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The following is a list of some Odinist resources which you may find useful.  They include our Facebook Page, Odinia International, other Facebook groups and pages that might be of interest, such as OASIS, for Odinist military service people, Google+ Odinia International Group and Pages, an Odinist photography group on Flickr, our new Odinia International Podcast Redes, and more.

Simply click on the buttons and you will be directed to the sites. Feel free to contact us at odinia@outlook.com  if you have any questions or if you wish to join our new newsletter list. Waes Hael!


New… SeanaFenner.org a site for backup and rumor, libel and slander control. Click picture to be taken to this website.


We have recently begun to broadcast Odinia International podcasts, which can be seen here. Click picture to be taken to YouTube Channel.

Odinia International Podcasts

You may also enjoy our Odinia International Facebook Page:

Click here to be taken to our Odinia International Page on Facebook

Our newest Facebook Page can be seen here:

Click on the Picture for Odinist Armed Services Support Facebook Page!

Click on the Picture for Odinist Armed Services Support Facebook Page!


We have a couple facebook social groups you may wish to join such as Brigadoon:




Or our new group for Odinist facebook group for historical truth…

Click on the Irminsul to be taken to Odinist Group for Historical Truth


Odinist Redes and blóts at Freyja Hof

Freyja Hof. Temple of Freyja Odinia Invictus

For those on Goggle+ we have an Odinia International group

There is also a new Odinia International Google+ Page

Odinia International

Odinia International Google Plus Page

Update: Please note that Heathens against Jewish Supremacism, which had thousands of followers, has been deleted by Facebook despite it not being in violation of any rules. Apparently Facejew does not allow Heathens. or anyone else, to be against Jewish supremacism.

An Odinist Page meant to combat the ever increasing efforts of Jewish Supremacists to Dominate, Dilute, and Destroy Native European Religion

Heathens Against Jewish Supremacism

An Odinist Page meant to expose those Groups and Organizations which claim to be Pro-European but which are actually Zionist  Controlled for what they really are.


Fake White Activism Awareness Page

For those interested in Pagan photography, you may wish to join our Flickr Group, the Nordic Odinist. Contact “Starsoverhawaii”.

nordic odinist

“The Nordic Odinist” on Flickr

In response to the almost unbelievably bizarre libel the founder of Odinia International and some of its members are  demonized with on a daily basis, we now have an Odinia Page. Please like to show support.

Odinia Fan Page

Odinia Fan Page

Please Scroll Down and click on the FoxFire cover for Winter 2012 to see clickable thumbnail articles in our current issue.


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