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Osred Jameson

Osred Jameson, Author of Odinism, Past, Present and Future and Editor of Renewal Magazine

Osred Jameson is one of the leading lights of Odinism, and known for his ardent, intellectual defense of our native religion. He rightly takes his place among greats such as Stubba, Rud Mills and Else Christensen, as a Folk Father of our Odinist faith.

Osred has degrees (Honours of course) in English Literature, Political Science, Religious Studies, and Education from Deakin University and the University of Melbourne and has taught Religion courses at all levels. He has served as the Editor of the Australian Odinist Renewal Magazine  for twenty years. We are delighted to announce that in celebration of this wonderful publication’s 20th birthday, 9 years of issues recently have been made available, free of charge, on the Odinic Rite Website.

His excellent book, Odinism: Past Present and Future, is now available in electronic format as well as in print. 

Osred’s other fine Odinist works include The Call of our Ancient Nordic Religion by Rud Mills, Edited by Osred Jameson and his wonderful new  book,   The Heathen Anthology , which is reviewed in our Winter 2012-13 issue of FoxFire. See here. Since writing this, Osred has actually produced another truly excellent book called Heathen Song, and damned if he is not about to publish yet another, a collection of Stubba’s essays!

In addition to all this, Osred is brilliantly witty and he does play the bagpipes! He claims never to have played  them at 5 Am. We hope this is so!

“Orpheus” by Gustav Moreau

Sig Brit

Sig Brit

The author of the *very* fine article on “The Truth about Racism” is Sig Brit, an Englishman,  married to a beautiful Scottish lass, and the proud papa of an adorable  golden- haired, blue- eyed lad. Sig Brit is a lawyer, and has served in the British Army Parachute Regiment. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, climbing and Nordic skiing, and yes, he plays  bagpipes! He tells us he does this mostly to annoy people, but we suspect he is being modest.

I first came across Sig Brit on facebook where he was standing up for our native faith, very ably, against some people who were trying to take the Europeans out of native European religion. One of his comments was so brilliant and moving that I wanted to publish it! We are hoping to see many more thought-provoking pieces from Mr. Sig Brit.

His Winter 2012-13 FoxFire article can be seen here. An update… we now have yet another excellent article from Mr. Sig Brit, on  the Madness of No Borders

The Odinist Gourmet (Sharon Fenner)

Old 25 cent photobooth picture of our Irish Odinist Gourmet

Old 25 cent photobooth picture of our Irish Odinist Gourmet

Our partly Irish Odinist Gourmet has taught Advanced Placement English Literature and Humanities at both secondary school and college levels. She is an event organizer and has directed a number of theatre productions and Renaissance Fairs. She has served as the acquisitions librarian of a major library.

The Odinist Gourmet is responsible for our glamorous, but healthy, Jól  recipes:  Almond Marzipan Chocolate Chip Cookies and the fabulous Bûche de Noël. Since then, she has contributed a couple more wonderful gourmet cookery articles, such as Hearty Watercress Swastika Soup, whose presence in our magazine, I am proud to say, actually motivated an old friend of mine from Cambridge to report me to the authorities for being a particularly evil “Nazi” whom he thought would be a “new Hitler”. Our Odinist gourmet recently has added an utterly delicious and very fashionable mini pie recipe,  A Delicate Savory Turkey, White Wine, and Leek Tart, to her culinary collection here. In addition to these delightful recipes, she has penned a review of  Osred Jameson’s book, The Heathen Anthology and a highly popular article on Blonde Bashing at the Box Office.

The Odinist Gourmet does not play the bagpipes, but she has been known to punish students who have been naughty with long “bagpipe music” detentions. She is a thoroughly frightening woman, but an excellent cook!

Johann Aldric

Our poet, Johann Aldric in his spectacular homeland, New Zealand

Johann Aldric contributed a wonderful  original Odinist poem,  entitled The Wyrd of the Dark Forest  to our Winter 2012-13 issue of FoxFire. It has a rhythmic tempo and imaginative Heathen imagery. The poet tells us that it  speaks of romance and spiritual war,  of pagan unification, and of being beyond being “saved” by  the misguided Christians who betray their own.

Johann Aldric

Johann enjoys Classical European music and reading about esoteric and spiritual topics having to do with mind, body and spirit. He  seeks out vast vistas in nature, such as mountains ranges and fjords, and  quiet  places in the deep  forest where he constructs sacred ritual spaces. He did not mention playing the bagpipes among his hobbies, but he did say he likes to sacrifice virgins!

FoxFire Editor

Editor of FoxFire Journal, Seana Fenner

Seana Fenner von Fenneberg, München Antikensammlungen, Germany

Your editor, Seana Fenner, is also a contributor to our journal. She has done her graduate work in archaeology and iconography at the University of Oxford and her work experience includes having worked at the NASA Infrared Telescope on top of Mauna Kea, Hawai`i and as an archaeoastronomy lecturer for a round-the-world private jet tour.. When she gets a chance to, she is currently writing a textbook on  archaeoastronomy.

Odinia’s articles here include the  featured article  in the Winter 2012-13 issue of Foxfire,  about the new (and  old) astronomical reckoning for the Twelve Nights of the Jól, as well as many other pro-European and Odinist religious articles such as SACRED TREES AND PAGAN PLANTS SURVIVE IN MEDIEVAL ENGLISH GARDENS.

Your editor has written quite a few  Odinist articles which are intended to help restore the meaning behind our Heathen holidays, for instance, the three most recent Odinia blog posts, HAPPY FEAST OF ULLR!FRÖHLICHE SOMMERSONNENWENDE….THE SOLAR JOURNEY OF THE SOUL…, and ODINIA ON FIRE…LÁ BEALTAINE SONA DAOIBH!

Odinia is also the author and narrator of the Odinistpodcast Channel Odinist Video Rede and Blóts, which have a great deal of original research about Odinism in them. They can be viewed both on Youtube and on this website.


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