Cookie Censorship! Jewish Chabad Lubavitch events published while Nordic Odinia International events are suppressed…

This is an update to our upcoming Madrenacht Jul Fest event, a particularly harmless and cozy  community event, full of Yuletide cheer and joy, which many members of our local community have enjoyed for a number of years… an event which has recently become the focus of an almost unbelievably ridiculous and sick anti-White racist controversy…

The  article posted just below  which has been taken off the internet because our traditional Nordic religion, our being in favor of our continued existence, and our very existence itself has been deemed “racist” by Stephens Media and its Hilo Herald Tribune. They cannot say why it is racist exactly, but they have nevertheless determined that our traditional  Scandinavian Yuletide  event, and our native religion itself, is hate speech, and unfit for inclusion…


Club Nordic Hawaii and Odinia International Madrenacht Brunches!

Those of you who are in the Hawaiian Islands may enjoy our latest event, the Odinia International and Club Nordic Hawaii’s Jul Brunches, on the 14th and 15th of December, 2013. Please note there is a small printing error in regard to the dates in the Hilo Herald Tribune. The dates are the 14th and 15th, not the 13th. Please contact us for further details at (updated new address or telephone us at 863-877-0948) Here is a link to the online version of the  article. The article is also pasted below and one can join the facebook event page here.

Article Information taken from Hilo Herald Tribune article interview with Seana Fenner:

5:37 pm – December 03, 2013 — Updated: 5:37 pm – December 03, 2013

Club Nordic Hawaii Jul Fest brunches

Handmade Sleipnir Ornament from last year's Jul Fest Event! Photo: Seana Fenner

Handmade Sleipnir Ornament from last year’s Jul Fest Event! Photo: Seana Fenner

Odinia International invites the public to two Madrenacht luncheons Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 13-14, in Hilo and Volcano.

There are two locations to choose from this year,” said coordinator Seana Fenner.

This is a great opportunity for people of European heritage who wish to explore their ancestry and culture. Enjoy good company and hear about ancient Nordic Yule customs, such as mistletoe, Yule logs, how the Yggsdrasil tree became a Christmas tree, and the true origin and meaning of Santa Claus and his reindeer.

There will be toasting, lively conversation and Lussekattor cookies. These saffron, cinnamon and nutmeg-seasoned solar cookies  are eaten during a beautiful Swedish Pagan ritual, which has survived in the form of St. Lucia’s Day. They are made in an S-shape, which I believe is meant to resemble a Sowillo or Sig rune, their swirls symbolizing the turning of the sun wheel,” said Fenner. “On this festival, the eldest daughter of each house, dressed in a long white gown tied with a red sash, and wearing a lingonberry leaf crown in which are set seven lighted candies, leads a procession, singing.

Originally, this was done in honor of Sunna, the Goddess of the Sun, not of St. Lucia. Her headdress of flame is meant to represent the halo of light of the sun, and in fact, all halos are pre-Christian. Her siblings walk behind her, the boys wearing tall, pointed hats covered in stars. Bells are rung with joy to summon the Gods and ward off evil spirits.

There is a legend that once in the distant past, in Värmland, on the shores of a lake, a beautiful lady with bright candles lit above her head, brought food to villagers who were starving. The custom of giving gifts and helping the poor at this dark time of year is a very ancient one, one of many customs derived from our ancient native religion, Odinism.

If you would like to know more about Nordic religion, please visit our website at or view our Odinist video redes (sermons) at the ‘Odinistpodcast’ channel on YouTube,” said Fenner.

These celebrations will be hosted at local restaurants this year, so please RSVP by Dec. 13. There is no charge for the event, but the price for entrées starts at approximately $9. On Saturday, participants will meet at 11:30 a.m. in Hilo, and on Sunday, the group will meet at 1 p.m. in Volcano.

“Please call for further details and to reserve your space,” said Fenner. “Wassail!”


You may already be aware that that there is rather a lot of bias and racial hatred directed against Europeans who actually dare to choose their own native religion, a right afforded automatically to all other peoples.. Since our religion is an ancestral one, there is a strong ethnic and cultural component to it, somewhat akin to Shinto, the native ancestral Japanese faith. In the case of Japanese ancestral religion, there is no stigma attached, but despite the strong similarity between the two religions, due to anti-Europeanism, we are often demonized and harassed simply for believing in our own ancestral religion, rather than the Judeo- Christian one. Problems with publication of our events is nothing new for us and this is hardly surprising considering the 97 percent Jewish owned media  is demonstrably and violently anti-European in character, and distorts both facts and reason to the point where its legitimacy as a valid news source is in question.

