Genocide by Proxy War…Why the Vietnam War was a Jewish Plot to Genocide White Military Men…

Today, we honor our Great Ones, our Warriors, our Heroes, both living and dead…We ask our Ancestors to be with us and to lend us their strength to vanquish our enemy, and to free our folk. Let us not mourn, but celebrate their greatness, and toast their courage, that we might emulate it…

May we all see what is true this Memorial Day...

May we all see what is true this Memorial Day…

In an effort only slightly less extreme than the one launched to shut down my English language video of Ursula Haverbeck’s Hooton Plan speech, there have been massive, fortunately unsuccessful, attacks on the Nation of Odin website where I was originally going to post this article. Better luck next time, Jews. Censorship has been a huge issue in getting this information out, as it often is, but somehow it is just slightly more repulsive than usual to see this being done in regard to our fallen warriors.

The video you will see here below contains some very interesting facts about the causes of recent wars and about Jewish banking scams, and it has been deleted upon numerous occasions. In order to further muddy the waters, it appears to have been replaced by a short version with the same name and a similar topic, but very little useful content, and another video, also with the same name, that appears to be the same video at first glance, but which is on an entirely different topic. The video at the bottom of this article is the real version. If you are interested in this topic, you may want to watch it while you can.

I do not believe that these numbers are accurate,,,there were more killed.. but the sentiment is admirable. <a href="">This is a Memorial Day sign from a sandwich shop whose owner refused to stay open for profit. </a>... No more wars for Jewish aims...

I do not believe that these numbers are accurate,,,there were more killed.. but the sentiment is admirable. This is a Memorial Day sign from a sandwich shop whose owner refused to stay open for profit. … No more wars for Jewish aims…

Odinists believe in honoring our military men, unlike the converted Jewess Invanka, whose corporation suggests that everyone nibble on champagne popsicles apparently to celebrate the use of our folk for Jewish wars..  Clearly the intent of this was to disrespect our dead, but we can celebrate the fact that now we know who our enemy is... and that now we shall be able to fight the real enemy, for real freedom. This is what the brave men of our Nation of Odin, who died, not for freedom, but for the aims of the Jews, would want. They would want us to know the truth and to avenge them. If we drink any champagne, let it be to toast the new warriors who will come to free our folk, and make the world sane again…

The much deleted video below contains some disinfo, and rather annoying Jews and liberals here and there, for instance the deceitful suggestion  that the takeover of our governments has been done by “fascists” as opposed to Jewish Marxists; however, it does an excellent job of exposing some of the monstrous false flags enacted by Jewish bankers and Jewish media in order to create wars for profit. It also explains just how fraudulent the Jewish owned FED is, and touches upon other key issues and subversive Jewish organizations we need to know about for the sake of our survival.

Yes, it was the Jews. If you actually think otherwise, please do some research on it.

Yes, it was the Jews. If you actually think otherwise, please do some research on it.

For instance, the video below explains the true causes of the Spanish American War and the truth about the Pearl Harbor incident, both of which were false flags. Other prominent attempted or successful uses of false flags and outright lies and shifting of blame by Jews and Israel  to incite war for Jewish aims include the Lavon Affair, the King David Hotel bombing, the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel, 9-11, and various incidents in WW1 and WW2, such as the sinking of the Lusitania.. Some of these false flags are actual events, such as 9 -11 in which we “goyim” were killed by Jews to persuade us to have a war for them against “Muslim terrorists”, others, such as the Tonkin Bay incident, did not happen at all.

Many of us know that the Vietnam War was started on the basis of the Tonkin Bay incident. This crime, and treason against America is made all the more outrageous by the fact that the resolution concerning it has been proven to have been written before this non event was supposed to have taken place.

The Vietnam War... a giant prolonged Jewish bloodbath of White European Ancestry Men.

The Vietnam War… a giant prolonged Jewish bloodbath of White European Ancestry Men.

After looking into it a bit I have realized the true horror of it, what the actual purpose of this war was. Some have suggested that the aim of the Vietnam War was to destroy the nations in the region so as to make them easier to take over for the bankers, and I am sure that that is true as well, but I do not think it was the main purpose. I believe that the the Vietnam War was contrived almost solely for the purpose of distracting and killing White American men so as to enable Communist Jews to take over America more completely in their absence, and also as a part of a larger effort to exterminate the White race.

