What is the Nation of Odin?



The Holy Nation of Odin

What is the Nation of Odin…or what I call Odinia? It is a dream that is just beginning…one that I hope shall soon take solid form and reality.

 It is the idea that European people all over the world are a united people regardless of nationality. Odinia is a nation without borders composed of blood, rather than nationality. It is recognition that loyalty to one’s tribe, race and people should come first, before considerations of nationality.

 Putting one’s own people first, and protecting one’s own culture and family is natural and good, and a right that has been afforded to all other races without any censure. We also need to claim this right. In fact, it is essential to our survival. We are now only 7-8 percent worldwide, and rapidly facing extinction.

 We believe that the idea of worshipping a foreign, alien God with false values is not only unnatural, and an impediment to our progress, but potentially very harmful as well. The Dark Ages were named so for a reason.

Supporting, protecting and loving one’s one race and tradition is positive, and an act of love, not hate. In fact, if could be argued that preferring to mix with others, especially when our own race is so close to extinction, is actually an act that shows a hatred of our own people, race, culture and history.. and of everything we are, have been, and could be. When this is done in order to fit in, or get a job, or to be considered fashionable by the sick, shallow society of today, this makes it even worse.

On Preserving Diversity…

This is a pink dolphin from the Amazon River. What if people were trying to force and manipulate this dolphin to mix with gray bottlenose dolphins until there were no pink dolphins left? What if all the dolphins were being told- again and again- from a very early age on an underwater television set up by some sharks, who hate dolphins, that it is a good thing that they not exist anymore and that there is no difference between pink and grey dolphins anyway?

Barbara Spectre and her group Paideia openly promoting White Genocide

What if, because of this, the pink dolphin was down in numbers from more than 30 percent of the dolphin population to just 7 percent in a startlingly short period of time, and that if these trends continue, this variety of dolphin would soon be gone? Would this be a good thing for these dolphins or for anyone else?

 Would anyone wanting to save the uniqueness of this group of dolphins be a “racist”?


Young Boy being told by his Politically Correct teacher that he is “not white”

The promoting of genocide through immigration and race mixing is just one of the reasons for the imminent extinction of the European race, but it is a significant effort and has been very successful so far. All of these efforts come from the same source.  The 97 percent Jewish- owned  media has been used most effectively to cover up the truth, promote propaganda and lies about current events and history, and to promote race mixing, and anti-European hatred.

The name of the woman in the video below the pink river dolphins (above) is Barbara Spectre. She is just one of many Jewish people promoting the cause of extinction of Europeans by multi-racialism, anti-European immigration laws, and race mixing elsewhere in Europe, and in America and Australia as well, but strangely, they never do this in Israel. Not only does Israel protect and expand it borders, and expect us to sacrifice our resources and people to do so, but they demand that our borders stay open, and that we obliterate ourselves, both racially and culturally. In fact every single  bit of anti-European immigration legislation I have come across has been made by people who just happen to be Jewish. Here is just a brief sampling:

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: How Jews opened America’s Borders

Jewish Activist Anetta Kahane wants to destroy Europe though non- European Immigration

Conquest though Immigration

Now to answer the  question of whether or not race mixing is promoted in Israel…


 -In Israel…If  you are of the Palestinian ethnicity your house can be taken away and bulldozed  and a Jewish house built over it. In fact, this sort of thing has been going on for 60 years, with our funding..

-All marriages have to be approved by  rabbis in Israel so people who are not ethnically Jewish cannot marry Jews. A Jewish atheist can marry another Jew but not someone who is not ethnically  Jewish.

-Black Ethiopean jews go to segregated schools in  Israel and are currently being expelled from Israel.

– There is Jewish- only immigration in Israel. Despite the fact  that international law states that refugees have a right of return, a  Palestinian cannot go back to the home he or she was born in, while at the same  time, Israel will pay for those of the jewish race to come live in Israel, using  your tax dollars of course.

-Ad campaigns on Israeli tv to portray those  who mix with gentiles as “lost” and arab men who mix with Jewish women are  arrested for “rape by deception” even though they are in consensual  relationships.