Is a media source that actually fires an anchor, such a Rick Sanchez, for telling the truth about who broke the ceasefire in Palestine (namely that a war was started by Jews, not Arabs) and for suggesting that the overwhelmingly Jewish ownership of the media might have something to do with the lies that were being reported about it a genuine media or the propaganda arm of a foreign country? Did White House correspondent Helen Thomas, whose questions brought out the fact that the only country in the Middle East that has weapons is Israel, deserve to lose her job, and even a diversity award, merely for objecting to the genocide and butchering of Arabs, when she herself is Semitic?

The purposeful overrunning of a country with those of other races and cultures by enforced immigration to eliminate the native population is a form of ethnic cleansing and is considered to fit the international definition of genocide. The fact that extreme non-European immigration pushes have been orchestrated by Jews in all countries where European culture and people live, but nowhere else, while at the same time, Blacks are being expelled from Israel, and no one non-Jewish is allowed to immigrate, is blithely ignored. Anyone who actually tells the truth is labelled a “racist” or an “anti-Semite”, notwithstanding the fact that Arabs, who are Semitic, are currently being genocided by Zionist Jews.

If you are among the programmed, before you start in about how Whites deserve to be genocided, you might want to think about the fact that the oldest remains in North America are most definitely Caucasian, and that most African slave ships were owned by Jews, not Europeans, and that Israel has a thriving White slave trade right now. Have you ever heard of it on the mainstream media which is 97 percent Jewish- owned worldwide? Do the victims of the current White slave trade in Israel, who at times are raped to death, even in cases where they are children, not matter because of their ethnicity? If you are a brainwashed person who can feel no empathy for those of European descent, these are issues you may wish to consider.

It is an undeniable historical reality, not racism, to point out that Semitic peoples and those infected with the mob mentality of Semitic cults have consistently acted to obscure knowledge, not attain enlightenment or wisdom. They have been the authors of the obliteration of many cultures… For example, the willful destruction of the Library of Alexandria, first at the hands of ethnically Jewish Christians, then Moslems, set our progress back incalculably. Even the South American cultures were not spared the almost total obliteration of their culture though the wanton burning of the codices by Christians.

Such defacement of great works of history, science, art, and architecture, and of all that is felt to be holy and good, is a necessary feature of this cultural Marxist onslaught so favored by those of Semitic race or religion when attacking those of other races and religions. Before the victims can be completely  sheepified, they must made ignorant, and thoughtless, and be rendered culture-less. It is a theft of identity itself, and a means of control, just as the thought control laws always instituted at the same time are.

Burning books has been a constant feature of such takeovers throughout time and the present is no exception. Massive destruction of Arab books has accompanied the still ongoing Palestinian Holocaust. Moshe Dayan, Israel’s famous former Defense Minister, referring to the utter destruction of hundreds of Arab villages and many of their inhabitants, explained:

You don’t even know the names of these Arab villages, and I don’t blame you, because these geography books no longer exist. Not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either…. There is not a single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population.

The Israeli attitude towards culture destroying, which is one of their favorite tactical weapons,  can best be summed up in the words of Ben Guirion who  said, in 1948 : “We must do everything to insure they (the Palestinians) never do return.”  He assured his fellow Zionists that their terror campaign would work, saying of the Palestinians that had not already been expelled or butchered.. “The old will die and the young will forget.” No  one could ever accuse Zionists of not being thorough.

The taking of lives and land in Palestine is apparently not enough for them, so even the  very remembrance of the dead, and of history,  and the Palestinian identity, are also being taken away. The Palestinian word for the day Israel was created, which was more or less the end of their world, “Nakba”, has been forcibly taken out of textbooks for Palestinians by Israeli officials, and instead, questions about the highly fictional Jewish Holohoax have been added to national exams for Palestinians. Now, the Palestinian people are not even allowed to remember the day Israel was created or mourn, or even identify with themselves or their ancestors. Sound familiar?