Walt Rostow, a Communist Jew from Russia, whose stated primary aim in politics was to “eliminate national sovereignty for America and other nations”, was behind the orchestration of the Vietnam War, which was supposedly against Communism. So insane were the restrictions imposed upon their actions by the same two traitors, Robert McNamera, and  Lyndon Johnson, who also were directly involved in the murder of American servicemen of the USS Liberty, that the men fighting the Vietnam War could never have won. It was a White genocide.

walt rostow and vietnam

Walt Rostow, the Jewish architect of the mass genocide of American men at Vietnam… Why was he allowed to die a natural death?

Robert MacNamara, the  “Defense” Secretary who later became President of the World Bank, who also was involved in the calling back of forces sent to protect the men of the USS Liberty when they were being killed during an Israeli attack, did not limit his outright treason against our nation to this occasion. He forbade the Airforce to strike over 90 percent of strategic targets it needed to  focus on in the Vietnam conflict. The restrictions, mentioned in the video  below entitled … “If you think you can handle the truth, well here it is folks”, and other sources, included the following…

Americans were not allowed to shoot first, but had to wait until fired upon… if a MiG fighter aircraft was on the ground, it could not be attacked until it was airborne and “showing hostile intent”. No bombing of the supply lines was allowed, and if a surface to air missile site was under construction, a pilot was not allowed to bomb it, but had to wait until it was operational. There was much more… guaranteed to ensure that no decisive victory was possible, but only a protracted bloodbath.

In 1969, a dozen high ranking military officers interviewed by Lloyd Milan each stated unequivocally that the war would have been won in months, or even weeks, had the restraints been lifted. Our European American men were taken away from their families, tortured, maimed, used as cannon fodder, and genocided by this proxy war, all to advance the Jewish aim of taking over America and the rest of the world, and exterminating the White race entirely.



Even more Jewish censorship…


I have  been banned 13 times for a month each time in slightly more than a year on Facebook alone. What have I done? In most cases nothing that even remotely comes close to violating the rules of Zionbook. For example, I objected to rape of White women, mentioned scientific studies Jews did not like, mentioned that White Europeans are being selectively targeted for genocide with historic references that prove it (Here is a resource page on this topic with further links), posted ancient European religious symbols specifically stating that this was to honor our Gods, and a coexist banner with European symbols on it, and similar. Not one of these acts comes close to violating the rules, but Odinist religion and pro-White people are not allowed to exist on Facebook…

I also have  been personally deleted from Facebook just before this Memorial Day, not surprisingly, because I am generally banned just before any day that might be popular on social media, even if Facebook has to use an article that is several years old as an excuse, as in this case. This time I was banned when  I posted a link to one of a series of articles in a comment, explaining  that it contained an explanation of what I meant by the term “Semitic princess”. I had suggested that Zuckerberg was one. The Darwin’s choice article, which was deleted simply because it linked to one of our websites, is in three parts, which can be read here, here, and here.

The man who runs Heathens helping Heathens has been kind enough to set up a petition against this behavior since the State of California has refused to equally enforce their anti-discrimination laws to protect Odinists as they do for people of other religions and races.. Stand up for freedom of speech and religion for European heritage folk by signing this petition here or contact me at if you have any ideas that might help us attain actual equal rights.

We need to start fighting for equal rights, and helping those of us who do.

We need to start fighting for equal rights, and helping those of us who do.


The Truth about War from Sharon Fenner on Vimeo.


In Memoriam to Helen Thomas… the “Anti-Semitic” Semite

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Helen Thomas has died at the age of 92 and deserves to be honored here. She was not one of our people….She was born of Lebanese Christian parents in America, but she was a brave and honest woman with a first class brain, and is a good example to us all. It is strange that she is so often called an anti-Semite when, in fact, she is a Semite. The thinking, of course, is that Semites who are not Jews, do not exist.

This is the same sort of thing Jews always do in regard to people they intend to destroy.. It is a strange quirk. It is as though murdering and stealing and lying do not matter to them as long as one demonizes the victims and says they do not exist. Correspondingly, the Palestinians, Palestine, and “the white race” do not exist, and that is the plan too.. that we not exist.

Nuclear Israel

Helen Thomas, Former White House Correspondent

Helen Thomas was a journalist, a REAL journalist, who lost her job for telling the truth. She had the courage to speak openly about foreign, Zionist control of the US Congress. Zionists do not like free speech… or the truth. Before she died, and knowing exactly what the Zionists would do, she chose to tell the truth anyway while she could, and proceeded to lose her job, and even her hard- earned journalistic awards, but no matter. She held true to what those journalistic principles really mean.

