Israel and 9- 11…Even the Cat can figure it out.

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Mossad did 9-11

Video by the Director of Studies at the US War College

If Americans did know the truth about 911, that it was done by Mossad with cooperation of the dual Israeli citizens and other traitors in the US government, would even this wake them up? I hope so…

After all, how much does it take for the people to understand that the third building at the scene, building 7, was brought down by a controlled demolition? There is all the physical evidence in the world and no reputable physicist, fireman, or explosives expert would disagree. As this man in the video above rightly points out, if this building was demolished, so were the others. It was investigated by Jews, it benefited the Jews, Mossad agents were on the scene with cameras set up in advance to, as they put it, “record the event”. The circumstantial evidence is, well… overwhelming.

Here is the next question. What is it going to take for anyone, anywhere, to do anything about it? Israel bombed the King David Hotel (killing Europeans) using Israelis dressed as Arabs. They did the same with the Lavon Affair (the targets being both European and Americans), with Israelis dressed as Arabs (again), then there is the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty (171 American servicemen wounded 34 dead).

The attack on the USS Liberty was meant to be blamed on the Egyptians, also in order to advance Israeli aims, and to cause war for Israel’s benefit, using the same misguided Americans who attacked their brothers in Europe for the sake of Jewish finance, to attack Arabs as well. “Goyim fight my wars”! Also… “Let me disarm all of you”, while Israel uses its ill-gotten gains such as reparation money, your taxes, especially if you are American, your lives, and those of your loved ones or countrymen, and illegal central bank money taken from debt slaves all over the world, to amass even more nuclear weapons and power in order to destroy us all.

One wonders… if Israelis really want peace why Menachim Begin, a terrorist who was involved in the assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte, the Special UN Mediator (who  really was trying to make peace) was made Prime Minister of Israel?

Count Folke Bernadotte… Murdered by Israel

Israel also arranged for this same murdering, cowardly, terrorist, Menachim Begin, to receive the Nobel Peace Prize…

Menachim Begin: Murderer, Terrorist and, fittingly, former Prime Minister of Israel

Yes, even a cat can figure it out. I hope all of us humans can figure it out in time.

The OMG Cat discovers Mossad did 9-11

ZOG wants to make sure that no one, not even this cat, talks about 9 11

ZOG wants to make sure that no one, not even this cat, talks about 9 11

It’s hard to believe but yes, Jewtube really did censor the cat as well. Here is a replacement.



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