Lone Wolf Radio: Interview With High Priestess of Odin Seana Fenner

We hope you enjoy this interview of Odinia by Lone Wolf Radio.

Seana Fenner, also known as Odinia, founder of Odinia International. 28th February 2018

Seana Fenner, also known as Odinia, founder of Odinia International. 28th February 2018

Topics it covers include:

  • Why Asian cultures are based upon pre-existing indigenous European created cultures rather than the other way around..
  • My methods for restoring Odinism and some of my research.
  • Why Odinia International has such a broad definition of Odinism, one which reflects our ideal of the Nation of Odin, and why aspects of Wotanism, Druidism, Rodnovery and traditional Mediterranean Pagan belief systems are all included in our research and rituals.
  • The fundamental differences between traditional, genuine Odinist organizations and fake Christianized Jewish controlled organizations.
  • The increasing lack of relevance of Jew worship (Christianity) and the Rise of Odinism.
  • Why Odinists put the rights of White children above those of homosexuals, and why we refuse to alter our sacred rituals, such as marriage ceremonies, to accommodate perverts, or those who wish to engage in race mixing.
  • The recent attempts of Zionist occupied government officials to frame me for criminal activity in Florida.
  • The significance of runes and ritual in Odinism
  • Important European Odinist rituals and festivals and how their meanings have survived.
  • How Jews target our tribe and seek to degrade and destroy our race and religion.
  • Why Odinia International happily includes European folk of all different political views, be they Constitionalist,  National Socialist, or Monarchist, with the exception of Marxism, due to the inherently anti merit, and therefore anti-European, philosophy which Marxism is based upon.
  • How we love and seek to help those of our folk still afflicted by the philosophical plague of Jew worship (Christianity).
  • Why Odinism plays such an important role in preserving our White European ancestry people and culture, and in the rise of White Identity.
  • Why Christian Identity is a Jewish ploy to steal White Identity and give it to Jews.
  • How you can contact, join, and donate to Odinia International or receive help from us.

(One small scholarly disclaimer in regard to the the theories of the woman presented in the middle of the radio show, Sakro Sawell, that might be of interest. I believe her presentation to be in line with the typical Jewish push to present our deities as comic book characters or mortal men in order to diminish their importance. Such efforts are much along the same lines as when Jews and their followers attempt to present our great heroes and heroines of the past as mythological characters, rather than real historic personages. Whether this is a purposeful effort on her part or whether she has bought into this on her own, based on similar theories presented by Jewish controlled media which have absolutely no historical basis, I do not know.

In her presentation, Ms. Sawell presents Odin as a sort of Buddha figure, or “Christ” figure, who traveled the earth spreading a solar religion, in the form of Viracoha, and others. While some of these topics, such as Vikings in the New World spreading Odinist religion, or ancient world wide pyramid and megalith building cultures, have always been of interest to me as well, the specific connections she makes in several cases are highly improbable. At any rate, based upon what I know of archaeology, archaeoastronomy, and iconography, I very strongly disagree with much of what she has said.)

We thank Chris White for having us on his excellent new radio programme, Lone Wolf Radio, and we encourage everyone to listen to his shows, which, so far, have had fascinating topics and interesting speakers.

Waes hael!