Odinist Podcast Redes… Cosmic Ostara Mini… Series Part III


Cosmic Ostara Part III


Rede Nine

Cosmic Ostara III

Duration: 106:34

Recorded: On the 30th of March, 2013

Writer and Narrator: Seana Fenner (Odinia)

Best viewed: On the High Feast of Ostara


In this video, we delve into some of the topics already alluded in Cosmic Ostara I and II in more detail, such as the cosmic iconography and astronomical connotations of our festival, and we speak of the Heathen origin of what are now commonly and erroneously thought of as “Christian” symbols. We discuss the thyrsos, sacred fruits, the live-giving food of the Gods, the European origin of the Jewish Eve myth, nudity, the life force, Iðunn, Nerthus, the Earth Goddess, Asklēpiós, Sigurd, the meaning of the chi rho, sacred marriage, immortality, constellations, and dragons.

We close with a song that one might wish to include in one’s blót, one which we use in conjunction with our Pomegranate Ritual. The tune itself is an ancient one, but I have given it new Odinist words.

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