The LifeForce of Ostara, Baruch Goldstein vs. Brendan Tarrant, and the Rise of White Tribal Self Awareness

Please note, if you would like to go straight to the info about our native European religious holiday, Ostara, for now, please scroll to the bottom half of this page where you can view our Cosmic Ostara mini-series videos. To see a synopsis of the content of each video, please see here.

We are given the divine ability to create, and also the strength to strive to protect ourselves against those who seek to destroy us, our loved ones, and that which we and our ancestors have created. We have a choice of collaborating in our own destruction, or taking that power and using it to protect ourselves and our future generations from a living Zio-Hel. Instead of ignoring what is happening, hiding, or being frightened, we can take up the gauntlet that has been thrown down in such a surreptitious, cowardly way, and fight to save our folk. We still have a chance to win back our world from the trolls, and this is something we should do.

The evening before the Vernal Equinox is the beginning of our Ostara celebration. Equinox means “equal night. While it is not strictly true that the day and night are exactly equal in length on the equinox, they are relatively so, and so it is traditionally a time at which we think of balance.

In  terms of the wider meaning of balance, thanks to Christianity, in a spiritual sense, we have had an endless winter for a couple thousand years. In a metaphorical sense, it could be considered a sort of nuclear winter from a comet hit, in which the comet dust of cultural Marxism in the atmosphere has kept out the light of reason and the Sun, blocking them with its miasma, and turning our world to ice. Things have been out of their natural order, but the beauty of normalcy can be rebuilt and reborn, so that the Earth, and its inhabitants, can flourish again.

In our legends, the great God Tyr was willing to fight the Cosmic Wolf himself to save our world. How interesting it is that instead of us sacrificing ourselves, and even our tribe and family for a foreign god, our real God, Tyr, who is literally part of our family, was willing to make the sacrifice of losing his hand to protect us. We too must make a similar decision. Will we choose to stand on the side of our own people, against the forces of chaos?

When I was a child, my father told me that despite occasional events such as mass extinctions, life is not weak, but incredibly resilient and strong. He hung a picture of a group of smaller, but more focused and aggressive, leaping raptors bringing down a larger dinosaur, in my room. He said the raptors had a “can do” attitude, and he was right. It is this sort of attitude that gives us a chance to survive, both as individuals and a tribe.

Nature has both predators and battles in it, yet is beautiful, just as it is, and this is something we can celebrate, particularly on Ostara.

Even predators are beautiful in their own way. As omnivores, we share part of their fierce beauty… and although we have always tried to do so in a way that causes as little harm as possible, and to be constructive rather than destructive, traditionally, this glorious predator instinct is part of our make up too. We have within us the ability to fight for survival, and this is a natural and good thing… a necessary thing. Even though he was somewhat hampered by the Christian mind poison, William Blake could still see the burning beauty of the predator instinct shining out of the darkness, in his poem, Tyger.

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright, in the forests of the night… What immortal hand or eye… Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

In what distant deeps or skies, burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand dare seize the fire?

And what shoulder and what art, could twist the sinews of thy heart? And when thy heart began to beat..What dread hand? ..and what dread feet?

What the hammer? What the chain? In what furnace was thy brain? What the anvil? What dread grasp…Dare its deadly terrors clasp?

When the stars threw down their spears, And watered heaven with their tears, Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright… In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?
– William Blake, 1794

Predators are natural, as is protecting the women and children of one’s own kind, in one’s own nation, from invaders, but there are those who are unnatural, who kill not in order to survive, but out of laziness, arrogance, and greed for resources and power. Call them what you will… viruses, cancers, or parasites, they are so full of hate and so destructive that they seem not to belong in our world at all.

These literal trolls seek to take things out of their natural balance. They do not create anything, but feed off of others and they do not love life as we do, but death.  They would, quite literally, rather destroy a world that they themselves could not control, which is why they embrace what is known as the Samson Option.

In a psychological sense, I believe this particular variety of blood sucking parasite seeks to control, degrade, and destroy because they feel so inferior to us, and it is only by such means that they can temporarily gain the illusion of their superiority, and feel clever. However, it does not particularly matter why a troll wants to waylay children under a bridge and torture and kill them, only that they not be allowed to do it.

