Odinist Podcast Redes… Cosmic Ostara Mini Series Part I


Cosmic Ostara Part I


Rede Seven

Cosmic Ostara I

Duration: 35.46

Recorded: On the 18th of March, 2013

Author and Narrator: Seana Fenner (Odinia)

Best Viewed: On or about the Spring Equinox


This is an introductory video which particularly touches upon the importance of having a European tribal world view as opposed to a Semitocentric or universalist world view. We discuss the history and practice of Eostre or Ostara reckoning and how this was accomplished with Pagan solar markers in ancient temples, many of which were purloined by Christians and turned into churches in an attempt to violate and usurp our native traditions. We also explore some of the surviving Ostara traditions and historical records that refer to them.

In addition to these themes, we  recite readings, prayers, and poetry, suitable for one’s own redes and blóts, and provide background information upon Persephone and Demeter, and their old world cosmic archetypes. These are necessary for understanding ancient Nordic beliefs (common to both Norse and the original Nordic Greek culture) having to do with death, marriage, and rebirth, which are alluded to in the following episodes…

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