Spinning Straw into Gold… GoDaddy intends not just to Censor but Delete the Data of our European Pagan websites.

Just as with the Library of Alexandria or the Witch Hunts, the ignorant destroy and burn what they do not understand, especially if it shows evidence of their crimes.

I have been told by the CEO office of GoDaddy that I must move our website to another host, but he has also locked the account so it is not possible to move the data. Presumably they are aware that it is not possible to move to another host with the account locked. Certainly their employees are and the other host I would like to move to is aware of this, so this cannot be anything other than malicious and hate filled harassment and they clearly intend to destroy the data of a religious organization that has been their customer for 7 years.

No other hosting company I am aware of deletes the data of its customers rather than allowing them to switch hosts. Everyone I have talked about this to is appalled and says it is illegal since our websites are our property and we have the right to move them, but they are so hate filled they do not care about any repercussions. They just want to delete our websites.

The websites GoDaddy intends to delete, our European websites, are devoted to restoring our religion, celebrating our culture, and obtaining basic civil rights for our tribe. Apparently, this was initiated due to a supremacist hate group attack, including a libelous Wikipedia article mentioning GoDaddy as our hosting company. Our religious websites, which contain such things as original poetry and articles European people have written and photographs of our events, and even birth announcements, as well as my work on restoring our European religions. Demanding that I move to another host, but LOCKING THE ACCOUNT SO THE WEBSITES CANNOT BE MOVED is like asking us to turn straw into gold.

It is very clear indeed after 5 days that GoDaddy intends to delete our websites without giving us an opportunity to move them to another host and just as clearly, this is a malicious act. Any help, be it making a protest to GoDaddy against this obscene targeting of European ancestry religion and people, and free speech and religion itself, or legal or monetary aid, would be appreciated. If you wish to help us in any way please get in touch. My number is 863-877-0848 email odinia@outlook.com. If you cannot reach me by these means you can contact odinia@brighthouse.com Thank you in advance for your help and standing up for free speech and freedom of religion…