“This Land is Mine” the cartoon, “This Land is Mine, the real thing
See also, “Israel Is a Lunatic Nuclear State” by Norman Finkelstein and Helen Thomas and Obama on Nuclear Israel. Under the terms of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Israel is not allowed to receive aid from us because it does not allow inspections of its nuclear weapon arsenal, but the USA violates every law to obey Israel since Israel controls our government.

There is a somewhat tacky, or to be honest, intensely grade B Sci Fi movie called the Lifeforce that has become something of a cult film. It is about hibernating space vampires who were picked up and inadvertently taken back to Earth by intrepid astronauts. One of the alien vampires, who quite appropriately is half Jewish, is Matilda May, whose vampire persona has the habit of sucking the life force out of hapless victims while au naturel.

The father of the vampire and pornography actress, Mathida May,
Victor Haïm, is a Turkish Jew who married a Swedish dancer. His daughter, Mathilda May, goes out of her way to airily point out that originally those casting the movie were searching for “a blonde actress”, “who spoke English”, and how she got the job anyway. Of course, in reality, due to almost unbelievably extreme nepotism engaged in by the Jews of Hollywood, all she had to do to get a part instead of a blonde European ancestry woman was be Jewish . Its almost as though (((they))) envied and hated blondes and just used their genes occasionally for camouflage. For more about the war on blondes in the Jewish controlled media, see

Unlike Arab and Somalian invaders, who tend to only have rafts, these (((extraterrestrial vampires))) are willing to cross the vastness of space to find hosts, and will do just about anything to take every ounce of human energy they can. The Vampire-ess, who like Oppenheimer, is said to have “destroyed worlds”, and her lovers, have everything they need to do it too. From their base of operations, appropriately in a cathedral, they busily transfer the lifeforces they steal from humans to their mother ship, and also make themselves appear human to their victims, when actually they are gigantic bats. This process does not stop until one of the astronauts resists and skewers the female vampire with a large sword.

I was not thinking of the Lifeforce movie when I was tweeting this, but sometimes sci fi can be surprisingly true to life, for instance.

When Queen Boadicea was assaulted and lashed and her daughters raped by invaders, she and the men in her tribe, the great Iceni, did not lie about eating Cheetos, and watching men in tight pants play football, pray for their enemies, or seek out homosexual baby sitters or African children to adopt in order to virtue signal and be rewarded by our sick society. They burnt enemy occupied Londinium to the ground

Boudicea and the great warriors who aided her were a fine example of what we were when, in our Pagan past, we had a strong identity and actual honor, and of what we can be again. There is more joy in victory, survival, and life, than there is in degradation, and sacrifice of our beloved ancestors, ourselves, our families, and our honor for a foreign god who does not even exist. In our present situation, what would Boadicea do?

Our ancestors, on either side of this engagement, were not cowards and wastrels who sat around allowing their daughters to be raped. The men of our tribe traditionally have always taken on the role of males, of warriors, and have been honored and loved for it by their womenfolk. If the originally strong, proud warriors of our folk, instead of working together and fighting these (((unnatural extraterrestrial creatures))), were worrying about appeasing the vampire’s god, or about appearing to be specie-ist, considering if the vampires had not had equal advantages in space, and giving them green cards, they would not be able to defeat the alien invaders.

In the light of the recent massacre, whether it be real, or a false flag which is part of the ever-present Jewish effort to take away our gun rights world wide, the truth is that no one normal who has a clue what is happening could care less about the invaders. They have been allowed to use us financially to the point of ensuring poverty for many of our own people, including our elderly, veterans, and young couples who would like to be able to afford to have families in the lands their ancestors created rather than paying for invaders to have families and homes at their expense.

Interestingly, the only other person I could find who had written about this very obvious comparison which (((for some reason))) has not been mentioned, had their thread removed. This thread was on 4 CHAN. No dissent from Jewish agenda and point of view allowed, Goyim!