In a wider sense, there seems to be a worldwide problem with what could be called “Zionist logic”, which involves double standards in regard to race that, quite honestly, make one feel one has inadvertently wandered into a psychiatric ward at times… However, we are not talking about everyday incompetence or lack of reasoning ability here, but open and purposeful promotion of nothing less than the enforced marginalization and annihilation of our people, whose ancestors built the infrastructure of our nations. It is, of course, not just the anti-European racism alone that is the problem, but the tendency of White people themselves to go along with it as they have been so relentlessly trained to do by both the cultural Marxist education system and by cultural Marxist religion, which is to say, Christianity. This is all part of an ongoing push to obliterate not just our cultural identity and unique genetic- ethnic diversity, but also our native  spiritual beliefs… to destroy us in both body and soul.

I have learned recently that in not just 14 countries, but now 17, authors are being jailed for writing books which simply mention demonstrable facts that Zionists do not like. It is all rather like the story and film Fahreheit 451 come to life. If a third, or even a tenth, knew the truth and had the courage to stand against oppression of our folk and of the truth itself, it would be impossible to suppress the light of sanity and good will among our people, and for this oppression to continue..

For an update on this situation, please read one of my most recent articles, TRUTH IS NO DEFENSE: ODINIST ENGLISH LANGUAGE VERSION OF URSULA HAVERBECK’S HOOTON PLAN SPEECH VIDEO BANNED… and know that at this very moment I am updating this, on 12/14 2016, there a treasonous bill meant to bypass our rights to free speech has passed unopposed through our Senate, one which defines anti Semitism as “criticism of Israel” and failure to believe in the Jewish holocaust propaganda version of WW2.  This bill, “The Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” effectively makes us even more of  a vassal state to Israel than we are already, actually demanding that US citizens have allegiance to a foreign nation and believe its propaganda, which already is being forced on us through virtually every media outlet, or else.

The truth is not “hate”,  it is simply the truth. The truth is  being represented as “hate” by those who wish to cover up  real crimes  in order to protect the personal interests of a tribe of truly racist and genocidal criminals, interests which are certainly not the same as the interests of European peoples, to put it mildly. We now live in an era of “thought crime”, in which those of European heritage are targeted by Zionist propaganda to such an extent, that many people have been led to think that abuse of Europeans is acceptable or justified. Amazingly, if one is European, even identifying with one’s own race, religion and culture is considered to be “racist” by the average brainwashed sheeple.

Now we have reached a new stage… a stage in which not being in favor of white genocide is now considered hateful.  KATU2, a television station which was owned by Fisher Media at the time this feature was aired, has portrayed being in favor of the continued survival of European folk as being not just racist and extremist, but even, according to a Jewish “racism expert” a form of “low grade terrorism”. The anti- white racist Jewish “academic” who said this is apparently still employed and teaching young people at a Portland State University. This is hardly an isolated case.. recently, in an attempt to justify the Antisemitism Awareness Act there have been a rash of fake or bizarrely misinterpreted “anti semitic incidents” which have been trumped up by various Jewish supremacist social terrorist hate groups such as the ADL and the SPLC and then reported to the FBI. We are told anti-Semitic incidents have “doubled” by those who seek to pass the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act… but what do these “anti-Semitic incidents” consist of?

A number of these “anti-Semtic incidents” are themselves orchestrated by Jews, for instance the case of a Jewess who made swastikas on her own door then complained, but was caught on camera and other similar incidents. Posters saying “White people have a right to exist” were found on two college campuses and interpreted as a hate crime and “anti-Semitism” and were ripped down by the police and demonized by the media (while Black lives matter posters based on fraudulent statistics were praised), a young elementary school boy was terrorized and reported to the police for drawing a swastika in mulch in a playground at school, and there was an uproar on on another campus and the police were called over a swastika being drawn in water condensation on the window of a shower room (no, I am not kidding). When one factors in attempts to demonize one of our most ancient and sacred religious and ethnic symbols, this makes it even more clear how sick these anti European false flag frauds truly are.

This is not a real media group presenting this sick and deceitful anti-white propaganda and brainwashing, such as the idea of Whites having a right to exist being “racist”, but an expression of a Zionist occupied media, a foreign occupation, which should  be shut down and replaced by genuine media.  It is painfully obvious in the link just below that this news story was fabricated from start to finish by Jewish supremacists as a tool for propaganda and brainwashing of people, in order to make them think that there is a societal consensus advocating the elimination of the white race that they must follow. To view this open promotion of white genocide as positive and presentation of opposition to white Genocide as “intolerable” click  here.

