Samhain Odinia and Renegade Double Feature…

1-a-samh-cutIt so happens that I have been interviewed for Samhain both this year and last year… so if you are interested in Heathen Samhain topics, there are 4 hours of radio here for you..


First,  “The Cultural Appropriation of Samhain”, recorded 30th October 2016…

…and here is last year’s Samhain broadcast… “Bringing the Soul back into Souling”

Links to the radio shows above from the Renegade Broadcasting website.

The Solar Storm: Kyle Hunt interviews Seana Fenner – Bringing the Soul back into Souling (11-1-15)

The Solar Storm: Kyle Hunt interviews Seana Fenner – Samhain & Cultural Appropriation (10-30-16)


You may also be interested in the following videos from the Odinistpodcast Station on Youtube… “Sacred Spirits of Samhain”, part one of a series about the history of Samhain…

Our most recent video, “Of Bagpipes, Burns, and Spiritual Plagues Part One Tamoshanter”, which is for Burn’s Night, but which contains themes very relevant for Samhain…

..and our Autumn Winter Finding and Mabon Video against White genocide… “Winter Finding – Mabon Meditation: Red Squirrel & Tribal Survival”



…and lastly, the Odinist Samhain article which we discussed in last nights broadcast…

“Samhain Mysteries of Nerthus and Njord, a Surviving Hebridean New Year Ritual…”

Waes hael… and a happy Samhain and glorious Odinist new year to all!



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