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If you are a European ancestry person interested in joining Odinia International as a single member, a family, or an Odinist kindred, we would be delighted to hear from you. Contact us at Odinia@outlook.com,  call us at our temple headquarters at Tel.  (808) 985 -8580,or Skype us at  live:odinia.

Meanwhile, we  suggest that you read The Odinist Creed, which expresses some of our general views, and consider if you have a tribal outlook yourself, and if this is an avenue you wish to explore. Our natural, innately European, world view is positive and healthy, and if you agree, we might be the right Odinist organization for you.

To learn more about our Gods, Goddesses, ancient customs, and religious beliefs, see our Odinist video redes (sermons) and blóts (rituals), or visit some of our services in person. There is a video playlist just below, ordered from the earliest to most recent broadcasts. To see the most recent video first instead, go here.

Pro-European and Proud…

Judeo Christian, Boniface, murders the Sacred Donar Oak of Geismar.

Jew Worshiper, Boniface, murders the Sacred Donar Oak of Geismar

You will discover, if you have not already, that we do not embrace the odd anti-European  practices that seem to be endorsed by some supposedly European Heathen organizations. In fact, you may notice that there is a great deal of controversy on this topic, and that we are often at the epicenter of it as virtually the only holdout against anti-European Heathenry, although we hope that will soon change. Many organizations that purport to be European cater to non Europeans instead, and especially Jews, allowing them to dictate to others in supremacist fashion, an exceedingly strange  business since, after all, any person of a different ethnicity could easily practice his or her native religious tradition, and need not seek to take over ours.

The Holy Irminsul...

The Great Irminsul…

This organization is pro-European, and made for and by European ancestry folk, and we make no apologies for this most natural and wholesome of proceedings.  We are serious about our native religion and we desire to  be worthy of our High Ones, not to be politically correct. The main reason we are folkish, is generally not because we hate anyone, although we do reserve the right to feel any emotion we wish, but because we desire to worship as our ancestors did, together, as a tribe. It is our love for our own people that makes us wish to experience time with our ancestors and other European folk.

This simple and wonderful gift, this bond of tribal togetherness, has been denied us far too long, and we reclaim our spiritual freedom and right of assembly. We hope that all people and tribes are able to free themselves from the yoke of Abrahamic pseudo- religion and slavery, and embrace their own native religious traditions, but we work and act for our own people, as is normal and appropriate.

The Joy of Participation and Accomplishment

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Planting trees…

I know how busy we all are, but sometimes it is small acts of participation in the greater framework of our European society that prove most valuable to us. It is through participation that our culture comes alive… and stays alive, and develops, and perfects itself, so this is not time wasted.. There are numerous ways that one can connect with our own tribal soul. One can travel to our ancient sacred sites, or meditate, read about our history and heroes and heroines… one can play or sing our music, or dance, or engage in native crafts, including anything from sewing and cooking or quilting to sword making, and battle skills… the list of is only limited by your interests… and we encourage you to express yourself culturally at least to some extent if you can manage it, since this is rewarding and healthy.

If you are of  European heritage, the Odinist journal, Foxfire is  your tribal journal. We encourage you to contribute articles to it, enjoy it, and share it with your friends and family. As with the other activities we just mentioned and so many more besides, it is a place for you to express yourself and enjoy your heritage, a place where it is safe for you to see things from the point of view of yourself and your own people… where we can come together and know each other’s thoughts and hearts, and share European knowledge, history, culture, and wisdom with one another…. a place where  distance does not matter.

1 a treeette

In many ways the modern world is uncomfortably passive. By participating in your local and international Odinist organizations strongly, you have a chance to make things better for European folk. Living tribally allows us to become more complete people, as our ancestors were, as opposed to being Zionist drones. For example, it is far more challenging and enjoyable to write an article than it is to read one. Writing an Odinist article is a way of being part of something that will build up our folk, preserve our culture, and strengthen our people, mentally and physically. It is a way of connecting with your own tribe.

Another way you can really make a difference for our folk is to start your own chapter or kindred of our organization locally. We try our very best to provide you with the framework you need to do this and plan to start featuring your events here soon. If you are at a stage where this is something you may wish to do, we are here to help.

Donation and Promotion Awareness

Imagine our real native religion restored...

Imagine our real native religion restored…

This is a subject I wish I did not have to  mention, but from a practical standpoint, as a person who wishes to succeed in reviving our religion, I must, and if you want this to happen as much as I do, I hope you may wish to help in one way or another. If you do want to stand with your tribe and find yourself in general agreement with our aims, please donate, because we need your financial help towards our efforts to improve the future for our folk. I know that some people absolutely cannot help financially, but if  you are able to take a few minutes, or even half an hour, once a week, to share some of our videos or articles, or send them out to people on your email list, so as to help our tribe see that there are other choices than Judeo -Christianity, please do.

