Last minute Odinist RAM Donation Drive!

Last minute RAM donation drive!


Picture of Swedish Yule Tree with Julbok!

Picture of Swedish Yule Tree with Julbok! (Yule Goat)


We need your help in making this year’s Yule podcast more than usual, in fact it may be essential. Please see below. I have just discovered a small amount of free advertising credit associated with my expiring previous hosting account so I am adding a little introductory information and news here first for the sake of new visitors and those who have not visited recently. We are an international Odinist organization dedicated to promoting and preserving our ancestral European culture, religion, and people. We hope you enjoy our Odinist broadcasts, articles, webpages, facebook and other social media, pages and groups, all of which you can access from this website.

If you are a European heritage person interested in exploring your own native culture and religion you may wish to consider applying to be professed as an Odinist and joining Odinia international, in which case, we encourage you to have a look at our new membership page where one can explore this possibility, and at our Odinist Creed as well. Remember, our Yule edition of the Odinist Foxfire Journal is coming our soon, and you still have time to submit an article or poem for publication in our Journal. The deadline is the 22. December 2014. There is an exciting prize for the best submission this year!

We Need RAM 


Please consider making a donation if you enjoy our video redes and blots, such as the current Yuletide video just below. I am having difficulty making episode two of the Wild Hunt Yule Series on my somewhat antiquated computer, apparently due to a need for more RAM (random access memory).  I must add more in order for me to be able to see most of the pictures I am working with, since most of them are not resolving, making it mindbogglingly difficult, or in fact, impossible, to do otherwise.

I would tell you exactly what the extra RAM costs but I have already spent hours trying to find out if it is still available and almost no one even seems to speak English. Assuming it costs about the same as current RAM it is approximately 200 dollars US, but since apparently Sony no longer makes it for my exact model, it might cost a bit more. If I cannot upgrade, I shall put any donations in a fund towards the cost of a new computer, which will doubtless take quite a while to manage, so I am hoping that I shall be able to get the RAM instead, which would be a quick and relatively easy fix.

These videos have much original research in them and I believe they are beneficial for our folk. You will note that I am not asking for help so that I can go on an African safari as some Pagan leaders do (-; , but only so that I can continue to serve our Odinist folk by making these videos. If you cannot contribute, please share our broadcasts and tell your friends that they can join our email newsletter list at

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Merry Yule!




Best Odinist Article Contest!

UPDATE! Submissions of Aritcles and Poetry for our Yule contest and for publication in Foxfire will now be accepted until 4th of January!

Please send them to Good luck! (-;

Happy Yuletide....

Happy Yuletide….


It is that time of year again….

We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting submissions of articles for our annual Odinist Journal, Foxfire.  We publish  articles on European culture, such as history, archaeology, religion, and many other Nordic topics, from crafts and recipes, to poetry  and weapons! We accept fiction as well as non fiction. In addition to this, apparently unlike most Pagan journals, we heartily welcome pro European activist and politics articles, in fact we love them.

This year we are giving a prize for the best new article.. a lovely petrified wood rune set. I am telling you in advance that I am not going to be doing the selecting because I cannot bear to since the submissions to our contests are always so good it is impossible for me to decide! Our committee will make the decision this year. (-;

We wish  you good fortune!

Send to: (will be forwarded to acquisitions editor)

Deadline: 22. December 2014

Note: If for any reason you do not receive a reply saying your entry was received please tell us, by phoning or skyping! We acknowledge receipt of all entries if we have received them.

Waes hael!


May Sunna's light embrace you!

May Sunna’s warmth and light embrace you!

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Sacred Spirits of Samhain Series, First Episode…

Greetings to my fellow Odinists…


Just a short post to say happy Samhain.. (!) and share the news that we have a new video rede (sermon) available… “Sacred Spirits of Samhain Part One”. This rede discusses some ancient Heathen practices and beliefs that have survived due to their having been incorporated into Hallowe’en by our ancestors, such as souling and soul cakes. In addition to this, it features some ghostly poetry, “the Highwayman” by Alfred Noyes, and “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg at the end.

