Yule Interview of Odinia by Radio WehrWolf

Many thanks to Dion of Radio WehrWolf for interviewing me for the Yule!!


In this interview, we talk about Odinia International, our upcoming video news feature, Nation of Odin News, (soon to be posted here at Odinia.org), the Alt Right, the fake Alt Right, the homosexual Mannerbund, why Jew worship (Christianity) is not a legitimate religion, and why White women and men should love and help one another.

You can listen to this interview here:

Radio WehrWolf Interview 

Merry Yuletide!





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2 thoughts on “Yule Interview of Odinia by Radio WehrWolf

  1. I’m not an Odinist yet but its good to hear White women who are proud of their history and heritage and who dont want to give it all away just because the (((media))) and (((cuck politicians))) say so.

    • Thank you. I appreciate it! If I can be of help in regard to Odinism, let me know. My current number, which ought to work for a couple months at least is 321-318-9726. May your Ancestors and Gods be with you this Yuletide!

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