The annual Odinist FoxFire journal and other websites, articles, and resources, as well as our Odinistpodcast Channel video redes and blót broadcasts, are all available free. The reason for this is because the aim here is to get this information out, so that more of our folk can connect with their own ancestral religion and see things from their own point of view, experiencing their own tradition,  instead of not even realizing they have another option than semitocentric slavery.. We feel that our work is important and that is why we try so hard and sacrifice so much time and effort, and funds that we cannot really spare, towards these aims, but our funds are very limited indeed, and it is only right that we inform you that we need your help.

1 a treer

Many denominations of Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, and Arab mosques all engage in what is called “tithing” in English or “Zakah” in Arabic. This is a recognition that organizations need money and donations of time to run, and even to survive, and on this basis, many people give 10 percent of their earnings towards the operating costs of their preferred religious organizations, or donate similar amounts to charity. Unfortunately, if you are of European heritage, you will find that many… in fact, nearly all of these charities or church projects, are for Black Africans, Asians, or other non-Europeans, but they are paid for by Europeans. If you are without anti-European double standards and have compassion for your own people, you probably realize that this is wrong and that your own people need help as well. If you have given yourself permission to be tribal, you may even have got to the point where you see that our own people are our responsibility and that other tribes are responsible for their own folk.

Jewish synagogues actually sue people for not coming up with their tithes, and Catholic Churches have been known to refuse to have weddings for people who have not been able to pay in time, and the like. Obviously not being Jews or Jew worshipers, we do not look at things like this at all, in fact, we find it all rather horrifying, but we want you to know that since we do not own the illegal FED as the Jews do, or have the financial backing that Christians do, we are far more in need of help than they are and, perhaps more importantly, we are far more deserving of help. It is actually practical and sensible to help fund our work because unlike themwe are working for you and others of our tribe sincerely and trying to help our folk rather than destroy them.

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Since we receive very little in the way of donations, especially in comparison to Christians, it really is up to you if you want us to prosper and grow. Since European folk are nearing extinction levels, our efforts have to do not just with the preservation of our ancestral religion and cultural identity, but with our very survival, making what we do of great importance to our tribe ..  Please take a moment to think of the hundreds of hours of work we do with no pay, and the fact that we have to pay for our operating costs as well, and please consider making a donation to a truly worthwhile cause to help us succeed with our aims, which, if you are pro-Nordic, are one and the same as yours.

Like many churches, we choose not to be 501 3c because this would actually involve reporting on our membership to the government, which is something we absolutely will not do. However, we are a genuine and highly active religious organization, and we have all the same rights as any other religious organization, meaning that you can  claim a tax donation  if you choose to help us. We do a huge amount of work, and if you enjoy it, and benefit from it, or if your family does, we ask that you consider helping us continue with a donation.


Membership and Odinist Profession

Becoming an Odinist is one of the most exciting and fulfilling things a native European can do. It is, quite literally, like regaining a part of one’s soul that was lost. It is a process, a path upwards to sanity and wholeness. We speak a little bit about it here.

Membership is a process too, and one has to be accepted by our membership committee, so if you are interested in joining, please bear this in mind. In order to streamline this effort, we have added the buttons below, making it quicker and easier for one to make a donation. Because we have such a huge amount of work to do we cannot always send membership gifts, but we do try to send oak seedlings or sprouted seeds if we have any on hand, whenever possible. Please be sure to contact us personally at odinia@outlook.com as well so that we know you are interested in being a member and please mention it if you would like an oak seedling/sprouted acorn and if you live in a warmer climate in which case you would prefer a seedling of the live oak variety instead of our more northerly type. If we have not sent you an sprouted acorn or seedling it means we ran out of them or out of funds to send them at the particular time you joined. Please do not hesitate to let us know and we shall put you on a list so that you are sure to receive one as soon as one is available and it is possible to send it. It takes a bit of time to sprout the acorns as well so this can take a while but we are very happy to send them to you and will do so as soon as we can if we know you want one.

We recognize that you may not have a good financial situation at present, and we offer membership at different donation levels, for example, if you are student or senior. If you cannot afford this either, please let us know. We do need donations, but this organization is not about making money for us. By the same token, if you can afford a higher donation, we would appreciate it greatly. We use every penny we receive for furthering the aims and projects stated here, such as the running of this website, and we also hand out or send Odinist material to the public and mail Odinist books to those who cannot afford them when we can. If for some reason the membership does not go through, you will receive a full refund.