A few practical considerations when viewing. Since parts of this are filmed on a mountain peak, you may find there is some background noise at points, so it is easier to hear at higher volume. I did not “monetize” this video or any others for that matter. Sometimes, even when one uses public domain music, which this is, ads are put on automatically. However, one can easily x out the ad when viewing.

If you would like to be on the mailing list we are making up for video redes and the like, or would like to know more about Odinism, please do let me know at or give us a call at  (808) 985 -8580.

Wishing you a wonderful, blessed, new year….!


Happy May Day… In flowers and instinct our European Pagan customs yet live…

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Morris dancers on May Day

Morris Dancers on May Day, Bridge of Sighs, Oxford Photo Credit:

 Today is a day we celebrate life, fertility, and the coming blessings of warmer and brighter weather… a holiday of leisure and rejoicing! Our celebrations at this time of year are deep and instinctual, a part of our very nature. These are more than just customs, they come from the time of our beginnings, and are a part of us that links us to our ancestors of the past, and in turn, link us to our loved ones, our tribe, or descendants, in the future.

Sometimes it is in very small things that our essential nature has survived, and these should not be discounted lightly. A Greenman sculpture peeking out from the top of a church, a dance, and even a small flower poking up out of the earth despite wind and rain, are messages from our Ancestors, our Gods, and from Nature. They tell us who we are.

A  snowdrop flower rises from the forest floor...

A snowdrop flower rises from the forest floor…

All over Europe our ancestors once gathered flowers at this time of year,  celebrating these symbols of life, and of its endurance, and hope, and the symbolism did not escape them.   There is even evidence of flowers being left in the graves of Neanderthals. Our Ancestors knew winter would come, and  they knew also that it would end, and that life would be reborn, and right now, despite everything, and all the circumstances which might seem to dampen our spiritual awakening, for any sentient being, that is what is happening.

May Day is not something we think about, but something we just do, just as dolphins leap and dance in the sea, we were meant to dance over glowing fires on Walpurgisnacht, and even jump into a newly warm river, whose waters once, at dawn, were no doubt thought to have magical properties on this very holy day.

Oxford undergraduates jumping into the river Cherwell on May Day morn.

Oxford undergraduates jumping into the river Cherwell on May Day morn. Photo:

A truly gifted Pagan craftswoman named Frau Willams inspired me to make this post. She  shared a lovely picture in one of our groups and talked about beautiful Pagan May Day customs she grew up with, and how she enjoys these European traditions today. As a child she danced around the Maypole, a wonderful ancient Pagan tradition almost completely lost in more urbanized areas. She also still makes brilliant cornucopias of flowers and leaves them at the houses of her neighbors.  Irish actress, Maureen O’Hara remembers a similar custom too.

“When I was a child we would make May Baskets, fill them with goodies – candy, popcorn, etc. and put them on the porch of our friends – ring the bell and run. It got to be a competition over who could be the most creative in basket design; just lots of fun for the whole family.”

This year, Frau Williams’ arrangements  had lilacs, narcissus, astilbe, lamb’s ear and lily of the valley in them. 

One of Frau Williams' amazing May Day cornucopias.. wild, beautiful, and inspiring...

One of Frau Williams’ amazing May Day cornucopias.. wild, beautiful, and inspiring…

Today in a society in which we have seemingly lost almost everything that has any depth, and have been reduced to worker drones who carry out the will of faceless Zionist corporations and watch a metal box in order to be programmed, this represents true hope. This is more than an incredibly lovely flower cornucopia, it is the important part of what makes us alive, an expression of our Nordic generosity of spirit, our creativity, and good cheer. It creates a bond between the members of our tribe. In her great wisdom, Frau Williams has not forgotten what is important.

Frau Williams, on May Day 2014, wreathed in flowers. She is a symbol of the survival of our Pagan spirit.

Frau Williams, on May Day 2014, wreathed in flowers. She is a symbol of the survival of our Pagan spirit.

