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As you may already be aware, we have various other webpages at different stages of construction. The page you are on, Odinia International, is our main page, and the most complete, and on it you will find the Odinist Foxfire Journal as well as Odinist video redes (sermons) and  blóts (Odinist rituals).

Our newest site, the Nation of Odin , is meant to provide news for our folk. It is the home of the Raven’s Eye. Here is a feed of our Raven’s Eye articles so far, which will eventually be clickable thumbnail articles once we have sorted out a small glitch. If you are interested in submitting a news item, please mail it to us at odinia@outlook.com.

<strong><em>Raven's Eye</em></strong> Archive Page with Clickable Thumbnail Magazine Issues...

Raven’s Eye Archive Page with Clickable Thumbnail Magazine Issues…

Another site, The Odinist, will eventually have an online library added, but already has an active blog of Odinist articles, and various pages you may enjoy, including a brand new religious link list with information about Odinist Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and Festivals.

<em><strong>The Odinist</strong>.</em>.. books, articles, and more....

The Odinist... books, articles, and more….

Viking Althing is a site that was set up to replace the Freyja Hof’s Muse blog, which was deleted by Google along with our original Odinist temple page, the latter of which was specifically deleted as “Hate”. Since our Odinist temple page, Freyja Hof, had nothing on it but European culture and history, pictures of Viking ships, the times of our services, and the like, this was surprising to say the least. We are happy to tell you that, thanks to protests, and the obvious illegality of this action, these original pages were restored. We are nevertheless continuing to slowly add both Freyjahof’s Muse articles and original, new articles to this newer site. We are also compiling a list of pro European sites. Let us know if you think your pro European site should be added to it.

Website for Pro European topics and new and updated <strong><em>Freyja Hof's Muse</em></strong> articles...

Website for Pro European topics and new and updated Freyja Hof’s Muse articles…

Think Tribally is a relatively new site, but the second article has already resulted in our founder being banned from social media for posting it. The article contains information about our own native European symbols, and despite the fact that Odinia specifically stated that she was posting in honor of our Gods, both Odinia, an Odinist clergy person,  and the post were removed..

Including a historical photo of a ship which has a swastika upon it, in honor of our God Thor, whom this sacred symbol is associated with, resulted in her being banned for 30 days from Facebook. This would be exactly analogous to banning a priest for posting a cross in honor of Jesus, or banning a rabbi for posting a Jewish star, although in the case of the Jewish star, one truly could more rationally  consider the Jewish star to be a hate symbol.  Odinia also has  previously been banned for merely stating she wished to wear jewelry with our own native European religious symbols on it.

This website features <strong><em>Odinist Music Meditations</em></strong>...

This website features Odinist Music Meditations

In line with this general pattern of ZOG enforced banning of our native European religious symbols and culture, and on the order of a Jewish Supremacist hate group, the ADL, which demands abuse of those of European ancestry, both Sears and Amazon have recently banned a ring with a swastika symbol upon it.  In other words, the ADL, or Anti Defamation League, which supposedly opposes defamation, has defamed our own native ethnic and sacred symbols and demands that others do the same, because we are European.  In response,  Sears truly went out of its way in catering to the demands of vicious Zionists who left hundreds of messages on their webpages and social media pages, threatening to destroy their company and take away their jobs.

For the simple reason that this is a native European religious symbol,  such behavior as the banning of our European ethnic and holy symbols from commerce or businesses in any way or even different treatment based on religion, is illegal, under both state accommodation laws and constitutional law. For example, a Muslim Arab might well protest about the number of Arabs killed in the Crusades and demand that the Christian cross be eliminated from products as a hate symbol, but in the United States, it is illegal to ban a religion or a race based on a historical event.

Every single one of the comments made by Jews on the Sears site, no matter how abusive or foul, were replied to by Sears representatives subserviently, while not one of the our far more polite comments and concerns or questions received a reply. In fact, due to our ancestry being European and our religion being Odinist, our comments were deleted and we were banned from the site. For example, when one Jew expressed disgust at our holy symbol,  the Sears representative replied “We share your disgust.” The hypocrisy of this hatred of native European symbols, considering the true state of affairs in regard to what really happened in WWII is staggering, to put it mildly.

That Jewish social terrorists and nation destroyers fully intend to wipe both our religion and our Nordic people worldwide cannot be reasonably denied, and if we do not oppose this abuse of our native religious symbols and our folk effectively, we will deserve it. If we are to reverse this destructive process we must be far more cohesive and relentless than any of our opponents.

If you wish to help us, in regard to our civil rights battles, please get in touch. We need all the help we can get. For instance, if you wish to write to Jon Jarvis, Head of the Park Service, who our complaint about illegal bias against Odinists in the national park system has been escalated to but who is currently stonewalling us, please let us know and we will give you his email address. In case you are not aware of it, so extreme is this state sponsored abuse of our native religion that we were actually denied advertising for our services at both a national park and a military camp, as well as the local newspaper and online paper, and the reason is that we do not worship a Jewish “god”.

All of these organizations did, and do, advertise Christian, and other religious events and services, because they are either Semitic or semitocentric, and they also advertise  religious events which are tribal like ours but not practiced by European ancestry people, such as Judiasim, native Hawaiian religion, or Shinto. For example, see this official large format park sign, below, which was displayed outside the visitor center of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, right outside the office of park superintendent, Cindy Orlando, who had rudely denied us advertising in an email in capital letters…

Official Park Poster outside Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park, which will advertise Judeo-Christian services, but will not advertise Odinist European religious services... in direct violation of the Constitution, which states that no state religion shall be established.

Official Park Poster outside Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park, which will advertise Judeo-Christian services, but will not advertise Odinist European religious services… in direct violation of the Constitution, which states that no state religion shall be established.

We are currently not able to advertise our upcoming Yule events because they are European and Odinist rather than Semtic or having to do with Jew worship, but Chabad Lubavitch, a Zionist Jewish religious organization that believes that all non Jews have inferior souls, is advertising in the local paper, and they are not harassed or abused in any way. Our Yule event was removed from the paper because, and I quote, it might have something to do with “white preservationism”. The implication is clear. Any European ancestry person who is not in favor or our racial genocide or who does not worship Jews will not be allowed to advertise in the 97 percent Jewish owned media, at least not without taking legal action.

For more about these particular incidents, see here. If you think that Christianity is being targeted rather than Odinism and European ethnic and religious symbols and people, please see here. Please share this, and help open the eyes of our tribes people before it is too late. We can restore our freedom, but only if we act.


Waes Hael!

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