1 a treeegygygy

We have many events and we welcome you to join us

Below are the membership donation plans we currently offer. Whenever possible, with our admittedly somewhat limited funds and time, we send new members a sacred oak acorns to make into seedling of the same exact variety as our ancient holy tribal trees. We thank Kew Gardens and the Royal Horticultural Society for their assistance in identifying ancient oak varieties. I

If you are in an area where you cannot plant a tree, or in a tropical area, let us know and we shall try to send you a Live Oak variety (for warmer climates) instead, or other appropriate gift. It is also possible that you live in a country in which we are not able to legally send you our oak membership packet; however, we shall do our best to send you one if it is allowed, and if it is not possible for any reason, we shall try to direct you to a place where  you can find your own mini- Yggsdrasil locally.


Once, long ago, our people had rituals around sacred oaks, most especially those with mistletoe, or those that had been struck by lightning, a sign of the presence of our Gods, and particularly of Thor. Some of us still do gather to enjoy our holy rites in nature just as our ancestors did. For more about this topic, and the ancient custom of Heathen family trees, you may enjoy reading this article, which is about sacred trees and Pagan plants surviving in Medieval English gardens, including a section on the oak, near the beginning, and also at the end. You will also find some information about how our Odinist family is spiritually related to our sacred trees here.

In growing one of our mini-Yggsdrasils, you are ensuring that your family and our tribe have a spiritual focus, not just now, but in generations to come.  You are creating a link between us and our future folk and making a bold step towards ensuring that our real religion thrives again. In planting these great and holy trees, our spiritual conduits to our Gods, we are saying that no longer will those who seek to destroy all that we are be allowed free reign, but that instead, we will build our own free and independent future and survive. May our tribe be sheltered and protected by our sacred trees and the great spirits of our Ancestors.

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Membership Plans


We especially like golden altar pieces taken at sword point from sobbing monks as donations,  but failing this, we accept regular funds as well. The Paypal buttons below convert  from any currency. You can also make donations in the form of cash, check, or postal money order, by making them out to “Freyja Hof, Odinia International” and mailing them to:

S. Fenner
Freyja Hof,
Odinia International
P.O. Box 869
Volcano, Hawaii
Important: In order to complete the process of membership, please contact us at our temple headquarters by phone at Tel.  (808) 985 -8580, or by emailing us at odinia@outlook.com, or on Skype at:

Seana Fenner



If we do not hear from you, we cannot get to know you and present your membership proposal to our committee, or, in some cases,  even know how to contact you.  If you do not wish to become a member or to affiliate, but still wish to make a donation, there is a paypal button for this at the bottom of the page.
We believe that we can restore our native religion are very enthusiastic about it. Since we are so open about our pro-Odinist and pro-European identity and world view, usually people have some sort of idea if your outlook match ours in regard to basic beliefs and perspectives, and so far our members and us seem very much on the same page.
We do the best we can in screening people and are delighted with our members, and endeavor to serve their spiritual needs as best we can. We should mention that it is hypothetically possible that there might, at some point, be the odd person who misrepresents himself or herself and their views to us without our knowledge. Thus far we know of no such case, but if this ever happens, please do not believe that, for example, anti-European hatred would be endorsed by us, and please let us know about it. 
Generally, prospective members make a donation and send us a short statement about themselves, their ancestors, and their specific interests in regard to Odinism so that we can get to know them better. Please contact us for further details about this at odinia@outlook.com Our membership committee meets periodically to consider prospective members for membership. If, for any reason the membership committee does not approve the application, we are happy to return the donation.
This website has the highest level of security and encryption available and the paypal buttons below run directly on Paypal’s security system so everything here is quite safe. We are in fact the only encrypted Heathen page we know of.
1 a trehughueheufef

Students, Seniors, and Imprisoned Odinists

Yearly Membership and fresh Sacred oak acorn (when available) ready for planting with $18.00 donation.
(In case of prison inmates, unfortunately we cannot send live plant gifts due to regulations, but we will send other materials of interest instead, and we shall also offer to send an oak seedling for the prison yard and do so if this is approved)

1 a treeeuhgugIndividual Adult

Yearly  Membership and fresh sprouted sacred oak acorn or seedling (when available) with $24.00 donation 

1 a treehuhuhufff

Family Membership (immediate family living in same home)

Yearly Membership and fresh sacred oak acorn with $29.00 donation.

1 a treehuhuhuffeeSpecials..

2 year membership take 15  percent off any membership category.

1 a treehuhuhh

5 year membership  take 30 percent off  any membership category.

1 a tree3

Kindred Affiliation (contact us for details)

3 Year Affiliation with $36.00 donation.

1 a treee34

Donation Only or Additional Donation

1 a tree 2




<Contact us for Further Information…

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