As an Odinist priestess, I often find myself at the epicenter of bizarre and often incoherent attacks on the White race and our religion. I am called foul names and threatened, and amusingly, even called ignorant and hateful, by people whose own willful ignorance and hatefulness is so extreme it borders on madness.. Here are just a few of the anti-European remarks made  in regard to our Odinist services:

“They are all Satanic Nazi skinheads”

(comment made about us,  to us, by  a local woman who did not know to whom she was  speaking  and who said that her friend in the military camp management  planned to find a way to stop our services, and that the friend had said we would not be able to afford 501 3 c status or insurance and that they would exclude us this way.)

“I am glad it’s not white pride”

(made by a park employee who was checking up on us)

“Is that a swastika?”

(in regard to a picture of a Rune)

“Having a European religion is racist”

(Jewish media opinion)

“If you want to have a European event go have it in Europe”

This last comment was made by “Bob” co-owner of Kona Web, who *will* advertise Asian, Christian, Hawaiian and other cultural and religious events,  both universalist and ethnic, just not anything European. It later transpired that he was hardly objective, being at least partially Jewish himself, by his own admission.

His wife “Shirley” at first said that we were not being “discriminated” against and that Konaweb just did not advertise “religious” events. When it was pointed out that she did advertise religious services that were not European, as well as Christian events, and an example was sent to her, she indicated that she was glad they had decided not to publicize our services because Odinism (the native European religion) is “racist” in her view apparently… When asked if she felt the same about Kamehameha Schools attempting to preserve the Hawaiian culture, and even to preserve the purity of the Hawaiian race, and if she also thought the ancestral Japanese religion Shinto was “racist” too, she did not reply.

We feel that the anti-European bias in the job market, with its shameless affirmative action bigotry against us, the same  anti white bias in almost all scholarships, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship which offers funds to everyone of every race except  White, and the open attempts to glorify and promote violence against us, are so offensive and intense that tolerating these aims and collaborating with those who oppress us is not the answer. We believe it is time to fight for our rights. As only approx. 7-8  percent of the population worldwide, we are close to extinction. Thousands of Europeans all over the world have awakened to the truth and have begun to make efforts to defend themselves and our race before our people and culture are no more. In the picture below, one can see patches being sold in bulk on Ebay (until recently when we finally succeeded in demanding their removal).

anti whtie hatred

Patch inciting violence against White people sold on Ebay …All types of Pride are allowed.. Black, Asian, Homosexual…all except European.

A good case in point is our experience here in Hawai`i in which there has been outrageous anti-White bias. Until recently, our redes (sermons) and blóts (rituals) were given at the Kilauea Military Camp in Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park. However, the military now has shut down the religious building entirely. Apparently due to a combination of anti- European racism and hatred of native European religion,  Odinists were harassed in many ways by the military camp management and national park employees even before this odd shut down of a perfectly functional religious building that had been in regular use for decades. There were intrusions into our rituals, and inspections behind our altar, demands to know what runes symbolize, and numerous examples of bias, for example, Christians were allowed to accept offerings (against regulations), but not Odinists.

Despite our Odinist services being scheduled a year in advance, the military camp management  demanded that we check in every two weeks in case anyone else wanted to use the building at our regularly scheduled time, whereupon they expected us to reschedule! They had never asked such a thing of the Christians once, and they had been giving services at this location since the 1940’s. I  refused to comply and explained that our religion was of no less importance than Semitic religion, but nevertheless, was asked again repeatedly to re-schedule my services for Christian social events, despite the fact that some of our members had to make 4 hour round trips just to attend..

In addition to this, in direct violation of our civil  rights, both the national park and the military camp refused to advertise Odinist services, but would advertise Judeo-Christian ones. The administrator of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park herself, Cindy Orlando,  actually wrote that they did not advertise any religious services, but only events they themselves sponsored, expressing this abusively in capital letters, then proceeded to allow the Christian services to be advertised on the official park poster (see just below), right outside the visitor center where her office is, specifically excluding the Nordic Odinist services.

Semitic universalist services featured prominently, European services excluded. Never mind the Constitution.