At the very end of this video just below there are  cartoonish and rather wild effects which may even have been put in to obscure the content and make it appear “racist”, but the facts themselves are correct. This video, called Double Standard,  may interest you…

The Jewish Double Standard

On a related topic…

The Jewish Double Standard for Race

Birobidjan, the first Jewish Homeland Republic, has been available  for Jews to settle since 1928, and yet Jews invaded Palestine instead. They did this on the supposed basis of them having been given the land by a Jewish volcano god named Yahweh 4,000 years ago, and having supposedly lived in that region at times, until 2,000 years ago, when they were kicked out for their crimes by the Romans. Considering that they have been ejected from countries for committing crimes more than 200 times that we know of, it seems unlikely that they have any particular tie to this locality in reality. After the initial brutal invasion of Palestine, there have been attempts to completely wipe out its people and their identity. Jews destroyed more than 400 Palestinian villages, and for the last 60 years, Jews have continued to expel, torture, and murder the native population… bulldozing their houses, and building Jewish houses over them.

Benjamin Franklin said ” For over 1,700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, as they call Palestine. But gentlemen, did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some reason for not returning. Why? Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race.”

It would appear that he was right, for now, after orchestrating a war which almost entirely exterminated the native population of Germany, a genocide on an epic scale which makes even the current Palestinian genocide pale by comparison, Jews plan to force the setting up of a Jewish State in Germany and invade Germany again, with more Semites, both Palestinian Arabs and Jews, feeding upon, marginalizing, and terrorizing the indigenous people in order to completely annihilate the last few Germanic folk who remain alive.

Why does Barbara Spectre  want these beautiful European girls to race mix, and by this means eliminate our  heritage, destroy our unique race, and obliterate our  culture, while at the same  taking great care to preserve her own?  Who, exactly, does she think she is to  dictate this to us? 

©2010 Odinia

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5 thoughts on “What is the Nation of Odin?

  1. It’s not only the Zionists in Europe. It’s the Muslims, the Latin Americans, the Slavs, at least here in Spain. Remember we were a Visigothic nation, until there was a coup d’etat, and a Visigothic (i.e. a member of the Western Goths) ruler, asked naively the north african muslims for help. No help came. An invasion did. And we, with our Visigothic blood were under muslim rule for 700 years, until (yes, they did convert unfortunately to Christianism) the Catholic Queen Isabel and The Catholic King Ferdinand, both of Visigothic origin, united Spain and kicked out the moors and the jews. But they’re coming back….. (not the Jews, though). And the fully Caucasian and European Spaniards are starting to mix with these people. Why? Because not this conservative government we have, but the one before (during Pres. Bush’s office, and for me, a Criminal of War) allowed these people in, as the Spanish birth rate, just like those in the rest of Europe (also full of immigrants) thinking they’d pay for our old age pensions with their work here. A lie. If they open a business, all the benefits are sent to their home countries. Then the next laborist government did even worse: immigrant family reunification. And this worldwide crisis beating us up. It turned out to be cheaper to employ an immigrant than a pure Spaniard. And now, this new conservative government does nothing to send them back. We true Spaniards (though in my case I’m half American of English stock) are doomed. GET ALL THE IMMIGRANTS OUT OF HERE! Like Monroe said in America in the 19th cent: America is for the Americans, I SAY, SPAIN IS FOR THE SPANIARDS. And do you know that most non-Latin originated names in Spain are from Germanic origin? Would that surprise you? Think of the name Rodrigo, and its surname version: Rodriguez. Both come from Germanic Roderick, and Roderickson. My Spanish surname, Reimonde comes etimologically from Old Germanic Rik-Mund, and if you know the laws of language evolution and I do as I am a linguist. my Spanish surname comes DIRECTLY from Rikmund, just like Raymond does, too.

  2. To blame Jews and only Jews is dishonest. Anti-White Whites are the most evil creatures in the world and need to be treated as such.

    • I most certainly blame Jews because they are responsible for the manifold crimes they have committed. I do agree that White traitors are even more despicable to however, for what it is worth.

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