This simple act of not neglecting our traditions, of remembering to act like human beings, is what makes us human. Most people do not manage it. We are often too foolish to have the right priorities, and to know what matters. Today, I learned from Frau Williams that not acting like a slave in one’s everyday life is one of the first and best ways to stop being one.  She told me how when she was bringing her neighbor a May day bouquet,  the neighbor was already filled with  holiday good cheer and  said “Happy May Day” before she even saw it. Frau Williams  said “All these little customs and personal expressions and sharing knowledge and experiences…. that all makes us free. The magic is that each time we do it it and share that with others, the more it grows” and she is right, this is magic, and it is real, and can spread. We must refuse the programming and make things different. We can yet be all that we were meant to be… and more.
wonderful May Day flower basket

May Day Flower Cornucopia!
Photo: Christine Laennec via Frau Williams

Often Germanic nations on the Continent have preserved more ancient customs than the United Kingdom, but May Day at Oxford is different. To this day, on Walpurgisnacht, people gather at night for bonfires on the Commons and play drums, dancing, and leaping over the fire. At the colleges of the university itself almost everyone stays up all night, and attends glamorous balls lasting until dawn, when there are champagne and strawberry garden parties. The same feelings of awe at the splendor of Nature that inspired us in the past, and that made The Brocken to this day a mystical place, live on in our hearts, in the deepest part of our beings. We don’t always know why we celebrate, but we do know there is reason to.

 From a time before our human remembrance, singing has been associated with this day, and  still, as a remembrance of the far distant past,  as the Sun rises, from the top of Magdalen tower at dawn, choirs sing to greet the Sun. Morris dancers appear, and solemnly, but festively, perform their dances, whose meaning is not often spoken of, but whose importance is still keenly felt.  Beautiful Latin songs drift down to those below from the high towers, as though they were from heavenly singers who cannot be seen.  Supposedly, these carols were meant to curb the excesses of the Pagans who traditionally had fertility celebrations at this time,  but I feel certain the singers originally were Pagan too, and soon, they will be again.  There is a better view from the King’s Deer Park , but this video captures the singing… happy May Day, … and may joy and freedom,  be ours.



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Cosmic Ostara Odinist Videos!


Updated for Ostara 2017!



Greetings to my fellow Odinists…

I hope you enjoy our Odinia International Cosmic Ostara Podcast Mini-Series for the Festival of  Ostara!

The altar picture above is taken at Freyjahof in honor of Ostara. It seems such a short time ago that these were recorded for 2013 Ostara celebration…

I am going to post this now so as to have the videos and links readily available for those who celebrate Ostara on the Equinox only. At Odinia, we believe that our ancestors had more feast days, and the height of our Ostara festival is (and was) later than the equinox. We celebrate all three feast days.(-; For more on Ostara reckoning and rituals, please see Cosmic Ostara Part 1, the first video in the series below. Come back and watch each of the 3 video redes and blóts for the corresponding days of Ostara if you like.

Remember that there are more Odinist videos on the Odinistpodcast Channel on Youtube. If you wish to be placed on our new occasional newsletter mailing list, email us with “add me” in the subject like at If you are interested in submitting an article for the Odinist Journal FoxFire, or in joining Odinia International, email us  at

Cosmic Ostara I

Duration: 35.46

Recorded: On the 18th of March, 2013

Author and Narrator: Seana Fenner (Odinia)

Best Viewed: On or about the Spring Equinox, which is today, the 20th of March, 2017


This is a general, introductory video which particularly touches upon the theme of having a European tribal world view as opposed to a Semito-centric world view. We discuss the history and practice of Eostre reckoning, and the Pagan solar markers in ancient temples, which were purloined by Christians and turned into churches in an attempt to violate and usurp our native traditions. We also explore some of the surviving Ostara traditions and historical records that refer to them.

In addition to these themes, we  recite some readings, prayers, and poetry, suitable for one’s own redes and blóts, and provide some background information upon Persephone and Demeter, as well as old world cosmic archetypes. These are necessary for understanding some of the ancient  Nordic beliefs (common to both Norse and the original Nordic Greek culture) having to do with death, marriage, and rebirth, which are alluded to in the following episodes…

Cosmic Ostara II

Duration: 42:17

Recorded: On the 26th of March, 2013

Author and Narrator: Seana Fenner (Odinia)

Best viewed: On or about the full moon after the Vernal Equinox, which falls this year on April 10-11th depending on location.