Our Memorial Day service, which was at that time the only one being offered for our service people, was not advertised by the military camp management as  other Christian Memorial  Day services were in previous years.  Despite promising to advertise it, Kilaeua Military Camp simply ignored it, and shamefully, the administrator in charge of the scheduling is even on recorded saying there was no Memorial Day service when one of our members called in anonymously and spoke to her. This member of KMC management did not forget to mention that there were Christian services on the weekend however!

The Hilo Herald Tribune, owned by Stephens Media,  after first lying about the reason for the article you see at the top of the page  suddenly having disappeared, admitted yesterday, on the 6th of December 2013, that our apparently dangerous and “racist” article about Yule cookies and customs was purposely pulled, thereby proving that Zionist Jewish supremacism and anti white racism in the 97 percent Jewish owned media has reached a new, and heretofore unheard of level  in its micromanagement and censorship, not just of our events, but of our very existence..

Never mind that there is not one thing in this article which even the most crazed anti-White maniac could consider  “racist”… the Hilo Herald Tribune, which enthusiastically supports the promotion, preservation and celebration of Hawaiian, Japanese, and other Asian, and Jewish cultural events and people, apparently considers Nordic religious cultural events taboo. This is a paper that has never reported a single word about the  recent genocide of tens of thousands of peaceful White farmers in South Africa by  blacks. For them, apparently,  torture and murder of Whites on a massive scale is not world news, or  worthy of even a single mention. I wonder, would they consider this ANC official, singing “Kill the Boer“, to be guilty of what they call “hate speech”?

At first it was hard to gather, from what the young woman who serves as assistant editor for David Brock, Meg Scarborough, said, or what she was trying to ask me. In fact, there never was a specific question that one would not be able to answer from reading the article itself. Her questions were vague, uncertain, at times bizarre and insulting, and quite irrational as well since, after all, demanding to know what our event was about was odd, since there was abundant information about it in the article above, which they presumably had read. I gathered that this lady wished me to tell her why the religion of my ancestors was a “hate organization”. She appeared to be trying to draw me out on it, hoping, perhaps, that I would say something that could somehow be twisted into “hate speech”… something they had apparently decided we were guilty of, but for no particular reason they could put a finger on, and they wanted our help.

The Hilo Herald Tribune did not only remove our event article, but also made a “mistake” as to the date of the event, and their IT person also blatantly lied about the reason for the article being removed from the internet. Outright lies also were told about me personally. Ms. Scarborough  said, “When I was trying to find more information I did came across your Facebook page  which mentioned the n- word a lot”. This was rather a shock to me and, to put it bluntly, it is an outrageous lie, and when I pointed out that it was not the case that racial epithets were all over my site as she suggested, and asked her to produce even one example of what she was saying, she simply repeated the lie and suggested maybe she had been looking at the account of someone with the same name..

Anyone who knows me at all well must be aware that I never use foul language or racial epithets on the internet, and that I have in fact never done so even once, and that far from encouraging such behavior, I always ask that people use no foul language on any of my sites. I believe in free speech and opinion, but I do always try to provide an area where people can discuss facts and ideas without the foul language that is so widespread on the internet. Facts speak for themselves. Certainly occasionally people will come on an open wall or page in which any person can comment and be abusive,  or even make death threats to me using foul language, and the vast majority of the time, such people are anti-White Jews actually.

When told by the Hilo Herald Tribune employee  that  “We have no problem running any religious content as long as it is not tied to any, you know,  hateful beliefs”, I asked her to clarify what hateful was, which she never did, and asked  if she had ever read the Talmud, Since she had not, I  gave her some quotes from it in order to establish an example of what might be considered hateful beliefs so as to be able to answer her question. If the Talmud were Nordic, rather than Jewish I would imagine it might be considered hateful.  If you have not had a look at what the the Talmud has to say about race, I highly recommend having a look at the link called “Talmud” just above..

At this point, Ms. Scarborough said, “I am just asking you to clarify what it is that your religion is”, whereupon I said, “It is our native religion which has existed for 40,000 years at least”. She accused… “That sounds like a race based religion”.  I replied, “Shinto is a race based religion, so is the real problem that we are pro- White?  “At which point she said, ” Ok yeah  that is what I was leading up to”…. and indeed truer words have never been said.

