We are having a volcanic disaster here so I do not have time to properly update this, but please note that since this was written, a couple years ago now, we have received a computer and microphone from two generous donors. Many, many, thanks!

the way through the woods

Our spiritual center… may we all find it!

At the present moment, we do not even cover the costs of publishing this journal, so if you feel inclined to donate to any project, this would be a good one to help with. We are fighting a war and engaged in a constant struggle to bring our culture, religion, and people back to life, and we need funds just to keep going. We are working on both online and “real life” projects and it’s fair to say that we accomplish a great deal with the resources we have.

Sleipnir Ornament

One of the hand-made Sleipnir ornaments made at our most recent Jól Fest!

I was just looking at some of the things other people are getting and giving donations for, and I suppose one thing I should mention is that we do not spend our time or funds on things that are not related to Odinism and helping our folk. In other words, we do not request funds for extras. I do not have a cell phone, nor do I expect or want one, nor do I have a web designer, graphic designers, or a technician to help me, as so many others seem to. I did not study computer science, but I do not hire people to help me as I see others doing. I manage the websites and pages myself, and this takes a massive amount of time and effort. In fact, I do not even have a  microphone for the podcasts  I compose, narrate, and make into videos. I am simply asking for help  we need in order to do our work.

Right now, we are down to our last working computer, and all of our computers are ten years old.  As far as computer work is concerned, we do need some software for a new project, and to fix some of our ten year old computers. Failing this we need a new computer, or a server, which might actually be less expensive. If there is any way any of you can help us in this regard we would very much appreciate it.

Swedish father and daughter team, part of our Renaissance court dancing troupe

In regard to computer work, (which we do a great deal of), it has often been suggested, by a couple of other organizations that are in competition with us, that people who write books or maintain websites are not true Odinists, but the reality of the matter is that writing, speaking, and communicating one’s ideas with others is of primary importance, and no serious organization could function effectively in the absence of online efforts. Writing can change ideas… and the internet is one of the very few places we can get across the truth to others. Our website serves as a good resource, and our journal gives our folk the opportunity to express themselves and share their ideas.  We encourage any good writers to submit articles at


Silverswords at the rare plant facility

In regard to events and activities, we also are, quite literally, the only oasis of European culture and cultural events at the location of our current headquarters, and have been so for a number of years.  One example is our Renaissance court dancing group which performed regularly in theatres, and in Shakespeare plays,  until the language of the Shakespeare plays was recently changed to (I kid you not) pidgin. There were 50 people involved in this particular effort, and many of them, especially younger people,  had absolutely no other exposure to their own European culture in which it was not presented in a negative light. Our Odinist services are  still a haven of European spirituality and identity that is much needed by those taught to revile their own culture  and ancestors everywhere else.

dancers del vulcano impetuoso

Some of our dancers just before a solstice performance in the local theatre…

We do the best we can with the tools we have, but if we had even a little more funds, we could do so much more. Ideally, we would like to fund the creation of our Odinist Lyceum-Academy, our Odinist  library, and a permanent temple for our folk.  We have a distinct advantage in regard to actually making this come about since some of our members have, through hard work,  obtained excellent qualifications and experience which makes it likely that we can accomplish this successfully. We hope one day to be able to give worthy European people who cannot afford it scholarships, so that they can attend our academy. Most of our people have very little in the way of funds, we know, but if you can contribute, please do. Donations are tax deductible since we are a religious organization. If you are able to, and you do decide to help, thank you. We very much appreciate it.

 I am told that the button  at the top of the page is an international paypal button that will convert currency anywhere, from Iceland to Vinland. In addition to Paypal’s encryption, which is extremely secure, this site now has SSL encryption  (the official certificate can be seen at the bottom of each page) as well as other security measures. It is as safe as we could make it, so your information is safe as well.

Endangered Bird Facility tour... this center has brought back the Hawaiian Crow from the edge of extinction.

Endangered bird facility tour… this center has brought back the Hawaiian Crow from the edge of extinction.

If you would like to donate, but would prefer to send a cheque or money order, please make it out to: 

“Freyja Hof Odinia International”
and mail to:
S. Fenner
P.O. Box 869
Volcano, Hawai`i
If you would like to make a monthly donation instead of a single donation, this would be much appreciated.

European Renaissance court dancing

More of our dancers… (-:

If you cannot help financially, this does not mean you cannot have a great impact for our cause as well. If you find you have a few spare moments of time, please spread the word and spread these links. This could help our people tremendously. Our message needs to get out there. You will find that on some services such as Facebook, our links will be blocked occasionally, even from the very first time they are posted. If there is any way you can get this information out, on the internet, to those on your email list, in print, on the radio, or to people you know, please do. It is extremely important and that is why we are here. So, in short, please donate to our cause with time or funds if you are able to. We work very hard on it and we need your help!

I know what we are trying to do is “impossible”… but let’s do it anyway!
Vikings and Giant Goddess

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, even Vikings!

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European Renaissance Court Dancing

Littlest dancer (not yet in her beautiful costume) on the right!


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