This podcast continues to explore the symbolism and origin of Ostara, and of European solar deities, and the original Pagan concept of resurrection. To a greater extent than most other broadcasts,  for the sake of those still involved with Christianity, we delve into the sometimes overlooked option for European ancestry folk of taking off the chains of Jew worship, and coming back to our own native religion, Odinism, instead.

In connection with this topic, we look into how perception is adversely affected by brainwashing, and recite a couple historical poems and quotes about perception. We attempt to  present a more realistic historical world view of the far distant past, seeing it from a sane and rational European perspective based on evidence, rather than a Semito-centric one. We do this, most especially, in response and reference to the mainly Jewish- led and organized anti-European anti-Ostara campaign, which seeks to remove the last vestiges of European culture from the Judeo- Christian religion, and to demonize our entire culture and history.

We are concerned about our fellow European ancestry folk who, due to not having the facts they need to make a good decision, may be  manipulated into adhering to this destructive alien agenda. If it were to succeed, those victimized by this program would become completely without ethnic and tribal identity, totally enslaved to a foreign people and religion, not their own.

The ultimate aim of this push is to make all non Jews into race-less goyim (human cattle), or Noahides, which are, in essence, Jewish controlled zombies. By contrast, we hold the idea that European peoples should love and protect our own tribe, and continue to exist as a race, with basic freedoms and rights, such as freedom of speech, thought, and religion. If you know European folk who might not realize the greatness and beauty of our Nordic religion, culture, and people, and how important it is to preserve our Nation of Odin, you may wish to share this video with them.

Cosmic Ostara III

Duration: 106:34

Recorded: On the 30th of March, 2013

Writer and Narrator: Seana Fenner (Odinia)

Best viewed: On the High Feast of Ostara, the 16th of April, in 2017


In this video, we  delve into some of the topics already alluded to in more detail, particularly  cosmic iconography and astronomical connotations, and we speak of the Heathen origin of what are now commonly and erroneously thought of as Christian symbols. We discuss the thyrsos, sacred fruits, the live-giving food of the Gods, the European origin of the Jewish Eve myth, nudity, the life force, Iðunn, Nerthus, the Earth Goddess,  Asklēpiós, Sigurd, the meaning of the chi rho, sacred marriage, immortality, constellations, and dragons.

We close with a song that one might wish to include in one’s blót and which we use in conjunction with our Pomegranate Ritual. The tune itself is an ancient one, but I have given it new Odinist words.


You can also find other Odinist podcasts on the Odinistpodcast Channel on Youtube. Here is a

Other News: We shall try to get our annual online journal out as soon as possible. As you may know, we have been having some computer difficulties and must replace our main computer. We have a couple new videos like those posted on this page waiting to be made into their final form as soon as we have managed to do this.

If you want to help, you may wish to consider sending us a donation for this and our other activities, or applying for membership. Producing and hosting Odinist videos and articles, and providing free literature about Odinism to the public can be expensive. Any contribution to our cause is greatly appreciated.

May you and your family, and our Odinist brothers and sisters everywhere, have abundant blessings, in this new season, and always…

Waes Hael!


Planet of the Apes… the Nye-Ham Debate

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Warning! Watching the Video Debate in this Link may Lower your IQ


Odinists are generally very pro-science in our beliefs, since our beliefs do not conflict with science, and we think anyone can believe whatever he or she thinks most rational in regard to how life came about. We prefer freedom of thought to indoctrination.

It saddens me personally to see such a display as this debate being promoted, although it was so bad I could not even watch most of it, luckily. It must have been hard indeed to find someone who makes even Mr. Nye look reasonable by comparison, so all credit to whoever cast Ham. Our Jewish supremacist creationist Ham pushed the Jewish “we are all one race” agenda, and implied Darwin was racist for pointing out differences in the races, while the Jewish Nye, while agreeing with the one race agenda of course, since it is Jewish, pushed the typical Marxist world view that if we did not believe in evolution in the sense of there being no spiritual aspect, we would not have “progress” in America.

Some of the highlights were Ham saying that brain tumors in dinosaurs and thorns on ancient plants were bad things, so this showed that they dated to after the fall of man, and Nye saying that there being no Kangaroo fossils between the Middle East and Australia disproved the concept of life being created, which at least was amusing. In my particular point of view, the entire exercise was a waste of time and based on a false premise, the idea that evolution, whether correct or incorrect, can be equated to the idea of creation. They may be related, but they are not the same topic.

