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Our ways, not theirs…

It is not well known just how bizarre the foreign religious take-over of Europe really was. The enemies of our people used lies, bribery, torture, book burning, thought control legislation, assassination and many other hateful acts to overturn the rule of honor that Europe had lived by and cherished. In real terms, the forced christianization of Europe was an attempt to accomplish the overthrow of all that that is good and pure. Most of all, freedom of thought was attacked, and nobility targeted. Just as Judaism created Marxism, so did the foreign Judeo-Christian cult enforce and promote Cultural Marxism.

The bravest, who dared to speak out against this tyranny, and against the thought crime laws, were tortured and- or killed, or banished. They also were dispossessed of their land, other property, and power, which was the whole point. King Guthroth, who dared to defy the creeping Semitic plague that was afflicting his people, was ambushed while sleeping, and his tongue cut out by the cowardly Olaf, who was then “sainted”. And so began a process that weeded out those of nobility and character, and promoted collaborators and cowards.

There are many videos on Youtube showing Nordic people joining Semitic cults, for instance, converting to Islam. Here is just one example.

Young Christian Europeans Converting to Islam

Although Christianity has taken on some of the trappings of our religion, there is very little difference. Both are Semitic religions and both demand obedience to a Jewish god and love and  loyalty for that same foreign god above one’s own tribe and family. A European person converting to any Semitic religion was, and is, an unnatural and degrading spectacle.

One Ring to Rule them All: The Tale of the Forgotten Kingdom

Well the video below has been taken out, because presumably history is in fact, “racist. Video restored here on 19/6/2019. 

Even though the video just above does not even mention the fact that the Khazars were Jews, or that Charlemagne was more than half Jewish, it and the account of the person who made it were removed, as you will see if you click on it. If you disagree with the idea of there only being one god, who just happens to be a Jewish supremacist one, and do not worship that god,  and hate your own European ancetral religion and Gods, Youtube deems you to be a blasphemer, who deserves to be banned apparently… and  besides, disagreeing with Jews or mentioning their crimes is “hatred” and “racism”, or so we are told. Never mind (-; like the sacred tree, we shall come back regardless. Here is a surviving copy.

Below is an article written by Osred Jameson, whose work I very much admire. I do not think this excellent timeline can be reproduced enough! It is reproduced from:

The Odinic Rite of Australia


How Europe was Overrun by Christians”

  by Osred Jameson

Christians complain a lot about the “persecutions” they allegedly suffered in ancient Rome. Given that they were trying to destroy the Heathen spiritual values that had made Rome great in the first place, it is not surprising that the Heathens tried to defend themselves. The Christian apologists also try to imply that Heathenism somehow just melted away before the Christian religion, as if the Heathens somehow saw “the error of their ways” and leapt to accept the Christian god as soon as he was offered to them. What the Christians don’t like to remember is the very real persecution they inflicted, as soon as they could, on Heathens who chose to retain the faith of their forebears. Here is just a small sample of the atrocities that led to the Christian destruction of Heathen Europe:

 Roman Empire:

 315 CE. Christianity becomes legal.

From now on Pagan temples are increasingly destroyed by Christian mobs. Some famous temples that are ruined include the Sanctuary of Æsculapius, the Temple of Aphrodite in Lebanon, the Heliopolis, the Temple of Serapis in Egypt, and many others. Christian priests such as Cyril of Heliopolis and Mark of Arethusa become renowned as “temple destroyers” .

Pagan priests are increasingly murdered, together with their Heathen congregations.

356 CE. Pagan services are punishable by death. The Christian Emperor Theodosius even murders children caught playing with the remains of Heathen statues.

Pagan philosophers are cruelly murdered. Perhaps the most revered Heathen martyr is Hypatia of Alexandria, daughter of Theon the mathematician. Urged on by St Cyril of Alexandria, a mob of Christian fanatics dragged the world-famous philosopher from her chariot, stripped her naked, hauled her to the church, and there murdered her by scraping the flesh from her bones with sharp oyster shells. Her mortal remains were then burned before the screaming Christian hordes.