These “immigrants” have robbed, raped and even prostituted, the children and women of our tribe en masse, and have taken jobs, scholarships, and university places that our own hard working European ancestry people should have been given. They have done this without even having to work to come up to our academic standards, for instance in the cases where applicants to university admissions programs were given bonus SAT points for being Black for the purposes of admission. Such invaders routinely insult our culture, revile our race, and try to guilt trip us for having created more highly advanced civilizations, and even arrogantly demand that we should bow down to their ways. They are part and parcel of an attempt to racially replace us by the Jews who are orchestrating mass immigration into our lands specifically to ethnically cleanse us.

At this point, if you have not considered it before, please think about the extreme hypocrisy in evidence in this equation, and read our White Genocide page. Semites, Africans, and others not of out race, have their own resources, lands, and people, and they can take care of their own folk if they wish to. It is not our job. Thankfully, unlike Christians, who are willing to neglect their own tribe in order to sacrifice everything to the African world village, we Odinists take care of our own people.

If we do not have the courage to be on the side of our own folk we shall not survive, and we shall not deserve to.

Has everyone in our controlled media forgotten the shrines and celebrations for the mass murderer Baruch Goldstein, who killed 29 praying Moslem Arabs in a mosque and wounded more than a hundred more? This is the doctor who refused to treat gentiles when working at the hospital because according to the Talmud it is a sin to save a gentile from danger of death. He is considered a martyr and saint and is extolled by many Jews worldwide, In fact, just after the massacre, some ten thousand Jews visited a monument to him to honor his memory. How strange and sad that Jews demand the right to take the land of others and savagely murder them, while we do not even dare give ourselves permission to protect our own lands and folk.

An understated, but red pilled meme….

Jews are doing their best to take away our gun rights in every European heritage nation, at times using fake shootings, in tandem with their stranglehold over 97 percent of the media, to garner public support for gun control. What’s next? Having taken away gun rights in Europe, now Jews are demanding special guns rights only for Jews in the EU. We are supposed to feel sorry for them because they have spearheaded mass immigration of Arabs and other non Whites to genocide our people in our own nations, and some Jews may get killed in the process. We are not a factor,  because according to the Talmud, we are not human, only Jews are. I wonder what would happen if  Jews are allowed to have guns and we are not. Hmnnn… It is notable, perhaps that 7 people in New Zealand have been arrested for having viewed videos of the New Zealand massacre and the shooters words in his manifesto and have beenthreatened with ten years in jail for viewing these videos.

Zionists do not even bother to pretend to allow dissent now.

It is true that the invaders are the biological weapons of the Jews, but they have no business in our lands any more than we have in theirs. Those who bother to pretend to care about invaders who came here to use us financially and destroy us do not fool anyone at this point. Such people, who willingly side with invaders who are harming the weakest members of our tribe, are our deadly enemies. Others just do not understand what is necessary to survive. Fortunately, the numbers of based, red pilled Odinist folk are rising exponentially. The vampires and their minions are not going to leave our planet or, for that matter, our nations, willingly…. and waving crosses at them simply will not help.

Most of my social media comments and accounts have been removed because Odinists, especially blonde ones, are not allowed to express any opinions Jews do not like or to practice religions that do not involve worshiping a Jewish god. In fact, they even banned a picture I posted of an Ostara bunny once. I am usually banned just before every Ostara, but this year they have banned my account entirely, just before this Yule, so that thousands of European ancestry people and families, and their children, have not be able to access historical information about our religion from my social media pages. Well one might ask, what kind of (((sick control freak trolls))) would ban an Ostara bunny, but I’m sure we all know.

Oh no! It’s an Ostara bunny, and its White and its looking at the Moon which is also…White. How “racist”!!!!
No White bunnies or real European religion that is not judified or homosexualized allowed on Zionbook. Clearly, this is a very dangerous bunny…

The reason, I am perpetually banned 11 months out of 12 each year and now permanently, is in retaliation for such ‘sins” as posting our own sacred symbols on Facebook, posting notices of events such as our religious holiday services, and suggesting that raping our White European ancestry women out of racial hatred is not a positive thing..

