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Odin and Odinism and definition of Odinism

Odin, not a Sheep, but a Warrior…

Odinism is the native religion of Scandinavian, Celtic, Anglo- Saxon, and Germanic peoples, and of other European tribes. It has been our innate faith since Cro-Magnon times and beyond…back to the time of our beginnings.. Ours is a religion of honor, joy, reason, intellectual curiosity and meritocracy.. It is a religion that speaks to our blood, that celebrates our connection with our ancestors and descendants… a living tree of life whose branches are our family.

Our European spiritual tradition and cultural outlook are very different indeed from that of the much more recent Semitic cults, also known as “Abrahamic religions”, such as Islam, Judaism, and  Christianity. In fact, these cults are entirely alien to our original Aryan culture and people. The only real point of contact between our real religion and the Judeo-Christian cult is that Christianity has adopted some of our religious rituals and placed false meanings over their true significance.

For example, the celebration of our Spring Goddess, Ostara, or Eostre, and of the life force and  fertility of our people, was stolen by Christianity and devoted to a Semitic man who promoted aspects of Communist philosophy instead. Such obliteration of European religion with meaningless Semitic overlays was not done because our own folk found foreign beliefs superior. Despite the commonly presented Semitocentric view, the fact is that the conversion of our folk was most often done by force on pain of death, and was not at all the peaceful transition that Christianized history generally presents, as one soon discovers when looking at the facts. There was a silver lining to the clouds however, in that our people often managed to preserve our ways with great ingenuity despite this hateful desecration of our native faith.

the odinist faith

Hail our true Gods and our REAL religion!

When one considers it in the light of day, the difference in fundamental philosophical outlook between the Semitic Christian cult and the European Odinist religion is rather extreme. For example, we have no concept of the innate evil of  mankind, or of women being inferior to men, no hatred of science, reason or  truth, no tradition of holy war to force our religion on others, no  proselytizing, no belief that seeking knowledge is a sin, and no separation of  God and nature. Even our heaven, Valhalla, is one where noble deeds are rewarded  by being allowed the opportunity to perform still greater acts of  heroism.

By contrast,  in Abrahamic traditions, people are rewarded with bribes of 72 virgins or living  in splendor for blind obedience to a  Semitic god. Followers of Abrahamic religions are, in their dogmatic myth, also punished with eternal fire in hell if  they dare to “lean on their own understanding”, or do what seems right or  honorable, rather than what they are told to do in writings about this same Semitic  god. 

For Odinists, whose religious traditions have no  boundaries of dogma, but instead are  girded by reason and honor, and the real  seeking of truth,  there is no such thing as too much knowledge. In fact, our  God, Odin, sacrificed in order to obtain knowledge for our sake, so that we  would be able to advance, instead of trying to make us ignorant and subservient, or demanding that we be so, as Yahweh does in Semitic myths.

Christianity is cultural Marxism

Odinism, our natural religion…

Both our native European religion and our natural Nordic society celebrate true spiritual experience and real merit  rather than the following of  Semitic dogma,  thus making our viewpoint a polar opposite of the Christian perspective. Christianity instead stresses the practice of not exercising our Gods’ given judgment as a virtue, as though it were wrong to use our common sense. This Semitic doctrine also lays heavy emphasis on the concept of equality regardless of achievement, as though this were a positive thing, and as though it were true. Regardless, Nordic people who are unaffected by Christianity, in the past and now, have always embraced our traditional virtues, such as good judgement and a system of meritocracy, rather than the foreign creed of blind faith and cultural Marxism.

Odinism is a real religion, as opposed to a vehicle for cultural Marxism and political dominance. It is the heart of the genuine and shared spiritual experience of our ancestors from time immemorial, and as with our historical accounts, it is based upon reality and sincere beliefs. We Odinists are expected to  be self-reliant adults and to defend ourselves and use the divine gift of  thought.. In our tradition, we are not sheep who are allowed to feel nothing but  peace, and who willingly embrace our own destruction, but fully developed human  beings who are able to experience all feelings. Our Gods are not foreign,  bizarre ones, but are of our own tradition and beliefs, and truly consistent with  our ideals. This simple truth is clear to all who search their minds and hearts to find it. It is written on our very souls.


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Our Odinist video redes (sermons)  and blóts (rituals), which contain much original research having to do with the restoration of our history, religion, and innate European identity, as well as original songs, prayers, and sacred poetry, can be viewed in a playlist just below, and also at the Odinistpodcast Channel on Youtube.

We believe the best recent book on the subject of Odinism and its history is Osred Jameson’s Odinism; Past, Present and Future, now available in electronic format at:

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Odinism: Past, Present and Future by Osred Jameson

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3 thoughts on “What is Odinism?

  1. Hi,

    So you don’t like Hesiod’s Age of Man, which told of a decline from a Golden Age to an Iron Age? I’ve always liked that tale, and I believe man today is very fallen. I also like Tolkien and CS Lewis’s Christian mythology. And some of the best anti-modern thinkers today are Dr. Thomas Fleming, James Kalb, and Scott Richert – all Catholics.

    It seems to me biotech is the great threat to us all, our final Ragnarok. And our societies should be built to resist that loss of identity. If biotech replaces our identity, all race and religion will be obliterated.

    Furthermore, a major problem with our societies today is this stupid vanity. Whites proclaim how superior our classically liberal traditions are though they’re easily made to destroy those same whites. We see the creation of propertyless, transient proletariat, and we give it the vote. It votes in socialism, other policies that destroy the people.

    Similarly, we received monogamy from the Roman pagans, and we learn from Aristotle of the importance of a large middle class. And we know that generals are supposed to eat with their troops, to encourage a common bond. So, much of our “equality” focus comes from the pagans, and it is indeed wise.

    So, I think this website and movement are, to paraphrase GK Chesterton: Right in believing your parents to have flawed views but wrong in pinpointing the error.

    I don’t see much suggestion here that this website and movement has the ability to resist biotech, which brings perfect moral relativity, a true Ragnarok. I think only the Christian belief that man is fallen, as well as the pagan equivalent, could offer the wisdom and prudence needed in a struggle for survival.

    • Hello Weaver, (-: If you are a European ancestry person who believes in a foreign god who was forced on your ancestors on pain of death, you might want to consider finding out more about it. https://odinia.org/what-is-honor/

      In your opinion, Catholics are the best anti-modern thinkers, but that is only your opinion which is not informed in regard to Odinism. These so called thinkers you mention actually are pro-modern, obviously, because if they were anti-modern, they most certainly would not be involved with a foreign Jewish cult that is only 2,000 years old, rather than their own ancient and honorable ancestral religion.

      We did not “receive monogamy from Roman Pagans”. Those who spend hundreds of years promoting Jew worship (Christianity) and getting support from freed slaves and peasants for their cultural Marxist religion, were not “Romans” but Jews, just as those who promoted Communism in Russia were not “Russian” but Jewish.

      There is no such thing as equality. Cooperating with other social classes in one’s race is a good thing for all certainly but it does not follow that any ancient European Pagan believed in equality because we do and did not. We believe in sacred blood and in meritocracy, not equality. As far as your fallen man scenario goes, I think there were superior men in the past, but being humble never helped anyone survive or to achieve renewed greatness.

      Our main website Odinia.org, our other websites, https://odinia.org/odinia-webpages/ as well as my videos on the Odinistpodcast Channel on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=divGCREcMcU&index=11&list=PLUii26SCk-S1JmhsWzqHsQAR4kuqupD5X are a good introduction to your own native religion if and when you are interested in exploring it. I wish you the best of luck in freeing yourself from the Abrahamic cult!

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