Editor’s Notes


Editor’s Note

FoxFire Winter 2012-13


Our new Odinist journal has been launched on the Jól, when, after the third night of the Solstice, the Sun begins to quicken and come alive, and to turn back in the direction of light and warmth. It is hoped that this day is the beginning of a new era in which our true religion will come to the fore again, and like the Sun, dispel the shadows that our world has been beset with so long, until they are mere memories which fade with the dawn.

Our  featured story  is about just this topic, and proposes a significantly different rescheduling of The Twleve Nights, based upon astronomical and religious considerations, one that is very probably more in line with the original celebration.

We are currently looking for the right person to write a regular feature on antique and modern weaponry, so please apply if you think that person is you. If you wish to submit an item for publication, please contact our acquisitions editor, at odinia@outlook.com For more about our currently featured  FoxFire Authors please see here.

FoxFire will have a varied selection of scholarly articles as well as popular features, including such subjects as the rituals of our Odinist faith, the preservation of our people, and news items that have been suppressed by the controlled media. This particular issue has articles celebrating the Yuletide, such as glamorous, but healthy Jól  recipes by our Odinist Gourmet, and an article about  The Rebirth of the Spirit of the Jól. There are musical features, such as  a new Odinist version of  “The Holly and the Ivy”, and our Odinist Music Awards. We also are proud to announce the winners of our Odinist Altar Contest.

Our Winter 2012-13 Foxfire has several original poems by Odinists from around the globe. Poets included here are Dominik Vrucinic of Croatia and  Johann Aldric of New Zealand as well as your editor.  In regard to this last topic, we are privileged to have a review of a new book  by Osred Jameson,  The Heathen Anthology , a collection of Heathen poetry which is, as far as I am aware, the first such in the world, at least since the time the dark veil of Christianity descended!

Our journal’s features will no doubt evolve as the electronic publishing skills of your editor, who is an archaeoastronomer, not a computer technician, evolve. One thing I can promise is good, original and honest content from a European point of view.

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  1. Thank you for your great website! It is encouraging and refreshing to know that there are still free-thinking Aryan women in the world! Hail the Aesir! Hail the Vanir!

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