By contrast, Jews are free to celebrate holidays whose central theme is taking over nations and executing the patriots of that nation, then stealing from and murdering its citizens…. for example, in the case of Purim, by means of a Jewish whore seducing a nation’s king by appealing to his ego and turning him against his wife. Zionists even have a modern hate holiday about their murder of a young blonde European ancestry woman who dared to stand up to them. See, THE NEW JEWISH HATE HOLIDAY… RACHEL CORRIE VITRIOL, HAMAN, AND PURIM…. but we are not supposed to celebrate our own holidays because, according to the Talmud, we have inferior souls.

If we do want to have any celebrations, according to our Zionist masters, we apparently need to worship their god, and allow our original holidays to have this Jewish supremacist “god” superimposed over our actual ancestral Gods. All the meaning is taken away, of course, and the icing on the cake is that we are supposed to revile our own beloved deities into the bargain, and hate our own ancestors, but not hate our enemies, which is incredibly convenient for some (((people))).

Despite our ancestral deities being, quite literally, the well spring from which we flow, we are told our Gods are demons. Jews have not just poisoned our water as they have poisoned the wells of the Palestinians, apart, quite possibly, from allowing fluoride to be added to it, but they have corrupted our most sacred rituals and our spirits, our very souls, beyond all recognition. Why is it so important for them to do this in order to destroy us? Identity makes us stronger, and more alive…

I do a great deal of work to restore our religion, so please watch the Cosmic Ostara videos, which put some of the details of our own religion into a more accurate and meaningful context. Our festival continues until the traditional date for its height, the high feast of Ostara, which is on or near the same day as the present day Christian Easter, so we have a long and glorious holiday to look forward to. The Cosmic Ostara Video Mini Series has three parts.

Cosmic Ostara I
Duration: 35.46
Recorded: On the 18th of March, 2013
Author and Narrator: Seana Fenner (Odinia)
Best Viewed: On or about the Spring Equinox.

Cosmic Ostara II
Duration: 42:17
Recorded: On the 26th of March, 2013
Author and Narrator: Seana Fenner (Odinia)
Best viewed: On or about the full moon after the Vernal Equinox

Cosmic Ostara III
Duration: 106:34
Recorded: On the 30th of March, 2013
Writer and Narrator: Seana Fenner (Odinia)
Best viewed: On the High Feast of Ostara

There has been a well organized and long standing effort to present our ancestral European religion in a misleading manner that suits certain agendas and special interest groups. If you find yourself wading through materials of that kind, my suggestion would simply be to consider the source.

Primarily, erroneous information is promoted by those who hate Europeans, our culture and our Gods themselves. Their agendas include wishing to promote race mixing us out, or the domination of Jews, other races not of our ethnic group, and homosexuals over our religious practice. They present inaccurate material about the history of our religion in an attempt to advance these agendas. For example, against all historical, archaeological, and genetic evidence, they try to suggest our ancestors, and even our Gods, embraced race mixing, homosexual marriage, and drug using lifestyles, and that they considered homosexual lifestyles superior to traditional marriage, as in the mannerbund scam. The idea is that we should follow suit and engage in self and tribally destructive behavior.

Being “evil Nazis”, even in the case of those of us who are not German, we are not, in their opinion, entitled to conduct our own ancestral religious services ourselves, without them overseeing us. Instead, we are supposed to listen to Jewish “experts”, and Black or homosexual “experts”employed by Jews, and obey them just like the “human cattle”, or goyim they call us.

Obviously, I am pro European and love my tribe, but in the Cosmic Ostara videos, I am narrating what I believe to be correct based on actual history, archaeology, and science. In order to further our cause of preserving accurate information about our religion, I should mention that despite all the slander and libel, unlike those trying to use our religion and hijack it for anti European Zionist aims, I actually do have some idea of what I am talking about. I did receive a graduate degree from Oxford, have been to virtually all important ancient archaeological sites and their attendant museums in Western Europe, and I was accepted at Oxford on the basis of my writing and research skills. My work is something that can be taken seriously because it is done in good scholarly faith, which certainly cannot be said of the exclusively Jewish- led fake Pagan organizations who are trying to spin our religion to suit their own ends.

See ODINIA’S RESPONSE TO VICE: THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY, DECODING JEWISH FAKE PAGAN PROPAGANDA for more about the efforts to change history and eliminate our true ancestral spiritual heritage as our ancestors experienced it. Such efforts, are, in essence, attempts to Christianize our beloved religious traditions.

