Never Mind the NFL… Jews do an End Run around the U.S. Constitution and use False Flag Testimony to Promote Jew Wars

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Lying to a person or even an entire nation, is not just dishonest, it is an act of disrespect. Just imagine how much disrespect the 97% Jewish owned media, and the controlled government officials, who are supposed to represent us but instead represent Israel, have for us. Remember when they wanted us to have a war with Iraq? This girl is a liar reading a script.

Now that Jews want us to have World War III with Russia, Iran, Syria, China, etc, we have a disgustingly deceitful Korean counterpart being presented to us to wring our heart-strings, after we have been properly primed to sacrifice our people, even including our own families, by the Jewish media and “ed-jew-cation” system, and, of course, the Christian Church, both Protestant and Catholic . We are not supposed to consider protecting European American women and children, and saving our European American military men from unnecessary wars for Jewish aims and Jewish finance, but to throw ourselves into even more Jewish orchestrated wars that are obscenely expensive in terms of lives and resources, to us, not Jews..  As usual, Jews benefit, while our people die and are impoverished.

The propaganda video below and my comments upon it made months ago seem to have been deleted with no notice, which makes me think that our Zionist occupied government wants us in a war with Korea, and preferably a world war, obstensively to protect Koreans and Israelis from mostly imaginary dangers….

Yet, again, we are supposed to feel sorry for this lying prostitute reading a fictional script written by a Zionist script writer and allow ourselves to be drawn into a battle in which our people would be killed, and our resources used, and at the same time accept even more refugees., until we are utterly obliterated.. Christians are particularly susceptible to this sort of globalist propaganda since they believe we are all brothers in their Jew god. . We need to take care of our own people instead of being distracted by these ridiculous dramas. Koreans and Jews can take care of themselves.

The word disrespect is too small even to express the true sentiment here. So great is the scorn Jews have for us, they do not even bother to use a different game for their fomentation of war by false flag propaganda. The same exact game plan is used. They use their media control to promote a video of a young girl whose every word is a lie, and who is working for Jewish aims, and trying to elicit the sympathy and involvement of Americans in wars based on these lies. Apparently, I am not the only one who has noticed that this creature is a liar. See here, here, and here, for example. Her story changes according to her audience…

Lies and distraction are our constant diet in the Jewish owned mainstream media, while anything actually resembling news is repressed. For this reason, some issues which might potentially have a momentous impact on our futures remain virtually unknown to the general public. I’ve been banned and shadow banned a great deal on social media, but today our Zionist occupied government took things to a whole new level by actually switching my post over to Romanian, which is actually kind of amusing in an ironic way.

Nothing to add to this really except please share this information if you can. I happen to think this is a fairly serious issue, myself.

Nothing to add to this really except please share this information if you can. I happen to think this is a fairly serious issue, myself.

A far more serious danger to our personal freedoms than the NFL exists in the form of the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, a Jewish supremacist bill designed to take away our rights to freedom of speech and religion, and even dictate our emotions to us. Thanks to our Jewish media, everyone is busy worrying about taking a knee or standing for a flag, and whether or not they want to watch Black football players running around in tights.

No comment necessary.

No comment necessary.

If we actually wish to preserve our basic human rights we need to take a break from the mainstream media, and look at what our Zionist occupied news and government is hiding from us. Instead of boycotting the NFL, it might be time to start trying and hanging every single member of our Congress, particularly Senator Bob Casey and Tim Scott, for treason. That is what the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act is, TREASON.

Why is the “international” definition of anti-Semitism used in the Anti-Semistism Act treason?