The Slaughter of the Saxons:

 c. 550 CE. Germanic beliefs are outlawed in the Frankish kingdom. All Heathen temples and symbols are ordered to be destroyed. Heathen songs, dances and holidays forbidden under pain of extreme punishment.

719 CE. Frankish Christian missionaries ravage Frisia with fire and sword.

January 774 CE. Charlemagne vows to convert the Saxons, or, failing that, to wipe them out.

780 CE. Charlemagne decrees the death penalty for all who fail to be baptised, who fail to keep Christian festivals, who cremate their dead, who are hostile toward Christians, etc etc.

782 CE. 4,500 Saxon nobles are beheaded in one day at Verden on the Aller for refusing to convert.

804 CE. The last Heathen resistance in Saxony is put down. In thirty years of genocide, from 774 to 804, two thirds of the Saxons have been killed.

 The British Isles

 597 CE. The Augustinian mission arrives in Kent. Its aim is to convert heathen kings, who will then force the new religion on their followers. The situation is confusing, because kings seldom live to a great age, and their successors often repudiate the alien faith.

616 CE. Athelfrith, heathen king of Northumbria, defeats a huge Christian crusade at Chester.

617 CE. Athelfrith slain at battle of River Idle. His neurotic rival Edwin becomes king, and is subsequently converted to Christianity, forcing his subjects to give up their old faith.

653 CE. King Sigibert foists Christianity on Heathen Essex.

654 CE. Penda of Mercia, the last great heathen Anglo-Saxon king, is slain by Christians at the battle of Winwæd. Only Sussex and the Isle of Wight hold out (for a short time) against Christianity.

Late 8th century onwards. Heathen Scandinavians settle all parts of British Isles.

1066 CE onwards. William the Conquerer is still passing laws against Paganism. Its last redoubt, in practice if not in theory, is the Border counties which form a buffer between England and Scotland.

1603 CE. James VI of Scotland becomes also James I of England. He crushes the Borderers and destroys their separate culture.


 994 CE. Olaf Tryggvason adopts Christianity in exchange for accepting a vast amount of protection money from the English. Through a brutal campaign that tolerates no opposition he “converts” Norway to Christianity. With Norway fall Shetland, the Orkneys and the Faroes.

c.1000 CE. Olaf holds prominent Icelandic pagans hostage and demands that Iceland accept the new religion. Iceland falls.

After 1000 CE. On the death of Olaf Norway returns gladly to Paganism.

1016 CE. Olaf the Stout, later called St Olaf, seizes the throne of Norway. He murders, blinds and maims heathens. Heathen temples are ruthlessly robbed and destroyed.

Twelfth century CE. The great temple at Uppsala in Sweden is destroyed by Christian fanatics.


 It is impossible to estimate the numbers of Eastern Europeans murdered by crusading Christians. The Teutonic Knights, for instance, conquered Heathen Prussia in 1226. All Prussians who refused to convert to Christianity were murdered. The Lithuanians were a Heathen tribe who were attacked by the Teutonic Knights throughout the 13th century. They held out successfully, with the help of religious refugees from Prussia and Lettonia, until a monarchy emerged. King Mindaugas betrayed the ancestral religion of his subjects in 1251, after which Lithuania was forcibly converted to Christianity.

 It is equally impossible to estimate the numbers of pagans murdered in the New World by Christians. Columbus planted a cross wherever he went, vowing to “do all the mischief that we can” to natives who refused to convert. The Christians brought with them skills of torture that had been refined on their own people in Europe for hundreds of years.

One Indian chief, Hatuey, fled with his people but was captured and burned alive. As “they were tying him to the stake a Franciscan friar urged him to take Jesus to his heart so that his soul might go to heaven, rather than descend into hell. Hatuey replied that if heaven was where the Christians went, he would rather go to hell.” (Source: D. Stannard, American Holocaust, Oxford University Press 1992.)