Atheist and Christian fundamentalists both do exactly the same thing when confronted with reason or facts that they cannot handle. They attack with ad hominem ravings or run. They do this because they do not wish to explore the real topic because neither of them actually wish to find out the truth. They are both trying to fit the evidence to a hypothesis or theory, or the bible, which the evidence does not support. In scientific terms, what one should do when one has a theory that does not fit the evidence is to formulate a new hypothesis, but the Atheists have also taken their theory as an article of faith, so they cannot do that any more than the Jewish book worshippers can.

The truth is that Darwin had no explanation for creation itself, only for change. The only scientific explanations for the creation of life that have been advanced are the Miller–Urey hypothesis and panspermia. The first of these was a thought-provoking experiment, but far too limited in its scope, and never enlarged upon.  Ask any real scientist not how life evolved, but how it originated. The answer is that no one knows.. The Miller Urey theory is that amino acids combined over millions of years to eventually create life randomly with the help of lightning… the “primordial soup” theory… There was an experiment done in the 50’s which managed to create amino acids, but which could not create “life”, or even a single self-replicating molecule. Recent molecular science strongly suggests that a chemical reaction such as this, leading to the formation of amino acids alone (which is what the experiment demonstrated), would never be able to account for the creation of something as complex as a self-replicating molecule.  I do think it is interesting that they actually acknowledged the great forces of Nature, but they did not go far enough for anyone to know if this was a valid direction or not. Possibly in the anti- spiritual atmosphere they were working in, one that would never have allowed for a consideration of a higher intelligence in Nature, they could not acknowledge the wider implications or delve into them freely.

Even at the time the primordial soup hypothesis was first advanced, the odds against it actually having happened mathematically and randomly with no other factors involved were so extreme, even over a vast period of time, that the idea of panspermia was advanced to explain the origins of life instead. Panspermia is the concept that our planet was “seeded” from other worlds by bacteria on meteors which survived travelling through space and hit earth. I enjoy this hypothesis myself, but it does not seem to occur to anyone that if one cannot account scientifically in any rational way for the supposedly random origin of a self-replicating molecule on Earth, it is also a stretch to account for it on any other worlds.

There are only slight variances from Darwinism allowed, and no matter how fanciful it becomes it is sacrosanct. In more recent years, we supposed to believe that very complex adaptations we observe happened in rapid order due to lightning fast mutations and that this is why we see no stepped changes in the fossil record and no missing links. The idea that we are descended from monkeys is pushed, for political rather than scientific reasons. Indeed our closest relative genetically is a chimpanzee, but  there is no real evidence for anything further. We share 50 percent of DNA with a banana too. Related maybe, descended? No. 

The idea of life being created by a Jewish god is so ridiculous that I am not even going to go into it. Honestly, I find our own Nordic creation epic by far the most interesting, because even though it may be allegorical in some respects, it is at least a sincere rendering and based upon real traditions, and in fact, it is more scientific in aspect than other creation stories. The Rígsþula, which gives a more rational account of human evolution than those currently in textbooks,  is also fascinating.

There may come a time when we understand far more than we do now I hope, but if that is to happen, we really need to take these monkeys and monkey kissers out of the arena and replace them with human beings.

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Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf both of European Origin…

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yujyujyujyujThe domestication of wolves, the development of our first companion dogs, and the tale of Little Red Riding Hood are of European origin. This would not surprise anyone in a saner, more rational time, but we live in Orwellian times, and the standard reaction at the moment is to try to take away credit for Nordic  achievements and give them to other races. In fact, in the current climate  of cultural Marxism, and enforced anti – white racism, European peoples are supposed to feel guilty for accomplishing so much, and expected to give credit to others for their achievements. If we do not give way and kneel to multiculturalism, and if we actually have any regard for the truth or history, we are branded as arrogant and “racist”. Perhaps it is time to be a little more naturally and healthily arrogant, especially when confronted with people such as this Nordic- hating Latino woman who does not even understand what mitochondrial DNA is.