  • It demands that we put our allegiance to a foreign nation, Israel, before our own. When one defines criticism of Israel as a hate crime (which this bill does) one is demanding allegiance to Israel over the U.S.  Israel and the U.S. are different nations. We do not have the same national interests. Our own government is actually preparing to persecute us if we do not agree with the actions of a foreign nation, which we are already crippling our citizens financially for. We are giving literally billions of dollars to Israel,  and fighting wars for their interests rather than ours, while many of our veterans go homeless.  We already give Israel AID illegally because they do not allow inspections of their nuclear arsenal, and according to the nuclear non-proliferation law, they are supposed to allow such inspections or not receive foreign aid from us. The Israeli occupation of our government has already been made obvious by the cover up of the attack of the U.S.S. Liberty by Israel, and the false flag of 9-11 in which even more Americans were sacrificed  for Israeli aims, if this outrageous act passes the House too, it will set an unconstitutional precedent, and we shall be targeted, harassed, branded a racist, extremist, or terrorist, expelled from universities, fired, and possibly even jailed, by our own government for objecting to Israeli and Jewish atrocities and fraud at home and abroad.
  • We would not be allowed to recognize reality, but would be forced to filter our experience of it according to the dictates of a Jewish Supremacist Terror Regime..  Not believing the tale of the Holocaust would result in the same attacks by our own government, starting with the Education Department, but definitely not finishing with it. We already have a situation in which a scholar who has never committed any crime can be jailed for telling the truth in a book, on a website, or in a lecture, in 17 nations, now international Jewry demands we join the club. They have already attempted to charge a man with “criminal defamation of the Jewish race” in Montana, and if they had not been persuaded to drop the charges, this could have carried a sentence of ten to twenty years. What did this American man, named Lenio, do? He wrote that Jews own the FED (They do), that the Holocaust was a lie (It is), and that he did not see why his tax dollars should go towards killing Palestinian babies.
  • This bill establishes a State religion in absolute defiance of the U.S. Constitution, a Judeo- Christian, Jewish supremacist, cultural Marxist religion of multiculturalism which makes belief in the Jewish version of the Holohoax an article of faith, one that must not be examined rationally according to actual scientific evidence or facts, OR ELSE. This is in effect a Jewish religious blasphemy law, a witch hunt, in which the “racists” are the new “heretics” or “witches”, and essentially anyone who does not believe in their cultural Marxist slave religion is now a “witch”. Additionally, anyone of European extraction is supposed to  gratefully accept being preyed upon by non Europeans, who commit criminal acts against us at an obscenely disproportionate level, and allow the U.S. government to engage in formal mass discrimination against us, in the form of such programs as affirmative action, and finally, we are expected to allow ourselves to be racially replaced by people of other races through mass immigration, and to pay for it too. . As an Odinist, I do not believe in not hating my enemies any more than a Jew does, but I am not allowed to have this belief under this act. Only Jews are.  All “goyim”( People not of Jewish race, or “human cattle according to the Talmud) are expected to obey a Jewish god, love and forgive the enemies of all our races (who just happen to be Jews), embrace Christian and other cultural Marxist and universalist beliefs, such as race mixing all races but the Jewish race out of existence, and submit to Jewish authority.
  • Fake and exaggerated incidents of supposed Jewish persecution, even including a 6th grader drawing a swastika in the mulch at a playground who was terrorized by the police, and hysteria by a university president over a swastika drawn in water condensation in a shower,  are being used, and in some cases fabricated entirely by Jews as a tool for emphasizing their perpetual fake victim status and taking away our Constitutional Rights as Americans. These ridiculous claims are presented seriously by the 97 percent Jewish owned media and by the Department of Justice. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR SENATORS WENT ALONG WITH IT.
  • The swastika is an ancient and holy symbol, sacred to European Americans, especially to Odinists, and in particular, it is sacred to our God, Thor and our male warriors, whose masculine power, fertility, and strength it represents. Referring to our sacred symbols as “offensive” is in itself an insult of epic proportions to our European American community. The fact that many do not even realize it shows just how far the constant brainwashing of the Zionist media and educational system have taken us towards not even being able to identify with our own people. The idea of our ancient ethnic and religious symbols being presented as hate symbols alone is an extreme act of unconstitutional religious and ethnic bias on the part of police and government officials, and Senator Tim Scott  in particular. They should be called to account for it.
It does not matter which label they use... Anti-racism is a modern day witch hunt.

It does not matter which label they use… Anti-racism is a modern day witch hunt.

Here is the letter I wrote on this topic to both the Obama Regime and the Trump Administration.

For more details, please read the letter in the link just above. In short, the unconstitutional nature of the Anti-Semitism Awareness Bill, unanimously passed by the Senate, gives up part of our national sovereignty by demanding allegiance to a foreign nation, Israel, and bypasses and ignores freedom of speech and freedom of religion rights guaranteed in the Constitution by establishing a state religion. There is yet another outrageous bias incorporated in it as well, since it demands adherence to a particular race’s version of history.  This bill must never pass the House. Instead, we should abolish the FED, remove all Zionists of every race from our government, educational system, and media,  and try them with treason… and save our nation, before it is too late. .


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