Why aren’t we bombing Israel?

In case you are not aware of it, we have a small, relatively new Odinist news website called Nation of Odin at nationofodin.org and since I am unable to post a new article on it on social media myself, I am posting a link to a new article about the Syrian strikes here. . It is called “The Syrian Strikes…Why aren’t we bombing Israel?” Other articles can be accessed here.

At the moment I am banned from Facebook and I have been banned 12 times for a month each time in a bit more than a year, On none of those occasions did I violate any of the rules, apart from existing, being White, and not worshiping a Jew “god”.  I am also banned from Pinterest, Vimeo, Reddit, and having huge technical difficulties from “glitches” on Google plus. While you are here, it might be of interest to see why I’m banned on Facebook currently.

It would seem that this is true.

It would seem that this is true..

I am hoping that despite everything we may yet be able to save our folk. Remember, that what is happening in the Jewish owned media does not reflect the thinking of any sane European ancestry folk, anywhere in the Nation of Odin, now. More people know the truth.

Waes Hael!