 That same sentiment must have been expressed time after time in Europe in the period when Odinists were offered a choice between converting to Christianity or being tortured, maimed and killed. The 4,500 Saxon nobles callously slaughtered by the Christian fanatic Charlemagne on one day in 782 must have had similar thoughts. The Norse Sagas record occasions when Christians tortured entire Odinist families in the hope of forcing parents to convert, thereby sparing their children further pain. Sometimes the children were stronger than their parents, urging them not to yield and thereby bring disgrace on their ancestors.


 It is clear that Christianity prevailed over European heathenism solely because Christians resorted to torture, murder, and other clear breaches of the law that applied in those times, while the Heathens upheld the prevailing “rules of engagement” that they considered to be honourable.”


In addition to the  points raised by Osred above, in order to take us up to our present time, there are a few other important factors that should be raised. One thing I consistently notice is that many European Christians seem to disrespect, or even hate, their own people, history and culture. This is a major reason why they disparage their own native religion in favor of a foreign one. As unnatural as this is, this reaction is not really surprising because they have been brainwashed, from a very early age, to identify with alien Semitic peoples rather than their own.

The picture above was taken of a page found on a Protestant church bulletin board. Such non European materials are often given to small European children to color on the off chance that a child might otherwise actually identify with his own race instead of Hebrews.  Unless one is very strong minded, a helpless European child subjected to this sort of propaganda programme, often endorsed by his or her own parents,  does not have much chance of NOT losing his own unique cultural identity.

People, such as the young European men and boys  in the first video on this page, converting to Islam, are doing so because our folk have been brainwashed for generations and forced not to have our own cultural identity. Human beings who are stripped of their culture, which they need, will even adopt a foreign cult, no matter how ridiculous it is, simply because they innately crave an identity. 

Such conversions did not happen voluntarily when we were fully aware of our own great accomplishments as a people, and allowed to practice our own native faith. Instead, all Europeans, especially those of noble ancestry and sacred blood, knew who we were and honored our ancestors, even in some cases keeping masks of the dead. We sought to emulate greatness of our high ones in word and deed. We certainly did not refer to our Gods as comic book characters, or allow others to do so. No normal person of any race, ethnicity or tribe would do so without extreme brain washing.

Scholarship….and the Reverse…

From Ellis-Davidson, "Scandinavian Mythology"

From Ellis-Davidson, “Scandinavian Mythology”

It is astounding that the woman who wrote this, named Ellis- Davidson, whose names  appear to indicate that she is a ethnically Jewish Christian, and not very objective… to the point of telling outrageous lies about history, is generally regarded as an expert “scholar”. It is also very surprizing that she would ever have received any degree or have managed to have a single book of this standard published considering how nonsensical the content is. .

Needless to say, Vikings, not to mention ancient Greeks, Celts and other Europeans, have been wearing Thor hammers or other symbols of our faith, and building wooden and stone temples and monuments many THOUSANDS of years before a primitive Jewish cult, recently made up by desert people with no civilization of their own, came to Europe and copied and perverted the meanings of the symbols of our culture to suit their own ends.

In the beginning, before the plague of Christianity first reached Europe’s  shores, it was different. The fact that our own religion was being supplanted by a Semitic cult that was obnoxiously taking our rituals, sacred narratives, and holy sites, and simply copying them for their own use, while stripping them of their true meaning, was abundantly obvious to everyone and there was great resistance. As Osred so wisely noted above, our folk were unprepared for the depth of depravity that Semitic cultural philosophy entailed, nor for the greed and oppression that accompanied it. Having lived in a truly free society which operated on the basis of honor, the insanity of Semitic religion was inconceivable  to them at first.

Imagine what it must have been like for them before that terrible day that those who had been bribed by the foreign cult arrived…a free people actually innately practicing a genuine religion and worshipping our real Gods and our Ancestors rather than being forced to tolerate a false, foreign replacement which could never be anything more than a poor copy of their own religion, with a dash of Cultural Marxism added in to destroy us. Our Nordic soul, our tribal nature, and our REAL selves were repressed in those days and almost died… but we are now being reborn as the unnatural nature of the Jewish cult destroys itself. Let us take make sure that the Nordic soul, and our real religion, are fully restored, alive and unfettered.

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