It is perhaps rather amusing that I am taking part of this post from a Facebook album I wrote in 2011 entitled “Marxist Zionist Attempts to Destroy Free Speech”. This album and my account were removed for “incitation to violence” and for my having (according to Zionbook) led and organized violence, notwithstanding the fact that actually all the death threats were against me, not the other way around.

Strangely, the only people who were violent, foul and threatening in regard to the simple, and perhaps rather too mild if anything, historical facts stated in that  album were Jews.. That is right folks, if you do not approve of Jews taking over Palestine, and for that matter the world, or exterminating your race, you will lose your job if there is any way they can accomplish it, and you will be harassed, threatened, and silenced. Isn’t it time to change this equation and turn it the other way around?

You may wish to take a moment to look at the disgusting hypocrisy these servile Zionist media employees display (link below)….sickeningly anxious to go along with the Zionist Marxist party line. (-; They actually say that they wonder about Helen Thomas’ “fairness as a journalist” precisely because she has been fair and honest… they refer to her opinion that Zionism is morally wrong as “repellent” and “far from mainstream ‘American’ opinion”. Then, finally, in case there is any doubt that the station is Zionist, rather than American owned, as a seal of submission, they sign off in Yiddish.

free speech

Youtube account Terminated, Courtesy of ZOG

Jewish Censorship of Free Speech and the Truth….a Deleted Video, a Common Occurrence

Opps! Link above is not there anymore. It says that the account that had posted it has been removed. Sometimes this sort of message is accompanied with the words… “copyright claim Israel”.

Here  it is. It was reposted.

Reposted. Sickening video of American Newscasters groveling to Israel…

In regard to Nuclear Israel… perhaps one of the most stunning examples of this woman’s heroism, and of her normalcy, can be seen in regard to the presidential interview below. She does not fear asking the real questions that the pathetic sheep who call themselves journalists today would not even dare to formulate in their minds, much less speak. This woman may be Lebanese, but she acts in our European tradition of free speech, something our own people should be doing rather than bowing down to Israel and a fake Jewish god.

Helen Thomas asks Obama a question he will not answer…

Helen Thomas: “Mr President, do you know of any country in the Middle East that has nuclear weapons?”

Obama:”With respect to nuclear weapons, I don’t want to speculate, what I know is this, that if we see a nuclear arms race in a region as volatile as the Middle East, everybody will be in danger and one of my goals is to prevent nuclear proliferation generally. I think it’s important that the United States, in concert with Russia,  lead the way on this..ok. alright, Sam Stein, Huffington Post, where’s Sam Stein?”

U.S. President lying for his real employer, Israel

Norman Finkelstein (link below) asks another question…

“During Israel’s massacre in Gaza, December 2008 and January 2009, afterwards Israeli officials were saying that they wanted to show the Arab world that they were capable of acting, capable of “acting”, like a lunatic state and like mad dogs, that they wanted to restore the Arab world’s fear of Israel and that’s why they acted like a lunatic state and like mad dogs in Gaza, but after yesterday’s events, you really have to ask the question….is Israel “acting” like a lunatic state, or has it “become” a lunatic state. And that’s not just rhetoric, it’s a very serious issue…. It ‘s a lunatic state with 2-300 nuclear devices… We have to ask ourselves a simple, basic fundamental question….Can a lunatic state like Israel be trusted, with 2 to 300 nuclear devices when it is now threatening its neighbors, Iran and Lebanon with an attack?”

Norman Finkelstein and Nuclear Israel

Secret Pact (below)

Treason in the U.S. Government

For the record, I am not in favor of the Jews going to Poland or Germany, or any country with even a small European population. In fact, I am in favor of them all going to Africa, for example, Madagascar, or for that matter Israel, but with their ill- gotten nuclear arsenal removed, and their military disarmed, and defunded. Those who have committed crimes should be arrested and forced legally to return what  they have gained though manipulation of the US Congress,  charged with treason and fraud in regard to central banking crimes, and be forced to give up the assets gained through such crime, even though they are Jewish. In addition to this they should be charged with war crimes, and not just in regard to Palestine. They should be paying reparations in recognition of the millions of Germans and Russian men, women and children, they tortured and killed, and for the deaths of the others they have fooled and forced into waging war for them with their lies..


(If you do not know what I am referring to  in regard to WWII see here. Is Telling the Truth Racist? )

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