A glorious Fabergé egg, commissioned in
1897 by Nicholas the II, Tzar of Russia, whose entire family, including his children, was assassinated by Jews, and whose people were then killed by these same Communist Jews in the tens of millions. Strangely, for some reason, we never hear about this in the almost entirely Jewish controlled media. For more about this topic, see Hidden Holocausts of Word War II.

You also might enjoy PAGAN EGG PAINTING FOR OSTARA…THE MAGICAL ART AND SYMBOLISM OF PYSANKY I know we have often have very little time, but participating in our Odinist festivals is a great use of any extra time we do have, especially with loved ones. Traditions such as egg painting and hunts, and many other delightful European Pagan customs, strengthen individuals, our identity, and the bonds among our tribe. Our tribal religious rituals are a source of joy, inspiration, and connection to our ancestral spirits and Gods. In order to be whole and have balance in our lives, we need to exercise the body, the mind, and the spirit, and such things make our spirits grow, like sprouting seeds, and remind us that we are part of the beauty of Nature.

Embracing our own culture and its celebrations is no small thing in the cause of tribal survival either. It may mean the difference between victory or defeat and utter extinction, not just for us, but the planet itself. If you are of our people, now is a good time to become a full part of our tribe. We are starting chapters everywhere we can. Celebrate the wonder of the return of our European ancestral religion, and help us to bring the light of Spring back to our folk. Get in touch at 863-877-0848 or at

Our ancestral spirits and Gods give us many gifts, and today, on the Vernal Equinox 2019, I was given this exquisite German chocolate cake as a present by a intelligent and beautiful young lady named Jessica. It was a lovely surprise and I was very moved by it. I intend to share it with other Odinists to give them the same joy and hope that she gave me. It is true that spiritual gifts cannot be bought, even in the hyper- materialistic Zionist realm we live in at the moment. Such gifts as this, nourish not just the body, but the soul. It is a sign of even better things to come.

Happy Ostara!!

Waes Hael…


News….Cosmic Ostara, and Odinist Podcast Computer Replacement Campaign!

Greetings Fellow Odinists…

Before anything else, you should know, in case you do not, that we have a 3- part Cosmic Ostara Mini-Series of video redes and blots which are viewable here. For those who are not yet Pagan, Ostara, or Eostre, is the Germanic holiday Easter is based upon.


The Goddess of Spring Awakens

The Goddess of Spring Awakens…

For newer members, and others involved in our sacred family or tribal tree project, it will take some time to have our sacred oak seedlings ready, because we are actually gathering the acorns from the ancient trees themselves in their countries of origin.We do think this is a worthwhile enterprise though, and we shall send them as soon as we are able to. Even if it does take a little more time and effort, there is nothing like the real thing.

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Mani, the Nordic Moon God... see podcasts for more about the masculine essence of the moon...

Mani, the Nordic Moon God… See Odinist podcasts for more about the masculine essence of the moon…

We have already had our first feast day for Ostara … This year, the second feast day and the High Feast of Ostara itself fall  on the same day, so next weekend will be a very significant one for Odinists all over the world.

Wishing you and yours a glorious Ostara!



Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Ostara!

Wishing you a Happy and Blessed Ostara!

Cosmic Ostara Odinist Videos!


Updated for Ostara 2017!



Greetings to my fellow Odinists…

I hope you enjoy our Odinia International Cosmic Ostara Podcast Mini-Series for the Festival of  Ostara!

The altar picture above is taken at Freyjahof in honor of Ostara. It seems such a short time ago that these were recorded for 2013 Ostara celebration…

I am going to post this now so as to have the videos and links readily available for those who celebrate Ostara on the Equinox only. At Odinia, we believe that our ancestors had more feast days, and the height of our Ostara festival is (and was) later than the equinox. We celebrate all three feast days.(-; For more on Ostara reckoning and rituals, please see Cosmic Ostara Part 1, the first video in the series below. Come back and watch each of the 3 video redes and blóts for the corresponding days of Ostara if you like.

