Hoplite Warriors Riding Dolphins!

“Hoplites on Dolphins” Ancient Greek Pykter by Oltos Credit: MET


A psykter by Oltos showing hoplite soldiers riding dolphins accompanied by a flute player.. It may have been a representation of a chorus in a play or some sort of dramatic act for a party. Notice the triskelion design,, which is a variety of solar wheel or swastika, on the shield. This symbol is seen throughout our Nordic tribes, from the Isle of Man to Athens.


This beautiful example of the art of our folk was attacked by a racist black woman married to a jew who hates Nordic folk.


Here is the comment.

Sabrina M Messenger: Anyone notice the soldier to the left has a shield that seems to have a swastika on it? Proof the damn Nazis couldn’t come up with an original idea if they tried!

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Here is my response.

Seana Fenner von Fenneberg: Hi. What is all this anti historical German bashing I see here? You apparently have no idea what really happened to European people during WWII or you are a liar. The real question is why anyone tolerates hate filled racist anti white women like this attacking Europeans and lying about history.. https://odinia.org/?page_id=680  

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Seana Fenner von Fenneberg: I wonder. You insult Europeans and their originality Sabrina… what have you, or your people, ever accomplished?


Here is the link where this conversation in case you wish to give your views.



This is a rather interesting vase type. The psykter is part of an ancient Greek system for cooling wine. It contained the wine and was floated in cold water inside a krater, a large, decorated footed vessel. The dolphins and the hoplites would have appeared to dance as they bounced above the water.


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