The Red Squirrel, the Donar Oak, and Winter Finding with New Videos!

Greetings to my Fellow Odinists!

Quite soon… this Friday, the 22nd of September, the Wheel of the Year will turn towards Autumn. To celebrate, we are posting our Winter Finding-Mabon article, with a couple much newer videos to accompany it… and as of today, Mabon itself, I am adding this new cheerful news…the red squirrels, whose situation mirrors ours, and who have been teetering on the edge of extinction, are beginning to come back! .If they can do it, so can we! (-:

The Return of the Red Squirrel.. (-;

The Return of the Red Squirrel.. (-;

In case you missed it, our Odinist Podcast YouTube Channel video, just below, speaks of the Autumnal Equinox … and contains an extended metaphor about how desirable the continued survival of our tribe would be. It encourages us to make this happen.. to preserve and enjoy our traditions and our folk.

Yes, we can... we can take back our lands, or society, and our freedom...

Yes, we can… we can take back our lands, or society, and our freedom…

And for comic relief, that epitome of leftist anti White Jewish rags, the Guardian, is presenting those who want to cull the invading grey squirrel to protect the red squirrel from extinction as terroristic racists because the red squirrel is European. No, I’m not kidding!

Because preserving anything European is "racist"

Because preserving anything European is “racist”

One wonders what will be next… one imagines that soon these maniacal anti -whites will categorize some endangered native species as “good” and others as “bad” based upon whether they are European or not, and demand that every species everywhere that is European should give way to invading hordes and aid in its own extermination, or be called “prejudiced” by anti racist environmentalists!

Yes, we can... we can take back our lands, or society, and our freedom...

Remember European ancestry folks, protecting your race from invading savages makes you a “racist”, so be proud!

The other addition is a brand new Instragram mini-movie of a lovely little real life red squirrel I met in Denmark just this summer. At the end is the original article.

May our Gods and Ancestors aid our efforts to survive and prosper!

Autumnal blessings…



11. August, 2017 Rørvig, Denmark

11. August, 2017 Rørvig, Denmark

Winter Finding – Mabon Meditation: Red Squirrel & Tribal Survival

(Original article, first published, on the 23rd of September, 2014)

Can the Red squirrel come back from the edge of extinction… can we? Some encouraging words about Winter Finding and survival…

Today, the 23rd of September, is the Autumnal Equinox, when our wheel of the year turns to Autumn, towards Winter… and the dark part of the year! This is a good time to get prepared before the chilliest weather sets in… Odinists refer to this holiday, when we enjoy a celebratory ritual, as Winter Finding, and Pagans of more Celtic bent also call it Mabon. Here is a little squirrel to light up your day… see how many nuts he has!

Squirrel gatheringlnuts..

Squirrel gathering walnuts..

Gathering acorns is also a good activity…  for both squirrel and tree… This symbiotic relationship ensures that the squirrel is well- fed in winter, but it is also of benefit to the oak tree, because extra acorns, never recovered but often planted by the squirrel in nooks and crannies where they can grow, ensure that these amazing little seeds of the oak are spread far and wide… sometimes becoming towering oak trees that the squirrels can use as homes and for sustenance.

Although edible, the tannin in acorns makes them a bit hard on human stomachs, however, for Odinists, the acorn has great spiritual significance, nevertheless. The acorn is  full of potential and a symbol of good fortune. All over Europe, and far beyond, the oak has been considered a sacred tree for our people for millennia beyond counting. It has often served as a place for ritual gatherings, and it harbors the holy mistletoe in its branches as well, which is thought of as a gift of heaven.

The sacred oak and acorn, Odinist symbols of good fortune and purpose....

The sacred oak and acorn, Odinist symbols of good fortune and purpose…

Because the oak attracts lightning more than any other tree, it has, since our beginnings, been the symbol of our great God Thor, and also of Perun, and Zeus, his Slavic and Greek counterparts, respectively. The lightning is a symbol of growth, hope, and fertility, and of the masculine power and strength of Thor, just as the swastika is. They are symbols of the life force.

This creative power and strength is meant to extend to our people as well. The oak forms a bridge between us and our Gods, a connection between us and nature, and a link to our ancestors. When standing under the spreading branches of an ancient oak, one is in a timeless place. One who could not feel the awe of it would have to be insensible indeed.

Celebrating the Autumnal Equinox

Happy Winter Finding!

The red squirrel is the native squirrel of the British Isles, and due to the mass immigration of the grey squirrel, which is bigger and more aggressive,  he has almost become extinct. The grey squirrel imports a disease that the red squirrel is especially susceptible to, a squirrel pox virus. The grey squirrel can also digest seeds that are not fully ripe better, giving them a competitive advantage over the red squirrels, whose habit, quite naturally, is to collect seeds when they are ready to eat. The grey squirrels also steal nuts from the red squirrels who have collected them. Also the grey squirrel is less sensitive, living anywhere, while the red squirrel prefers a more natural environment, which is why they are seen often in more remote forested areas, such as Scotland. If our forests diminish more, so will they. There seem to be many parallels between the animal kingdom and ours! Nature teaches us everything we need to know, if only we will listen…

Let us hope that this little red squirrel wins the battle of survival and does not leave us. The world would be a much poorer place without him…

May we win our war for life and freedom as well. Let’s start preparing NOW.

Motivated red squirrel leaps though the snowy air in Scotland..

Motivated red squirrel leaps though the snowy air in Scotland..

Waes Hael!




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