She never really did get to the point however, because there was no substantive point. I was asked to clarify what my religion was about, over and over again, what my event was about repeatedly, and there were implications  that “people of color” might not like Nordic events or feel welcomed. Our religious website was called both “anti-Semitic” and “racist”.  The Hilo Herald Tribune did not “condone” such things, but what specifically did they not condone? It became apparent later in the conversation, when white preservationism was specifically mentioned by the Hilo Herald Tribune employee..

It is very  obvious indeed that this event features Yule customs and cookies and  is a native religious and cultural holiday. What the  statements about our supposedly being guilty of hate speech were based upon specifically, the employee did not say. What did she say? “Is it safe to say that this is centered around preservation of the white race, is that a safe assumption”? I asked her, “Is preservation of the white race hate speech?” Apparently it is in the opinion of Stephens Media, because our Nordic event has been removed, but a Chabad Lubavitch event is still online with the Hilo Herald Tribune!

In case you are not familiar with it, here is an example of the level of respect  Chabad Lubavitch has towards other races, first brought to public attention through the efforts of Dr. David Duke. Jewish Supremacist organization Chabad Lubavitch’s Rabbi Yitzak  Ginsburgh is quoted in the largest Jewish paper in America, The Jewish Week, as saying…

 Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.” …If every simple cell in a Jewish body entails divinity, is a part of God, then every strand of DNA is a part of God. Therefore, something is special about Jewish DNA. …

 If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent-white non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value,” he explained. “There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life.

 No, the Hilo Herald Tribune not only  does  “not condone”  the “hate” of Nordic ancestral religion, and  of “white preservationism” which inherently means that they are in favor of White genocide,… but they do not even support any religious and cultural event whose members might be White, and might NOT be in favor of their own genocide,  or who might wish to preserve their own people and culture. Black, Hawaiian, Jewish, Asian, or any other people wishing to preserve their heritage and people, for instance,  Kamehameha Schools, are not considered “racist”, Chabad Lubavitch, arguably, a REAL hate group, is not “racist” in their opinion and is not harassed and excluded by them in any way, but European people wishing to preserve their culture and people are.

It would seem that while the editorial staff of the Hilo Herald Tribune was just “trying to determine what your  religion is about because we do not promote hate speech”, they did not bother to determine what Judiasm is about.  They are aware of what could really be reasonably  termed  hate speech by Chabad Lubavitch, however,  because I have made them aware of it. Will they continue to publish events organized by  this organization?

Here is their article, online and unmolested at the present time on the Hilo Herald Tribune website, which apparently does support hate speech despite their protests to the contrary, and clearly the event mentioned is intended for Jews and clearly it is racial, far more so than our event notice! Is anyone harassing them, insulting them, and asking them to account for the bizarre doctrines of their relatively recent cult (which involves religiously condoning the bulldozing of other people’s houses and theft of their land, not to mention murder  of people of other races), as  the Herald Hilo Tribune did with our ancient religion? Has anyone sleazily ripped them off the internet and lied about it, or implied that they were a “hate group” or tried to shut down publicity for their event, a service which is automatically offered to other local groups in the community?

The editorial staff are also aware of the extreme bias against those of the Nordic religion and race engaged in by KMC Military Camp and  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park because I personally made them aware of it, but this was not considered newsworthy either, apparently because our religion is not Semitic and our race is not non-white.  One would think that such a blatant violation of the constitutional rights of a religious and ethnic group, by a local national park no less, would be big news, especially from a newspaper that considers potholes in roads on another island front page news. In recognition of the fact that they supposedly do not support ‘racism” and “hate speech” or “condone’ it, do they intend to stop printing any articles in regard to these three organizations?

I shall close here, hoping that soon our people will come to understand what is necessary for us to have a future and make a united stand, a shield wall, against those who seek to exterminate our race in both body and soul…  and with one voice say “No”.  Let us work together towards better times in which we are free…. Meanwhile, may you feel the joy of the Yuletide and promise of a real future for our folk in this holy season… Wassail!

Letter of Protest

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf both of European Origin…

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yujyujyujyujThe domestication of wolves, the development of our first companion dogs, and the tale of Little Red Riding Hood are of European origin. This would not surprise anyone in a saner, more rational time, but we live in Orwellian times, and the standard reaction at the moment is to try to take away credit for Nordic  achievements and give them to other races. In fact, in the current climate  of cultural Marxism, and enforced anti – white racism, European peoples are supposed to feel guilty for accomplishing so much, and expected to give credit to others for their achievements. If we do not give way and kneel to multiculturalism, and if we actually have any regard for the truth or history, we are branded as arrogant and “racist”. Perhaps it is time to be a little more naturally and healthily arrogant, especially when confronted with people such as this Nordic- hating Latino woman who does not even understand what mitochondrial DNA is.

