Rune Journeys Book Club…

Skíðblaðnir... about to sail..

Skíðblaðnir… about to sail..

 There is no frigate like a book

To take us lands away,

Nor any coursers like a page

Of prancing poetry.

This traverse may the poorest take

Without oppress of toll;

How frugal is the chariot

That bears a human soul!

Emily Dickenson

The Freedom of the Wanderer...

The Freedom of the Wanderer…

There are many ways to take a journey… by foot, by land, or sea, or in one’s mind’s eye.. When we meditate, we can stretch ourselves in mind, body, or spirit… If our hearts are open to new explorations, we may sometimes find ourselves on the verge of the unexpected… the unknown.

It is in our imagination that we are freest of all to travel. Here we have no limit of time or space, no boundaries of what is possible or impossible, and it is here that we can, paradoxically, sometimes see more clearly than with the most carefully rational everyday thought.

Journeys of the Imagination.

Journeys of the Imagination…

We are going to create a new book club on one of our websites so that we can travel on some of these journeys together. First… we shall be reading Osred’s book, Odinism, Past, Present, and Future, a book about the history of Odinism, starting on Lindisfarne Day Weekend, the 7th of June… Let us raise our horns to drink to that!

To our new venture and to Frigga on Mother's Day...!

To our new venture and to Frigga on Mother’s Day…!

Why we are not using Goodreads…

A brief note about the ever-present and increasing extremist hatred of and abuse of European ancestry folk by Jewish controlled companies… Goodreads engages in what can only be described as relentless mass indoctrination using Anne Frank’s Dairy, which was written in ball point pen, which had not been invented yet, among other things, but allows no dissent whatsoever from the “Jews are victims, Europeans are evil” narrative. They threw me off of the site and deleted my author’s page for my upcoming archaeosastronomy book merely for having pointed out that, in contrast to Anne Frank, we do not even know the names of the little European girls, as young as 6, who were gang raped, often to death, on the orders of the Jewish led Red Army. I received a note from Goodreads stating that my opinion was “illegal”.

As usual, I was called foul names by numerous Jews due to my having stated my concern that the little European girls who are the victims of WW2 deserve to be remembered too. One of them actually stalked me to my facebook page and suggested that I would be “rachel-corried” with a bulldozer. If you do not know who Rachel Corrie is or what happened to her, please see here. Of course, as usual, none of the Jews foully attacking me were removed as I was, even though I never behaved anything like them. I do seem to be able to log on now, but they have deleted all my posts in our Odinist Bookclub twice now, apparently because it is an actual Odinist group, and Jews do not intend to allow us to practice our own religion. All of this is the reason for us seeking another venue. We are engaged in taking action against Goodreads, so hopefully we will be restored and Odinists will have equal rights on the site at some point; however, I do hope that we shall do just as well or better on our own website!

Sign up Now!

We are still working on video conferencing. If we cannot manage the resources for our own Odinist Reading Room system now, we may have to use Skype, in which case a Skype account will be needed, but this is relatively easy to install, and free. We are as yet uncertain as to what limits there might be on our numbers in regard to whatever system we use, so please let us know if you want to be included now. We seek volunteer discussion leaders for various chapters. Email if you are interested in participating. We would love to hear your votes for upcoming books as well!

A Sea of Stars... Imagination has no limits....

A Sea of Stars… Imagination has no limits….


Since it is Mother’s Day …here is a link to our previous year’s Mother’s Day article from “The Odinist”… in honor of Frigga and the mothers of our Odinist community,  and all they do for us… and of our families. May our tribe thrive!


Just a bit of an update! In case you wish to get Osred’s book, which we are discussing the first 10-11 chapters of in the first session, quickly, there is an electronic version for $5.99 U.S. Dollars here. The chapters are quite short, only approx. 4 pages each but there is much ground covered in them. At any rate, it will be possible to get up to speed quickly if you get the electronic version.

On Lindisfarne Day Eve, 7. June 2015, 12 noon Hawai`i time, come back and click the Raidho Rune  just below (which will be in operation then), to be taken to the Skype button for the group…

We hope you have a wonderful Lindisarne celebration!!

Raidho Rune... Rune of Travels...Press Here for Rune Journeys Book Club

Raidho Rune… Rune of Travels…Press Here for Rune Journeys Book Club

by Seana Fenner

©2010 Odinia All Rights Reserved

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