor referred it to someone  else. In the end, we had to choose two winners instead of one. This first of the two winning entries was submitted by Ken Lovering. This masculine, and well-used altar with its hand- crafted runes, wolf carving [...]

Book Review of The Heathen Anthology by Osred Jameson

Tweet   Think poetry is not for you… an increasingly irrelevant noise in a world that becomes more chaotic each day? Well, think again. Weapons and wolves abound on heathen internet sites, but the effectiveness of such things to create a spiritual bond with your ancestors is, at best, limited. Here is a means to [...]

“A Prayer to Sunna”

Tweet   Great Goddess Grant to us Thy joy this day;  May reason’s light the dark expel with truth.   Enfold our awaking souls with sacred rays, Give steadfast heart in shade to stand aloof.      In twilight we remember your impending eyes’; Return to paint with glowing light the whisp’ring sea.   Rejoicing [...]


Tweet   I feel a longing tugging at my soul A yearning, a sorrow, that none can know. My booted feet leave prints in the white snow As to the hallowed place in the forest I go. My Earthly existence is fraught with despair When I listen, only silence fills the cold air And teardrops [...]

The Holly and the Mistletoe

Tweet   Lyrics by Seana Fenner, Musical Score by Mrs. Mary Clayton, based on “the Holly and the Ivy” which may well have been a Pagan carol originally… ©2010 Odinia Like or Share this Article on Facebook: Like or Share the Odinia International Facebook Page: Tweet Pin It Like this:Like Loading...

The Grinch and the Rebirth of the Spirit of the Jul

Tweet   On September 21, 1897, an 8 year old girl named Virginia O Hanlon wrote into The Sun asking if there really was a Santa Claus. DEAR EDITOR: I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says, ‘If you see it in THE SUN it’s [...]

The Truth about Racism by Sig Brit

Tweet   ‘Racism’ is a natural love of that which is closer genetically to you. As such, racism is a good thing and has kept us alive for millions of years. It is an integral part of the group survival instinct in all humans. It is part of nature. To punish racism is to punish [...]

The Tale of the Doppelganger Journal… and How Jew Play both Sides…

Tweet   I have quite a few battles with Zionists, both large and small, and normally I would not speak of these here, but the fact is that they are instructive because they tell one what we are up against as a people, and may even serve as a guide to help others to be [...]

The Honor Roll

Tweet   “Stubba – John Yeowell (1918-2010)” By Osred Jameson John Leslie William Yeowell (10/4/1918 — 25/9/2010), known in Odinist circles as Stubba, was the main founder of modern Odinism in the UK.  Stubba was a prolific author on many topics, particularly the Royal House of Stuart: he was himself supposedly 7th in a line [...]

Odinist Birth Announcement!

Tweet   Freyja Mae Axt  Was born in Texas 1 March 2012 Her proud father and mother wish this blessing for her .  “May the high ones bless, watch over her, and keep her strong and safe.” Like or Share this Announcement on Facebook: Like or Share the Odinia International Facebook Page: Tweet Pin It [...]







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