 No doubt on the orders of those who are even more to blame since they are knowingly lying, this woman calls serious and verified ancient mitochondrial DNA evidence a “bold claim” and places greater weight on slipshod work because it  falsely indicated a non European source for wolf domestication.  Inferior work is considered of equal or superior value because it put forward a hypothesis in favor of non white, rather than white, achievement, not because it is correct. Maintaining the anti-white narrative, or, at the very least, muddying the water so that one could think the studies are of equal value, are all that matter to this crew. That facts and the DNA? This is meaningless to both the talking head and PBS. In fact, it is more or less of the same weight to them as the overwhelming DNA evidence that O.J. Simpson butchered the wife and mother of his children was to a black jury.

1 aaaaihfeiuhfuifer

In the earlier days of standardized tests there was an objection to the word “furnace” being used in Miami , Florida. It was said that the reason that black children had such low scores on the test was that the tests were racially biased. Never mind that white children in a tropical climate would have just as much exposure or non exposure to furnaces. No one is concerned about white children. Now this study of wolf domestication is considered geographically “biased” by a researcher who prefers an Asian origin because it indicates European origin . The problem with this is that since Northern China was inhabited by Nordics a thousand years before any of the so called indigenous Chinese, the domestication of wolves would still be Nordic! He wants test samples made of bones from Southern China since he considers the finding geographically “racist” but ancient dog bones have never been found in Southern China. Whether this is because there were no dogs there (which might tell against the theory) or because Asiatics ate them, no one knows, but we are put on notice in the clip that the Europeans being responsible for the domestication of the wolf will not be accepted by the media. Its just too politically incorrect, and nothing is too small to escape the anti-white agenda.  Never mind the wealth of evidence for the ancient and special companionship of Nordic Europeans and dogs.

1 a ufwifhweihwef

It has also been suggested that Little Red Riding Hood is of Asian origin, but there has been a new examination of this as well. I have a feeling it will not be the last such “new” discovery of  the brilliant achievements of our ancestors  if we have the courage to take credit for our true potential and stand up for who we and our ancestors are. Be proud.


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Mjölnir approved for use in Military Memorials and Gravestones of Fallen Odinist Warriors!

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The Rebirth of the Mjölnir

The Rebirth of the Mjölnir

Until very recently, in America, it was legal to fight and die for one’s country, but not to be buried with one’s own native, religious symbol, unless a soldier was non-white. Every single religious symbol one can easily think of was included apart from Thor’s hammer, the Mjölnir. For that matter, there was not a single native European religious symbol of any kind that was approved.

There was a staggering variety of Jewish, Islamic, and Asian religious traditions represented, and even Wicca and Atheism were  approved, but not Odinism. In fact, one moderator of an official “military religious freedom” group on facebook (a Jewish homosexual) threw me off of a group simply because I am an Odinist priestess. When another Odinist protested about this, the Jewish religious dictator told him that maybe Asatru would be allowed, but not Odinism.

An administrative employee of a military camp where I gave services locally even implied that my religion was not valid because  memorials were not approved for Odinist dead. Have a look at the religions that were approved by our Zionist occupied government in the picture below.

anti-white racism

Every religion, every race and ethnicity represented but one…

A brave mother and wife whose son and husband, Shane and Mark, had died in military service and who had not even been allowed to be buried with their own religious symbols, managed to overturn this atrocity against our men and put things right, at least to some extent. She also has managed, retroactively, to have her husband’s own religious symbol, Mjölnir, engraved upon his monument.

Isn’t it enough that these brave men are being used by the same foreign power that has insinuated itself into our banking, our government, our media and military, to fight wars that were not even for their own country and countrymen? It is more than time for that to change as well. Here is a short radio snippet about it given (of course) by a somewhat scornful homosexual, and which downplays this woman’s role, but she is a heroine of our faith and deserves our thanks, and great honor to her son and husband as well.

At any rate, well done Veteran’s Affairs Office. May it be a first step towards many changes for the better!


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