 No doubt on the orders of those who are even more to blame since they are knowingly lying, this woman calls serious and verified ancient mitochondrial DNA evidence a “bold claim” and places greater weight on slipshod work because it  falsely indicated a non European source for wolf domestication.  Inferior work is considered of equal or superior value because it put forward a hypothesis in favor of non white, rather than white, achievement, not because it is correct. Maintaining the anti-white narrative, or, at the very least, muddying the water so that one could think the studies are of equal value, are all that matter to this crew. That facts and the DNA? This is meaningless to both the talking head and PBS. In fact, it is more or less of the same weight to them as the overwhelming DNA evidence that O.J. Simpson butchered the wife and mother of his children was to a black jury.

1 aaaaihfeiuhfuifer

In the earlier days of standardized tests there was an objection to the word “furnace” being used in Miami , Florida. It was said that the reason that black children had such low scores on the test was that the tests were racially biased. Never mind that white children in a tropical climate would have just as much exposure or non exposure to furnaces. No one is concerned about white children. Now this study of wolf domestication is considered geographically “biased” by a researcher who prefers an Asian origin because it indicates European origin . The problem with this is that since Northern China was inhabited by Nordics a thousand years before any of the so called indigenous Chinese, the domestication of wolves would still be Nordic! He wants test samples made of bones from Southern China since he considers the finding geographically “racist” but ancient dog bones have never been found in Southern China. Whether this is because there were no dogs there (which might tell against the theory) or because Asiatics ate them, no one knows, but we are put on notice in the clip that the Europeans being responsible for the domestication of the wolf will not be accepted by the media. Its just too politically incorrect, and nothing is too small to escape the anti-white agenda.  Never mind the wealth of evidence for the ancient and special companionship of Nordic Europeans and dogs.

1 a ufwifhweihwef

It has also been suggested that Little Red Riding Hood is of Asian origin, but there has been a new examination of this as well. I have a feeling it will not be the last such “new” discovery of  the brilliant achievements of our ancestors  if we have the courage to take credit for our true potential and stand up for who we and our ancestors are. Be proud.


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Mjölnir approved for use in Military Memorials and Gravestones of Fallen Odinist Warriors!

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The Rebirth of the Mjölnir

The Rebirth of the Mjölnir

Until very recently, in America, it was legal to fight and die for one’s country, but not to be buried with one’s own native, religious symbol, unless a soldier was non-white. Every single religious symbol one can easily think of was included apart from Thor’s hammer, the Mjölnir. For that matter, there was not a single native European religious symbol of any kind that was approved.

There was a staggering variety of Jewish, Islamic, and Asian religious traditions represented, and even Wicca and Atheism were  approved, but not Odinism. In fact, one moderator of an official “military religious freedom” group on facebook (a Jewish homosexual) threw me off of a group simply because I am an Odinist priestess. When another Odinist protested about this, the Jewish religious dictator told him that maybe Asatru would be allowed, but not Odinism.

An administrative employee of a military camp where I gave services locally even implied that my religion was not valid because  memorials were not approved for Odinist dead. Have a look at the religions that were approved by our Zionist occupied government in the picture below.

anti-white racism

Every religion, every race and ethnicity represented but one…

A brave mother and wife whose son and husband, Shane and Mark, had died in military service and who had not even been allowed to be buried with their own religious symbols, managed to overturn this atrocity against our men and put things right, at least to some extent. She also has managed, retroactively, to have her husband’s own religious symbol, Mjölnir, engraved upon his monument.

Isn’t it enough that these brave men are being used by the same foreign power that has insinuated itself into our banking, our government, our media and military, to fight wars that were not even for their own country and countrymen? It is more than time for that to change as well. Here is a short radio snippet about it given (of course) by a somewhat scornful homosexual, and which downplays this woman’s role, but she is a heroine of our faith and deserves our thanks, and great honor to her son and husband as well.

At any rate, well done Veteran’s Affairs Office. May it be a first step towards many changes for the better!


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Call for Papers for FoxFire!

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1 a uttuytutyuyu

Last chance to contribute an article, poetry, or story to upcoming FoxFire! Send us a message….

Foxfire Odinist Journal:

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