Remember that there are more Odinist videos on the Odinistpodcast Channel on Youtube. If you wish to be placed on our new occasional newsletter mailing list, email us with “add me” in the subject like at If you are interested in submitting an article for the Odinist Journal FoxFire, or in joining Odinia International, email us  at

Cosmic Ostara I

Duration: 35.46

Recorded: On the 18th of March, 2013

Author and Narrator: Seana Fenner (Odinia)

Best Viewed: On or about the Spring Equinox, which is today, the 20th of March, 2017


This is a general, introductory video which particularly touches upon the theme of having a European tribal world view as opposed to a Semito-centric world view. We discuss the history and practice of Eostre reckoning, and the Pagan solar markers in ancient temples, which were purloined by Christians and turned into churches in an attempt to violate and usurp our native traditions. We also explore some of the surviving Ostara traditions and historical records that refer to them.

In addition to these themes, we  recite some readings, prayers, and poetry, suitable for one’s own redes and blóts, and provide some background information upon Persephone and Demeter, as well as old world cosmic archetypes. These are necessary for understanding some of the ancient  Nordic beliefs (common to both Norse and the original Nordic Greek culture) having to do with death, marriage, and rebirth, which are alluded to in the following episodes…

Cosmic Ostara II

Duration: 42:17

Recorded: On the 26th of March, 2013

Author and Narrator: Seana Fenner (Odinia)

Best viewed: On or about the full moon after the Vernal Equinox, which falls this year on April 10-11th depending on location.


This podcast continues to explore the symbolism and origin of Ostara, and of European solar deities, and the original Pagan concept of resurrection. To a greater extent than most other broadcasts,  for the sake of those still involved with Christianity, we delve into the sometimes overlooked option for European ancestry folk of taking off the chains of Jew worship, and coming back to our own native religion, Odinism, instead.

In connection with this topic, we look into how perception is adversely affected by brainwashing, and recite a couple historical poems and quotes about perception. We attempt to  present a more realistic historical world view of the far distant past, seeing it from a sane and rational European perspective based on evidence, rather than a Semito-centric one. We do this, most especially, in response and reference to the mainly Jewish- led and organized anti-European anti-Ostara campaign, which seeks to remove the last vestiges of European culture from the Judeo- Christian religion, and to demonize our entire culture and history.

We are concerned about our fellow European ancestry folk who, due to not having the facts they need to make a good decision, may be  manipulated into adhering to this destructive alien agenda. If it were to succeed, those victimized by this program would become completely without ethnic and tribal identity, totally enslaved to a foreign people and religion, not their own.

The ultimate aim of this push is to make all non Jews into race-less goyim (human cattle), or Noahides, which are, in essence, Jewish controlled zombies. By contrast, we hold the idea that European peoples should love and protect our own tribe, and continue to exist as a race, with basic freedoms and rights, such as freedom of speech, thought, and religion. If you know European folk who might not realize the greatness and beauty of our Nordic religion, culture, and people, and how important it is to preserve our Nation of Odin, you may wish to share this video with them.

Cosmic Ostara III

Duration: 106:34

Recorded: On the 30th of March, 2013

Writer and Narrator: Seana Fenner (Odinia)

Best viewed: On the High Feast of Ostara, the 16th of April, in 2017


In this video, we  delve into some of the topics already alluded to in more detail, particularly  cosmic iconography and astronomical connotations, and we speak of the Heathen origin of what are now commonly and erroneously thought of as Christian symbols. We discuss the thyrsos, sacred fruits, the live-giving food of the Gods, the European origin of the Jewish Eve myth, nudity, the life force, Iðunn, Nerthus, the Earth Goddess,  Asklēpiós, Sigurd, the meaning of the chi rho, sacred marriage, immortality, constellations, and dragons.

We close with a song that one might wish to include in one’s blót and which we use in conjunction with our Pomegranate Ritual. The tune itself is an ancient one, but I have given it new Odinist words.


You can also find other Odinist podcasts on the Odinistpodcast Channel on Youtube. Here is a

Other News: We shall try to get our annual online journal out as soon as possible. As you may know, we have been having some computer difficulties and must replace our main computer. We have a couple new videos like those posted on this page waiting to be made into their final form as soon as we have managed to do this.

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Waes Hael!